• Published 22nd Jul 2013
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Fallout: Equestria - Kkat

Fallout. With ponies! Set in an alternate future, one pony must learn to survive in a blasted, poisoned land... and possibly, with the aid of friends made along the way, bring new light into the darkness of post-apocalyptic Equestria.

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Comment posted by raggedcozy deleted Sep 4th, 2013

Joshua Graham had all the best quotes.

This was amazing. truly one of the finest pieces of work ever written, enough to create a sub-fanbase within the MLP FiM fanbase. this deserves to permanently be in the feature box.

Well done, Kkat. Well done.

:applecry: Love this story. Pity it took me so long to read it. I always pushed it off untill it updated here.Then I found it on the pony fiction archives. Finished it in a week.

Loyalty, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Kindness, and Magic, These are the elements needed to maintain peace, however Littlepip never really engendered these qualities. No, Littlepip had qualities more closely tied to the elements needed to bring forth piece, Responsibility, Dedication, and most importantly Sacrifice. Yes these are definitely Littlepip's qualities. So all that's left is to give my congratulations,

and say goodbye.

Also, great story.

A while back, during a heated argument, I posted this on the TV Tropes thread for this story. It's my own interpretation of what Fallout: Equestria is, and what it means to me. It pretty much sums up my core thoughts on this story as-is, so I feel no need to rewrite it:


I don't usually mention this because I know that my opinion can almost be considered objectively wrong, but I consider FO:E to be a feel-good story. Despite much of the content of the story completely contradicting this, I think warm and happy thoughts when I think of FO:E. Again, this feeling is extremely hard to actually justify, but I can try...

The point that Fallout: Equestria tries to make is basically an Up to Eleven version of the point MLPFIM makes: friendship is awesome and problems can be solved if only people got along. According to FO:E, virtues and moral values are all fine and dandy, but they don't help without the stabilizing foundation of friendship and empathy for your fellow persons. Without friendship your virtues can become "corrupted".

FIM is focused on the powerful friendship of the Mane 6. In contrast, FO:E is focused on the powerful friendship of...still the Mane 6. The story makes it perfectly clear that the greatest failure of the war effort was splitting the Mane 6 up. They were the Harmony Bearers, all of them talented and determined and powerful in their own ways, but all of them having flaws that needed to be counterbalanced by their friends. By splitting them up, they all sort of went off the deep end and indirectly caused the massive devastation of the war. If they had worked together and stayed friends from the very beginning, then likely the war would have never progressed to the state it did.

But even with everyone dead and Equestria turned into a wasteland, that still isn't enough to resist the power of the Mane 6's friendship if they were to become friends again. And that's exactly what happens in FO:E—Littlepip retroactively brings the Mane 6 back together, working together, as friends, and the Wasteland is saved due to it. This is why Littlepip collecting Rarity's statues is so important from a thematic standpoint, and why we have scenes like Littlepip playing Pinkie's apology to Alicorn Twi—it's all about bringing the six back together again. Twilight's Gardens of Equestria couldn't have saved the wasteland without Rainbow Dash's Single Pegasus Project, and order and security wouldn't be restored without the Applejack's Rangers, and health and schooling and higher functions of society would be much harder to establish without Fluttershy's legacy and living guidance. And Littlepip wouldn't have known to do any of this at all without Pinkie Pie setting it all up for her in advance.

That's the point that I took away from Fallout: Equestria: the lessons and values and friendship preached in FIM aren't just silly things for blind optimists, they have the power to reverse the fate of a post-apocalyptic world.

As I said, feel-good.


Thanks for writing such a fantastic story, Kkat, and thanks for republishing it here. It was extremely fun to reread, especially catching all the things I missed the first time around. Good luck to you on all future endeavors!

I absolutely adore the way you tied up all the loose ends in the Epilogue and the Afterword. We learn that:
- There are less monsters than there used to be
- Raiders still exist, but in lesser numbers
- Alicorns can breed
- Hellhounds are recognised as people as well
- Fluttershy is alive!
- Homage can visit Littlepip (and bring her or- oranges. Soooo many oranges. Littlepip can give her a few oranges too. I hear the SPP is loaded with oranges. You know, especially when you haven't had an orange in a while.)
- Calamity and Velvet are doing well
- The NCR is prospering,and not in the Fallout New Vegas way
- Ditzy and Lion are married! Squee~
- The brave Applejack's Rangers (Paladin Strawberry Lemonade! Whyyyy? :fluttercry:) rest in peace next to their leader. This is the right way to do it.
- Ghouls have their 'healing supplies' now too. Following Ditzy's example (and common logic of the story), we can see that ghouls do survive in a world without radiation just fine, but still need radiation, just like we need water. So, go Ditzy! Bottled radiation for every ghoul!
- A Joshua Graham's quote is the best way to end a story (No, really. That's one of my favourite Fallout quotes.)

