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Magic is one hell of a drug, kiddies, and Sweetie Belle had to find that out the hard way.

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The moral of the story is: Don't do drugs, for black men will shoot up your school.


Truer words have never been said.

~Skeeter The Lurker

And here I am, thinking I had a vivid imagination. Nope.:ajsleepy:




the ziggers brought out the choppas, this is why I left the life.

3043523 Just the idea of that makes me want to read this.


w-what in the name of Celestia's dandruff did I just read? xD

3043523 Didn't we already cover this with the CMC smoking?

3043899 no, that was how to become cooler

It all makes sense now :pinkiecrazy:

3043936 I'm glad you enjoyed it :heart:

Honestly? Why me?

Also, this does not go into the "Comedy/Random" folder of my group. I've moved it to the HorriBelle section. This certainly falls under "bad stuff happens to me".

--Sweetie Belle

3043523 as a black man, I should find this racist ... but it is one hundred percent true factual shit, we will shoot up your school when you mess with our money.

Regidar, I think you earned this... :moustache:

3043947 b-but it is presented in a hilarious fashion

You fuckin' animal! (NA na na na, na na na, na na na na na na NA, na na na, na na na, etc.) :rainbowwild:

3043999And shouldn't this have an Alternate Universe tag?

3044014 Absolutely not, this story is completely canon; takes place between seasons 3 and 4.



I'm pretty sure my being lubed up, then killed, turned into powder, and distributed as a drug qualifies as something horrible happening to me. You may also want to remember for the future that Dinky, Snips, and Snails are all unicorns, and are in my class.

And, no, this does not happen between season three and four. I've already been shown in season four previews.

--Sweetie Belle



You may also want to remember for the future that Dinky, Snips, and Snails are all unicorns

They're just faking it



3044082 b-but the rule was until the 15th last time I checked :raritydespair:
you gotta stop changing the rules around like that, be more concrete so that you don't go screwing people over


3044143 It was the fifteenth for the first fic, then everypony else got a week from when the first fic got in. That's also in the rules. :raritywink:

You know, if you had said Cheerilee was shot thirty-ELEVEN times, it'd a been a lot more random, and fit in just perfectly funny. What? Earth Ponies and Zebras can't count over 39, so it'd make a lot of sense... right?

The use of the word cocaine and kids being shot up, and even wiping the phlegm that came outta her friend's chest cavities somehow didn't get this story a mature rating, shows either your mastery of staying within bounds, or that approver simply wished his chain leash was an inch longer to catch that leg of yours you keep sticking over the line on the ground and slapping him with a news paper every time he comes within biting reach as you tauntingly pull back that leg as the chain reaches full tautness around his neck.

Yes, yes I did just pull a Tom and Jerry reference.

This is truly an example of how a story paints you a picture, but purposely leaves out some critical details that are left to the imagination. And the imagination is exactly what this story banks on. Your brain is left to fill in the blanks or simply accept the befuddling situation in from of you. Yes, I'm referring to Sweetie Belle's rub down. We have no idea what Cheerilee was lubing up and why it was labeled erotic. You used some other pony to play out the reaction. Well played.

Somehow it looked to me like a scene from an old and yet awesome comic series from the late 90's early 2k called Coyote Ville. Where one comic had the main character discover the awesomeness of vaseline that turned his body to look like some greased up superman, his fox friend merely facepawed and sighed. But enough of that awesome yet lost forever series.

Dude, I started seeing this story play out in South Park fashion. It might be wrong, but it was all South Park in my mind. It was glorious, and I feel nothing but shame. I'll have to move this however due to mentions of real world drugs to Mature folder. I'm sure you can understand why: Kids selling drugs, shooting up school children, but mainly due to the final scene with mentions of bodily fluids. I'd go into more detail on why that scene warrants a gore tag to your teen fic but that's not my job. (I'm one of 4 mods so it's up to them to decide what to do with the fic. Could be tossed into Black Diamonds too.)

You get a like from me for the sheer ability to not just walk those tightropes, but your ability to do flips and handstands and possibly a few cartwheels over the onlooking pre-readers below you.Getting this passed as teen without requiring any sub tags was an achievement of how to show and not tell without being too vague. You sly fox you. And using the phlegm that dripped out of Silver's bullet laden body as her mucus dripped over DT from her punctured and ripped apart lungs. Though it's never actually mentioned.

You do what you do well. You had me at pimp stache and monocle.

We need a sequel, in which DT and Apple Bloom ally and save Sweetie Belle from the zebras... only to sell her or do her :trollestia:

Also, have a mustache :moustache:


Soylent Green is made from Sweetie Belle.

>“She’s just a pile of power now,” Apple Bloom reminded her friend.

i bulev it powder

oh man i wish i was as edgy as you

3043523 What about alcohol? Is that an exception?

Regidar... only someone whose mind as fuckedup as yours can produce something so good...

Have a stache for this. As soon as i find out how to produce one on my mobile.

3045013 silly boy, alcohol isn't a drug, it's a necessity.

3044914 7edgy13u

3044263 Dear christ that was the best comment I have ever received, hands down.

what the fuck did i just read

Scoots and AB did nothing wrong, lol:scootangel::trollestia:

Beautiful! Fucking beautiful :) I lol'd the entire way through!

What are you talking about? It would be horrible if someone gave Sweetie Belle a hug. The events in this fic are the nicest thing to happen to Sweetie belle in the history of MLP! It's almost as nice as getting a surprise visit from Molag Bal.

what the fuck did i just read

What? Were were all thinking it!

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