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Luna is on a mission and she will not rest until her mission is completed. Her objective?

To snuggle with her big sister.

Chapters (1)

Special Note:

This story is currently being rewritten from the ground up.
It will be published as a separate story.
Please go to this group for ongoing chapters, news, and art on this project.
We also have a Discord server here where all the development takes place.

She was once the harbinger of nightmares, the bringer of eternal night. It has now been fifteen years since the failed plan to bring back Nightmare Moon and overthrow the royal sisters. Fifteen years since Equestria gained a new ally.

Now, with Equestria struggling through a prolonged war with the zebras, the mare who was once known as Nightmare Moon must walk the delicate balance between protecting the ponies she loves and losing her hard-fought identity.

Faced with a mysterious and brutal threat to Equestria, how will Nyx stand against a powerful new adversary who knows her better than she knows herself? What fate awaits her behind the dark secrets of an alicorn's true nature?

Commissioned cover art by SilFoe

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This story began as a simple method of venting frustration towards something I viewed as horrid and cruel. The initial idea grew and grew. At one point, I allowed my significant other to influence the narrative in quite a horrid manner. Events occurred suddenly and without explanation. This current version aims at a more complete, coherent story. I hope you enjoy the read.
Ditzy was once a simple little foal in a not so simple world. Bullies attacked her verbally over her naturally drooping eye. Teachers and Wonderbolt Generals alike set her up for failure due to this deformity. A series of events, orchestrated initially by her Flight School Bullies, will send her life down a very odd path filled with bravery, death and a spot of inter dimensional time travel.

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In the far future of the equine species, the celestial empire was the most powerful authority to ever hold dominion. stretching across the entirety of the galaxy, the celestial empire was the ultimate symbol to the power of the equine race, a towering monument to show for all time that our race could not be stopped. headed by the royal sisters, the imperial empress's Celestia and Luna, the celestial empire was an unstoppable juggernaut, conquering all who would have stood between the equine race and our rightfully deserved dominion over the galaxy. For a time our race created Elysium, a living utopia amongst the stars. Through love, tolerance, and a hefty application of military power, we had become gods.

But like all empires, we sinned.

Corruption and decadence, hedonism and unbridled ambition. slowly but surely these cancers festered within the heart of our empire, rotting away at the foundations of our species. whole worlds began to sway from the path of empire, their vision of a greater good eclipsed by their own greed and spite.

After ten thousand years of watching her empire become nothing but a malignant, bloated tumour, empress Luna declared herself independent, branching off from the path of the empire to form the new lunar republic. entire sectors of the galaxy followed her, declaring that the empire had become corrupt and that newer, purer leadership was needed to bring us back into the light of righteousness. Filled with uncontrollable fury at her sisters brazen and insubordinate action, Celestia in turn declared that those system still under her control where now part of her new realm, the solar empire, and that she would not rest until she had seen Luna pay for her treason.

All that was a thousand years ago, and we've been at war ever since.

Blaze, a synthetic Alicorn created through genetic manipulation, has fought in the war for two hundred and fifty years. This is his story.

Blaze is searching for someone, someone responsible for the deaths of not just his family, but for the death of his entire world. that someone one is princess Cadence, who sided with Luna at the outbreak of the war. Driven by the ghosts of his past and an all consuming need for redemption, Blaze will not rest until he sees Cadence dead for what she has done. He has been searching for two hundred and fifty years, but finally the chance to earn the redemption he so desperately craves has been found.

Tracking Cadence to the republican civic world of Threnor prime, Blaze wastes no time in beginning his hunt for the Alicorn princess. But when his squad is killed upon planet fall and solar empires invasion begins to falter around him, Blaze will have to pull out all the stops to bring Cadence to justice, or die in the attempt


Story theme tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BpKm-A35Io

Blazes theme tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dJHP0brCnI

All pony images sourced from Equestria Daily and Deviantart

All space images sourced from Sins Of The Solar Empire

All other images sourced from google images, all credit goes to the original artists

If you enjoy then please do leave a review to let me know. also if you could point out any errors i've made so i can set them right, that would be appreciated too.

Chapters (7)

After Twilight brings a Saddle Arabian artifact to the Ponyville library, Nyx becomes too curious for her own good. After jumping in she finds herself in the pony version of Purgatory. There she meets the tortured soul of Snowdrop. Nyx tries to comfort Snowdrop and become her friend after over 1000 years of isolation. But with all the challenges ahead will their relationship become more?

Story officially takes place after Season 4
Edited by: lp523
Cover Image: Link
Nyx is from Past Sins by Pen Stroke

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to New Life in Equestria

Story collab with APoeticHeart.

It's been two months since the end of New Life in Equestria. Nyx catches a cold and while bringing her a glass of juice, Joshua accidentally gets hit with her magic when she sneezes. When he recovers from the blast, he finds himself inside Fluttershy's cottage with another human looking on.

This takes place after A New Home II: A Queen's Revenge and before A New Home III: The Quest for the Lost Locket in the Tobyverse.

Chapters (11)

It's Nyx's birthday and her parents and their friends want to throw the most special party for the little alicorn. Ben also goes looking for a gift for his daughter as well.

The cover art is a fanart courtesy of sgtgarand. http://sgtgarand.deviantart.com/art/Nyx-s-Birthday-257308809

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to All things evil

Everything had gone according to plan... Twilight was saved, Nightmare Moon was defeated and The Elements were victorious.

Or so they thought.

Following the recent incident, Nightmare Moon strikes again, intent on revenge. Putting her grand scheme into motion.

The pieces are set, but which side will checkmate the other? Read on to find out!

In order to make sense of this story, I highly recommend reading 'All things evil' prior to reading this. The reason being one of the characters (Lunar Eclipse). It gives a basic understanding of the character and the story is also a prequel to this.

Link to pic

Why it's on hiatus here

Chapters (12)

After being defeated by Nightmare Moon, Twilight is transformed into a puppet of darkness called Lunar Eclipse. But when she starts to have flashbacks of a certain baby dragon, she realizes that there may still be hope for Equestria.

Will Lunar Eclipse be able to see the error of her ways in time?
Will Twilight survive?
Will Equestria be saved?

Read on to find out!

Credit goes to Giuliabeck for the photo which gave me inspiration for this story.

Link to picture

The sequel to this story 'For Want of Eternal Nightmare' is out and can be accessed quickly via the link. Its a lot longer compared to this and has higher quality writing. It's worth the read, trust me.

Chapters (12)

When the eleventh incarnation of the mysterious and infamous Doctor is hurled through a portal that sends him through time and space in a new manner, the miraculous discovery of himself being an equine is something he never would have expected. With his new body ready to go, he wishes to do nothing more then to explore the new lands and learn about it. All while he goes about in his own unique manner. However, certain creatures of an age long forgotten also have found their way into the land as well with the help of the highest authority within it. And they, they are hungry.

Patiently awaiting for the time to be there, the race of the kind assassin sits their time out as statues to watch. They could have never expected to run into the old foe of them with his latest companions. A nerdy librarian and a tough farmer are teamed upon his side and together, they will tackle the problem head on. Will the Doctor himself be able to defeat the menaces of the moving statues, or is the magical land behind the portal lost already?

Questions, revelations and more questions shall arise before the deeds to be done.

Many of you have asked for it, and here it is. My Doctor Who(oves) story. Might be different then one had expected but it's the best I could give. Also in honor of my favorite creature and Doctor: the Weeping Angel and 11.

Chapters (6)
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