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Self-confidence · 7:04am Feb 23rd, 2014

So...Self-confidence is a damn pain in the ass. Just when you think you got enough confidence, Blam! It hits you with a brick. And that's not my only problem. Self-confidence is preventing me from posting my story!

It's a damn ass. I'm gonna say that much. So...I bet your wondering when my next story is coming. Well I'll tell you this, "It's coming so calm down!" Yeah. So wait a little longer I got something planed.

Also what do you think about self-confidence?

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Season 4 · 4:38pm Nov 23rd, 2013

Okay so I woke up really early just to watch Season 4 of MLP and I have to say, I now have high expectations for Season 4. Oh and that flashback showing how Luna turned into Nightmare Moon was cool.

My list of best parts in Season 4 Episode 1-2:

1) Twilight can't fly for shit.
2) The scream Celestia makes.
3) .....
4) The flashback with Luna turning into Nightmare Moon. (Even though it totally conflicts my headcannon.)
5) Discord laughing his damn head off then being turned to stone.

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Things I regret about making an OC · 2:44am Oct 23rd, 2013

1) If some of you have RPed with me you would know that my OC is a guy. Now just because my OCs are guys does not mean I'm a guy.


Yeah. And it's a little bit British because I'v been watching too much Doctor Who and Torchwood.

2) Um......I got nothing.

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