What I especially love about the Afterword is that it gives the story a truly complete form. It is a good ending, and it feels like an ending, a conclusion. A perfect conclusion. :heart:

dear god, this has been one of the greatest stories (let alone FiMfics) that I have ever read. kkat you really out did yourself. now if you'll excuse me im going to go cry many manly tears about the ending of this story.

And now it's over.
All these conflicting feels!

huh #10 · Sep 4th, 2013 · · ·

Wow, it's over... DAMN... It's really over.
I've heard and seen so much about this fic, but never bothered checking it out. That is, until it got uploaded here, and man, am I glad I read it. This story is seriously one of the best.
The start of the story got me hooked, just like 'Ok, lets see where this goes'. Then every chapter after I was just going 'Oh damn' or 'Oh wow'. Then Canterlot happened and it became 'Oh shit', then Steelhooves died. I was just silent for that. After he died, shit hit the fan hard, literally, it got really fucking intense these last several chapters. So intense, that I was staying up every night waiting for the next chapter to come out so I could devour it. But, now it's over and damn was it a great ride.

Well, I honestly didn't think I'd ever get around to reading this, because I knew it was massive; Of course, then it started getting posted a chapter a day on this site...
And then I began reading it. And really, really enjoyed it. Thank you for showing me that even a big story is worth reading; the investment of time is more than covered by the quality of the result. I think this provoked a greater emotional response in me than most of the probably hundreds of other fics I've read. As in, top 3 in a list of every single one I've read.

Thank you, Kkat.

Calamity - Loyalty
Velvet - Kindness
Homage - Honesty
Ditzy - Laughter
Life Bloom (?) - Magic
? - Generosity.


I guess it's time to start readthrough #4. :P

Littlepip = Sacrifice ≈ Generosity. That's what I got.

Did they live happily ever after? No. "Happily Ever After' is a fantasy for fools and foals. The point is that they lived, they prospered and, on occasion, they were happy. Too much damage had been done, too many lasting enmities had been forged and too many good ponies had been corrupted or died for any "Happily Ever After".

Maybe the most a pony can hope for from this world is the fact that, for the rest of their lives, they managed to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. After they were gone, ponies would look up to their example in a way that soon even eclipsed the Mane Six of Twilight Sparkle's day and, for as long as intelligent life walked the Wastelands, the stories of Littlepip, Steelhoof and the Six would be held up as the greatest examples of virtue, honour and glory to which a Pony could hope to aspire to emulate.

But war...

War never changes... only the ponies do...

No, I don't think so. If you recall, Littlepip states (many times) that sacrifics and generosity are different, and not the same. (Also, naming those differences.)
So, yeah. They are close, but not the same. :ajsleepy:

That was really a great story, I loved it.

love the story!:pinkiehappy: i read it on another site, but i can't remember the name anymore so.... :twilightsheepish: love the story!:twilightsheepish:

Thank you Kkat. This story is one of the primary reasons I am even here on this site. If it weren't for it and a few other stories posted to EQD around the time the afterword went up, I would probably have never given pony fanfic a chance.

So, thank you.

Fallout Equestria may be finished but there are still hundreds of side stories left. The Equestrian Wasteland is large place filled with ponies who have their own stories of how they have survived in the war torn wasteland. And war... War never changes.

One of the greatest stories ever written. Well done, and thank you so much for it.

Thank you, Kkat, for this wonderful fic. From all of us: thank you.

who's awesome? you's awesome! :heart:

I love this fic, even after reading it six times.

Now I can recommend it easier than when it was only on EQD.

thanks Khat.

Kudos to those who read the final quote in Joshua Graham's (Keith Szarabajka) voice. :pinkiesmile: It rivals the voices of Morgan Freeman, and Ron Perlman's, I think.

I wonder, we don't know what officially happened to RD, :rainbowderp:, and the Black Book was left buried beneath Maripony, but could it be possible that it could resurface in the NCR at some point, and Fluttershy could use it to resurrect her deceased friends... That would be positively amazing, and there is so much the six friends could do together to help the new Republic.

