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Twilight questions who's journal she's reading and ends up having a talk with Sunset Shimmer.

After that, Sunset and 'Twilight', become friends.

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Well, not only mine, anyway. Each author is listed with the chapter. A lot of people like writing short fiction based on Friendship is Optimal. So, anyone who wants their work added here can PM me and I will make you your own chapter. The first one sets up an in-universe frame story, because the Optimalverse is all meta like that.


Iceman for writing the original Friendship is Optimal
Eakin for spearheading the project of anthologizing these.
MegaSweet for the original artwork.
Lacon-te for the photomosaic work.

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Decades after the founding of Equestria, the nation faces an existential threat -- a war with the dragons.

The dragons have proposed a truce. Luna and Discord are uncertain, but Celestia insists that they must give the dragons the benefit of the doubt, and accept the truce.

This turns out to be a mistake.

Cover art is "The Chaos" by Zhoid.

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Dave has had a rough couple of weeks. His girlfriend dumped him, his mom died, and now he lost his job. He wanted some time to relax but a being from another world has a different idea.

Not mention an evil sense of humor.

Featured on 9/24/2015
edited by RC2101_Copey and PixelFluttershy

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In the far reaches of Canterlot Castle, high above in the towers lived the archmage. Everypony knew her, yet few had met her.

Twilight Sparkle sighed, having teleported away another noble seeking favors before reaching the top of the stairs for the second time today. They never learned. As the archmage, she already dealt with political squabbles far too often without inviting them into her home. Aside from personal favors for Celestia, she did what was required of her position and then returned to seclusion and research.

The nobility grumbled that no archmage should be a commoner, and Twilight’s disrespect toward them proved it. Each and every time they were forced to bow to her, they hated what they saw: the position, the status, the deference.

Was she not powerful? Was she not great?

Twilight, now reading through dusty scrolls and long forgotten tales, wrote in her notes — notes gathering dust of their own. A brief thought flashed through her mind.

Am I not powerful? Am I not great?

And then Twilight picked up The Tale of the Royal Pony Sisters.

Defunct side stories told in Across the Boundary. They can still provide a little context, but when in doubt, the main story here is canon.

Cover art provided by Lafiir

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At a speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations, Celestia learns why humans usually wear clothes.

29/05/2020 - Now with a reading! https://youtu.be/0qmgcZGUbio

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This story is set in the Friendship is Optimal setting

When an AI begins to convert the entire worlds population into software through the power of ponies and friendship many forces make every attempt in their power to stop her.

But are they really doing everything they could? Or have they forgotten what that old philosopher was getting at when he said you must not only know your enemy, you must also know yourself.

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Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie share a bed. Very little sleep happens. No, that's not why.

Written for the Random Polyamory Game in the Intelligent Shipping Discussion group.

The silly little tale that unwittingly spawned the Spoonyverse.

Editing pass done by everypony's favorite steampunk e-reader: bookplayer.

Cover art is some of my blind bag toys, because why not?

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In time, all of Twilight Sparkle's friends have had to say their last goodbyes. And as the last of the original Cutie Mark Crusaders passes on, the Princess decides to send her off in grand fashion.

But after the party, the tears, and her newer friends have moved on, and Twilight is all alone once again, somecreature she once thought of as a friend decides to visit her for tea.

Memorial, or Desecration? Twilight might just have to decide tonight, on the loneliest night of her life...

Now with a Spanish Translation by Spaniard Kiwi.

Russian Translation by AngryShutty.

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Daniel Habbuck, UN ambassador to Equestria, hates his job.

Sure it pays well, but it's hardly worth having to put up with flank-kissing politicians and the stomach twisting anxiety of knowing that he represents all of humanity.
One night, after a particularly tense meeting leaves him wound up, Daniel is desperate for somepony to talk to. With his friends either busy or too far away, he hires a batpony prostitute, just so he can have some company.

As he soon learns, there's much more to this streetwalker than meets the eye...

Rated T for sexual references, but no clop.

Special thanks to WingmanRed, Georg, and Kraken Hatchling for proofreading and editing

EDIT: Special, special thanks to Comrade Pony for the suggestions
EDIT: Deleted cover art.

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