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In Manehattan there is a strange ape-like creature that is being held in a lab. Its injuries bear the distinctive marks of illegal sport hunting by exotic game poachers.

What's strange is that there's an entire section in books on natural life about this creature designating its kind maned apes. What's even stranger is that there are accounts throughout Equestria's history about maned apes turning up.

The maned ape, given the moniker Big Red by the scientists holding it, is given over to the crown and transferred to Ponyville for safe keeping. The Mane 6 comb through Equestria's historical texts and oral account to try and find where the maned apes come from.

This is an HiE story that starts in Season 1 shortly after Apple Buck Season.

EDIT: 6-8-2022 Featured! Woo-hoo!
18-202023 Featured! Woo-hoo!

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This story is a sequel to Five Weeks Of Deliberation

The Everfree Hive rises high above the landscape, leaving much of the forest in shadow. With her city thriving, and her changelings growing in number Chrysalis aims higher still. Unfortunately for her, Celestia has other plans.

Check out the first in the series, here!

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When it comes to the people living in my neighborhood, it's one of those things where I only know a bit about it, but having too many things going on in my life kind of keeps me out of the loop. Though, one thing that I know is that the house next door would still have the 'For Sale' sign up in the front yard and despite the owners best efforts, no one was interested in claiming it.

Yet, one day... someone did.

Usually, when someone new moves in, I don't really take it upon myself to welcome them to the neighborhood. If anything, that's what my mom would do. Yet, this time around, my new neighbor just so happens to honestly be the last thing I expected.

My name is Sam... and, I kid you not, my next door neighbor is a unicorn. A unicorn who just so happens to be very smart, but rather unfamiliar with everyday things that humans use on a daily basis.

What could possibly go wrong?

So this is an idea that I had stuck around for a while that I finally decided to pick back up and thought I would show you guys.

The idea was inspired by Admiral Biscuit's 'Not-A-Contest' writing challenge and subsequent stories within that genre, but with a bit of a different take. Mainly to answer the question 'What would happen if you had an Equestrian as your next door neighbor?'

I'll try to update this as much as I can, but there will be times where some updates might take longer than others because of stuff irl or working on other stories

The character tags will expand a bit as new characters are introduced.

Credits to everything shown.
MLP belongs to Hasbro.
The image that I have for cover art was something I found on google images

Featured on 6/2/2021-6/4/2021. You guys are amazing!!
Featured again on 7/28/2021 and 9/18/2021
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When Sunset Shimmer left Celestia's tutelage, she entered the magic mirror that had shown her dreams coming true, but instead of ending up in a simian mirror-version of Canterlot, she ended up in a strange school of magic, an esoteric, arcane, and clumsy kind of magic, but a potent one nonetheless.

Disoriented, and her mission somewhat derailed, Sunset is nonetheless determined to become an alicorn. She has glimpsed eternity, and will continue to pursue it. Whether the magics of the school of Hogwarts will aid her or not remains to be seen.

Put simply, this is my attempt at making a power fantasy entertaining. Read more about it here.

Thanks to ssokolow for his help with the story.

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Spitfire has a secret she's told to nopony she knows, terrified of the prospect what they'll do when they figure it out. So what will she do when the rookie accidentally finds out?

Sex: Suggestive implication only.

Cover image by: Valiantstar00

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Shining Armor comes back home after the yearly Equestria Wargames Competition only to find his citizens panicking, his royal guard failing and his daughter on the throne with his wife nowhere to be found.

Or Cadence leaves her ten year old daughter in charge of the Empire and goes on vacation.

Written for the Cadence is a Terrible Mom Competition

Special Thank You to Skijarama for his reading of this story!

Special Thank You to Baineblade For Editing and putting up with my comma fetish and random capitalizations.

Original art by Its-Gloomy

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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, one a student of Celestia, the other just getting started, are yanked from their homes by a mysterious magical mirror. Now trapped on Earth, their lives forever altered, they do their best to cope. To learn. To join Starfleet, and, someday, to return to the home they lost.

Returned from hiatus, albeit with a less regular posting schedule.
Preread and editing work performed by Blue Horizon, Vic Fontaine, and witegrlninja. Thank you all very much. :twilightsmile:

Featured as of April 5th, 2021! Thanks all.

Featured on Equestria Daily as of August 7th, 2021! Thank you again so much! :pinkiehappy:

Season 2 Cast List.

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Life at Canterlot High has been going pretty well for Sunset Shimmer ever since the Fall Formal... well, as well as it can when most students are still giving her side ways glances and expecting her to break bad any second. Still though life seemed relatively normal, that is until her friends start noticing changes in how she looks and acts, that only seem to be getting worse. Now Sunset must venture back to Equestria and beyond in order to find the parents she never knew in order to find the answers to exactly who or what she is.

Coverart made by Xan-gelx check them out on DeviantArt

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While studying the Tree of Harmony, Princess Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon and releases an ancient evil hidden deep beneath the tree itself. Luckily, she also releases the only one who can stop it... The Last Dragonborn, Skarin of Atmora, awakens in a new world born from the ashes of the old one and must, once and for all, defeat The World Eater Alduin. But first he must adapt to this new and strange world he finds himself in and gather as many allies as he can. Maybe even fall in love?

The title "Kulaas ahrk Dovah" is dragon for "Princess and Dragon", lack of grammar accuracy since dragons don't really care for proper sentence structure.

The story starts with the beginning of season 5, between episodes 2 and 3 and continues from there following canonical-ish episodes and new storylines.

Cover art by the amazing REDACTED.
Sloppy coloring by me. :rainbowlaugh:

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This story is a sequel to The Five Second War

The five-second war is over, as have four weeks of careful deliberation and discussion. All that is left is for Equestria's elected officials to weigh in on their changeling problem. That shouldn't be hard, right?

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