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Poisonblade Deathwish was just a normal Alicorn until one day, the king of Pumpkins threatened to change all of that. So he goes on a super epic adventure to get back the cake which was stolen from Trollestia. Also I ship him with Twilight Sparkle. And he's totally badass.

My first fic so thumbs up and fave kthnxbai I'll luv you forever!!!11!!!1

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I feel slightly ashamed for liking this.

Here is your one internetz, for your not-a-trollfic.

So totally a trollfic. I can't tell if you were trying for a deconstruction or if you were just trying to see how many bad tropes you could fit in this. Either way, you are a bad person.

I'm gonna use this pony emoticon to express how I feel about this fic:



what are you doing



EDIT: Seriously, even Trollfics must contain actual funnies in order to be funny. Which is why they have garnered such a backlash amongst the writers of actual fanfics- it's a dumb rendition of something slightly more dumb. Stop being dumb. Please?

I'm being sarcastic.

''Poisonblade Deathwish was just a normal Alicorn until one day...'' cdn.broni.es/images/emotes/dewhine.png

mmkthxbai :facehoof:

So this is obviously a mock of all bad/troll fics in existence. Still not sure if it's gonna pan out like I think it should, since even fics making fun of terrible fics by being terrible fics are terrible fics themselves with or without the terrible fics they mock. For some odd reason though I liked this. :derpytongue2: It was well written and funny.

Well that was... interesting. :applejackconfused:

The real pumpkin king is going to need a minute to try and figure this fic out.



1375015 Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the concept of a "trollfic"

1375017 Why thank you!

1375019 Crap, I hope he doesn't sue me for copyright infringement.

1375169 I suppose I sort of am expecting too much from this story after coming from a fanfic that required me to write the sentence ...Speaking of which, why choose the grammar of a Uralic language over a similar Latinate one?

1375221 Yeah, I just felt like writing a trollfic for once. People were complaining about how I didn't write enough comedy anymore, so I wrote... this.

As a matter of fact, yes.
No need to fill me in, anything troll-related is one of the many things that goes into one of my ears and cleanly out through the other.

With the exception of the song ''Trollmors Vaggvisa''.

1375251 Though, again, I must state that Trollfics aren't really comedy per se- or, at the very least, not good comedy. Done well, it can be anything from this to this to this.

Comedy isn't exactly meant to be the focus of the story (though it can be, here I cite Meihaus' work, and when it is it's usually original) and almost always serves as a means-to-an-end that lets the reader experience the greatest parts of the story in a different light- whether it be moral or otherwise (Fluttershy has Tea with Jesus).

However, I assume (and very hopefully do I do so) that you realise this. Because if you do, then I just typed all of that for nothing, and it will look slightly less like I'm talking out of my arse.

EDIT: ....Somehow.


This is Regidar we're talking about; no matter how crappy his stories are, they are always trollfics.

1375288 The idea here was to shut people up, to show them what happens when they bug me about my stories. So I cursed the world with this abomination. Some of my stories that are comedies actually turned out good, like this, this, or even THIS.

Unsuccessful trollfic is unsuccessful.
Right off the bat, the first comment pointed this out.

Better luck next time.

1375347 Wow, thanks. Now I feel so good about myself.


Heh, was just showing my appreciation. :twilightsmile:


Love that episode. Not afraid to admit it. :rainbowkiss:

1375347 havent seen you use that one in a while

1375506 I remember you too, and for the sakes of friendship, and future dominance over you, might as well re-introduce myself. I'm epicdonus1123, leader of The Doughnut Army, glad to re-meet you.

Man this sounds like an awesome story and since it's your first fic I'll go easy on you when I comment later. :twilightsmile: *puts in read list*

1375994 This isn't his first fic. Trust me.

1376094 :rainbowlaugh: I think Kartal knows, even though he's a post "If smosh Were Ponies" watcher.


You're trying too hard to be funny. Way too hard. What you've done here is a mishmash of "HAHA LOOK! I AM MOCKING COMMON TROPES. IT IS FUNNY." This isn't funny. There's no wit, there's no surprise. It's just a bunch of easy jokes that we've all seen a million times all stuck together.

Making a Mary Sue and sticking a neon sign on it was funny when it was first done. That was a long time ago.

Your grammar's pretty good, though, so at least there's that. You should try writing something a little less "HAHA LOOK AT ME! AREN'T I FUNNY?", I'm sure you could put out something decent.

Keep tryin', buddy, but this isn't a success.

1380230 Here, let me point something out to you:

The idea here was to shut people up, to show them what happens when they bug me about my stories. So I cursed the world with this abomination.

That's from a previous comment when I was replying to something else. If you want to see what I'm truly capable of, look at this, this, or this.


I rate stories, not authors. Judging by your grammar and spelling, I'm sure you can write well. However, if you're going to post an abomination, no matter the reason, you have to expect people to review it like an abomination.

And like I was saying, it falls flat by deliberate abomination standards because it's so generic. Your abomination's horribleness is all obvious, tired jokes the style of which have been made over and over again.

tl:dr, this is a bad execution of the "tongue-in-cheek deliberate badfic" genre, and that's what I was criticizing you on.

I'll admit I did crack a smile at the character name, though.

1381513 Poisonblade Deathwish is best alicorn.

Heh, well in any case I liked it. For what it's worth...

So nice job for your first fic. Totally original and memorable. :trollestia:


I can't comprehend...


1367208 I know I'm going to say this to every story I read that you've written, but....


1544886 A heartwarming tale of broccoli.

This is great. It has a lot different tone than most trollfics, which is what makes it. It's well written, yet completely stupid and self-aware that is completely stupid through excessive lampshading. Tis truly beautiful.

1549256 Oh, stop it you.


I feel the same way. There's so many bad fics that are exactly like this, except the authors think they are good. It's a funny feeling when you realize that having the most-powerful-character-ever-and-beats-the-mane-six-at-everything-they-do-and-then-totally-makes-out-with-them isn't clever or unique, it's just stupid. I laughed, so hard. Now, do a sequal where PoisonBlade DeathWish is a human and goes to Equestria, that's the next level of dime-a-dozen-fics-I'm-more-badass-than-you fics. (and after that one, make it a trilogy by PoisonBlade Deathwish totally banging every pony in Ponyville, because that's what happens, yaknow.)

1592891 That's exactly what I'm going to do.

this storie is sew prew, man you shuld make a bewk basd ion thins.

Dafracque did I just read? :rainbowderp:

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