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The CMC find some cigarettes and smoke them in an effort to look cool.

Little did they know, they were in for the rides of their tiny lives.

Now with its own riff!

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I, like, totally LOVE it. I would like totally have its offspring in of course a homosexual way.

Apple Bloom got what she deserved.

Also I got first comment before Redigar in an unrelated note.

>not weed

Dante is too cool to smoke. This story is a lie. Disliked, reported, called the cops, told my mom.

2710678 oh shit not your mom

2710690 I'm not fucking around this time. She WILL enact unholy vengeance upon you, mark my words.


Got nothing. Ever seen "Thank you for smoking"?

~Skeeter The Lurker

I.... um... what? :rainbowhuh:


This got a laugh out of me. Although...

>not liking all pony races


Oh god this was great

I was also smoking while reading it

Ah, Regi, you glorious fuck.

You truly are why we can't have nice things.

Not sure if im creeped out, disgusted, or laughing so hard its starting to hurt....ALOT. Lets go with laughing.

I just... Agh. I'm really tired of this sort of humor, y'know?

This mean-spirited shit. I know it's the internet and all, and I sometimes indulge in it, but still. This goddamn site has too much mean humor. It's the sort of humor that's really hit or miss with me.

Here, the humor is miss. Great First Poster, I am this appoint.

Remember how I said I don't read your shit because honestly, it isn't that good?

I may be revising that position. A little.

Fuck mud ponies.

Neither of them acknowledged the melancholy death of Apple Bloom, instead leaving her body to rot and eventually become dirt, a state of being that suited her dirty earth pony heritage.

May I suggest a slightly quicker route?

Yes, turn that fucking cunt into mulch. Spray her life blood over that of her incestous family. You know you want to.:scootangel:

I am so sorry, Regidar. I just couldn't read past the first few paragraphs. The dialogue is just too... trashy for me.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sorry for not reading this story. This is FiM, and I know that certain things don't happen in it outside of extraordinary circumstances. And unfortunately for you, there are no extraordinary circumstances that I see, other than that a person who doesn't write for the show wrote this.

Call me a rebel, 'cuz that's what I am.

tl;dr - Learn to write characters that are in-character, then I might read this.

i do not ask you at all to forgive me for posting this comment, because I do not believe I have done anything wrong. If you must, please excuse me instead.

>not understanding the concept of a trollfic




Duh. :derpytongue2:

Well, sorry about that little bout, and this time I mean it. Forgive? :twilightblush:

I noticed a few errors, but I imagine that isn't quite so important.

You get a gold star for being stupidly funny.

i lov dis 3deep5u storis
upvute if u crai evrytim

Nice my little dashie joke

How I know that I'm on FImfiction

2710872 It's all good, brotha :pinkiehappy:

RIP in peace small kitten we'll never forget you

Gave me a good laugh, nice job mate.

I ate a cigarette once, on a dare. I can't describe how great it tasted, the instant tobacco touched my tongue I knew that yes, there is a god, and yes, he does love us all. You should try it!

*Cue sudden influx of butthurt MLD fgts*

Hey, Regidar! I have just riffed this story for Carts' Unicorn Theater. If you've ever seen Mystery Science Theater 3000, it's just like that except it's for fanfics. I basically take someone's story and insert my lines of witty dialogue here and there. Obviously, it's all in good fun and there's no harm intended. :pinkiehappy:

Here's my Riff of Smoking Makes You Look Cool.

And here is the main page of Carts' Unicorn Theater, where you can find other stories I've riffed.

I was reading along, all HO HUM REGIDAR PLAYING REDIGAR GAMES. And then I came to "sautéing".







I wrote about this in my Regidiary. :pinkiecrazy:

2711207 as a fellow riff, I approve

2711245 are you one who appreciates the culinary arts?


I've just never seen someone bother with the correct accent-marked letters for any word before on here.

2711289 ah
thank Pages for being so kind to me


I mean, I laughed, too. That helped. :rainbowwild:

2711407 Glad to be of service

dis shit be 3deep5u :fluttercry:

Glorious, the part about Diamond Tiara and My little Dashie gave me a small stroke, laughter induced of course (shut up, I know science). Yet another glorious story of epicness and stupidity, the cycle has not been broken yet. Keep up the good work faggot

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Oh Ladder Regidar, you so random!

Fucking earth ponies.
Why are they so inferior?

Wow, this totally picked me up, I was laughing so hard. Thanks Reg.

This is so bad... But still so good.:rainbowwild:

“Well so am I, but you don’t here me bitching about it,” Scootaloo said in a pissy voice.

Its like you've never been on the interwebz

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