Anyways, a fitting ending for a grand, epic story. Kkat has truly fashioned a masterpiece, that has descended into legend! :twilightsmile:

I remember reading this final chapter on my kindle and just smiling at the end, such a peaceful ending after seeing what Littlepip, her companions, and everyone else including the Mane 6 had to go through. Thank you for writing such an excellent fic and inspiring a new community of fellow Fallout Equestria readers and writers. :twilightsmile:

3154725 TBH, I cried :fluttercry:

This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

A great thing has ended and on the very day school starts for me. it just goes to show you how bad school is.

Poor Fluttershy... she was pretty much in the same situation as Celestia :fluttershbad:

“It’s Homage’s birthday, so sh’e up in the Celestia Hub with Li’lpip,”

Hee. That means they can open the shield now :yay:

This fic has everything a good story needs: an excellent plot without an overabundance of clichèd elements, just enough foreshadowing to constantly keep you in a sense of near-dread, but not so nerve-wracking that it becomes a difficult read. The characters have depth and are not infallible, all loose ends (that I can remember) are tied up at the end. The story is dark, but not unduly so, and the sad parts are perfectly spaced out so that the reader is not on the verge of tears the entire read, but is also not on an emotional roller coaster ride. The almost-melancholy feel to the fic makes it an enrapturing read, and the bittersweet ending makes sure that the reader will remember the story for a very long time. Also, ponies. That is all. /)

I love how you turned Fluttershy's into Herbert in the oasis. And also turning little pip into a not-so power driven Mr. House

Nope, Homage has to be burned alive every time she wants to visit. That right there is true love.

Generosity = Charity from Project Horizons :pinkiehappy:

*shudder*. I think I'll ask Kkat about that when she's around.

<Kkat> she has to be burned alive to visit, I'm afraid.
Yup. Confirmed. Bummer :rainbowderp:

Pssh. It's Anne, and you know it :raritywink:

Either works :twilightsmile:

Damn, now I'm missing We're No Heroes again.

*Commence slow clap of awe*
You deserve it.
*sheds a tear*
So beautiful. I now know true happiness.

Its finally finished updating! Now I gotta catch up to the other 500000 words.


This all of this is why I love this story so much. I just never thought about this story also being about bringing the band back together.

I just have to say, I love the way that the epilouge shows that not everything is all right. It isn't perfect, but nothing is. Just because they fired a friendship cannon doesn't mean that all ponies everywhere are going to become less jerky, there will still be fighting and ponies who can't accept good things. That's life, that's people. Nothing can change that, we can only hope for the better and work our best to make the world better. But it is nice to know that there are ponies like Little Pip out there ready to fight the darkness.

I wish I could double favorite a story... I suppose I could un-favorite it just to favorite it again.

Ah, this ending... one of the best things I've read in my life. That's including LOTR.

They can be together quite often. Li'lpip stays in the SPP hub, but can leave the control pod, and homage can come by for visits. As to why they can't reconnect. It was disabled to well, they would have to disassemble so much of the crusader to rebuild the connection that it would be a massive risk that they'd lose Celestia completely.

And it's finally all up.

Really do want to re-read it.. again, without pausing to wright stuff down all the time, just bask in the epic story. I'm glad this is on the site, it more then deserves to be here. And so glad so many others have found and read this glorious tale. It truly is one of the greatest stories I've ever read. Hell I can... and have gone on for pages and pages about all the ways I love this fic.

Once more, thank you Kkat. Thank you for giving such a wonderful, moving, epic, heartwarming, and just plain amazing story.

And again I can't say this enough times but THANK YOU KKAT FOR THAT WONDERFUL STORY! :yay:

Thank you again Kkat

This is sincerely one of the best fanfictions that I have ever read. You, Kkat, are an amazing writer. The story drew me and everyone else in, kept us captivated with event after event of Littlepip's daring death-defying adventures, and pulled on our heartstrings all the way until the ending. Now honestly I'm not sure what do do with myself. I think I'm going to cry because it's over.

If you make another fanfic ever, just remember that you have me on your readers list, and as an avid fan for a very long time. :fluttercry: Oh I hate ending stories!! :applecry:


they would have to disassemble so much of the crusader to rebuild the connection that it would be a massive risk that they'd lose Celestia completely.

Actually, no, they simply can't. Remember the Black Book and the statuettes? Making something a soul jar makes it nigh-invincible. That's most likely why they can't tweak the maneframe enough to connect the two systems.

Wait, but if Ditzy's Laughter, who's Generosity? And who's Magic? What happened to Rainbow Dash?! Damn loose ends!

This is simply Perfect:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Kkat, I hope you continue to write(no matter what it is), because you are truly one of the Greats.

This chapter, more than any other in the story, inspires me to write. But I don't want to write a story that will spoil everypony... :applecry:

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