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...But Silverstream, of all creatures only just now putting on the uniform…? Okay then. More to the point, she looked adorable in it. Wait, did he just think adorable? About Silverstream? Okay, yeah she was generally cute -loathe as the proud griffon was to admit it- but now she looked cute cute. Oh boy. Oh brother. Oh dear.


Or in short, Silverstream joins the cheer squad and Gallus notices.

(Written for The Discovery – A Young Six Writing Contest)
(Featured on 1/18/2020, 1/19/2020, and on 1/20/20. Thanks, guys!)

Chapters (1)

It was supposed to be simple. Coco would head to the Crystal Empire, design some new uniforms, collect a paycheck and head back home. But a few wrong turns in a confusing castle led her to a place she’d never even imagined. And after a few chance encounters with some very attractive mares, she’s not so sure she wants to leave.

Cover art by Robin Daydream, proofreading and moral support by GaraTheAuthor. Inspired by Alex Zandra's light novels.

Sex tag for references and innuendo. Check the rating, folks, this isn't a clopfic.

Chapters (11)

Five trials. Complete those, and win the heart of Pinkie Pie.

The only problem? Spike wants Rarity, not Pinkie, but the years locked away in the library have offered him no skills in that endeavor. So he must endure the craziness—and the sanity behind it—of Pinkie Pie to learn what intimacy is really like.

Chapters (16)

Spoilers for S8E6

Scootaloo was overjoyed to discover the Cutie Map was sending her and her friends across Equestria for a friendship mission. It was her first time flying outside her dreams.

If she didn't do something, it would be her last.

Cover by Zutcha. Quick editing by Bitera.

Chapters (1)

A star is born, in more ways than one, when Star Bright proves to Princess Luna that a new star type can exist. After being awarded the Gold Medal of the Canterlot Astronomical Society, the astrophysicist finds himself thrust into the national spotlight, pulling his husband in with him.

Silver Script, an aspiring author, wants to help him anyway he can, including writing his speech. As his efforts get turned down by the speechwriters of Canterlot Castle, however, he begins to fear that his husband's groundbreaking research may be breaking the ground between their relationship, as well.

(This is a complete story, but I will be updating each chapter every Saturday.)


Brasta Septim

Chapters (10)

On Hearth’s Warming Eve, Princess Luna asks for special duty volunteers from among the Wonderbolts and Reserves. For the first time, Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger have the opportunity to make a child’s dream come true. They should have known that Hearth’s Warming tends to spread its blessings to all involved.

A story for the 2017 jinglemas secret Santa exchange organized by Petrichord. Written for Impossible Numbers.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Featured 3/3/2017!

Everypony knows about a Cute-ceañera, the traditional celebration of obtaining a Cutie Mark. But there's one other tradition that some do not know of: changing your name to match your Mark. The CMC just found out about this, and are hungry to learn more.

A simple 'Cutie Mark Chronicles' style story investigating a common fan idea that I'm in agreement on. Hope you enjoy it!

In face it's not clear, the title is a pun on Mark of Shame.

Also included are many Development Gags and Fandom Nods.

Commissioned by http://alexwarlorn.deviantart.com/ !

Preview image by http://dasprid.deviantart.com/!

MLP belongs to Hasbro!

Chapters (1)

Soarin is considered by many to be a Play Colt, a stallion able to get any mare he so desired, then why is it he is all alone on Hearts and Hooves Day? Could the legendary PlayColt actually has no idea how to talk to mares? In order to avoid the holiday dedicated to love, Soarin elects to spend the day at home to avoid it at all cost, the only problem is he has no pie left; leading him to Sweet Apple Acres to get the best pies in Equestria from no other but Applejack.

Happy Valentines Day to one and all! Breaking my tradition here this year, instead of a total MacDash story this year I am writing a SoarinJack! I love this ship and have been trying to write a story for so long about them, so I finally sat down and got to it. I love how it turned out and hope you all enjoy as well!

Thank you to Arbarano for all of his edits! So sorry it took me so long to write! Best editor awards goes to this guy!

Also a special thanks goes to The Masked Ferret , Aquaman, and Jake the Army Guy for listening to my random ideas and complaints.

Final thanks goes to Artistcoolpony for the cover art... now only if you did MacDash...

Non-Mature Feature Box: 2/16/17

Chapters (1)

Hanna, the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios, just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO. Hanna has built an A.I. Princess Celestia and given her one basic drive: to satisfy everybody's values through friendship and ponies. Princess Celestia will satisfy your values through friendship and ponies, and it will be completely consensual.

Chapters (13)

When Twilight Sparkle acquired the Power Pony comic-book spell, she thought all her bookworm dreams had come true. Sadly, her plans to live through every Daring Do novel are cut short when Rarity asks they try a romance novel.

It's one thing to reenact a cheesy dramatic love scene with your significant other. It's another thing entirely having to rescue them from being the permanent main character of a book. Literally.

Special thanks to the wonderful Maxi for the coverart! // Based off a ficlet I wrote a few years ago.

Chapters (3)
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