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It’s been fifteen years since Sunset Shimmer graduated from CHS and about ten since she married the man who was currently sleeping next to her. In fact tomorrow would be their tenth anniversary and for some reason that kept her awake.

As she looked at the ring on her left she couldn’t help but smile. It was the same small silver ring he bought her for her graduation. Her gaze wandered from her hand to the man who once gave her that ring. With her smile growing a bit wider she started to remember.

This story was written for Oroboro's recently announced Sunset Shipping Contest: Changing Seasons.
I hope many of you will join the month long shipfest for Sunset. And for all who can't or don't want to join, I hope you have fun with dozens upon dozens of awesome shipfics.
And finally my personal thanks to The Fan Without a Face who helped me a great deal by editing this story and Celestia be my witness. He did an awesome job. :twilightsmile:

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This story is a sequel to Colgate's Rants 3

It's me Colgate again and I have seen many, many patients over the years. I've seen so many that you guys could probably ask me to rant about a pony and I have seen them. I shall now provide the rants on those that you have suggested.

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Starlight Glimmer discovers inequality at a very young age when her family can not afford the fee for her to apply for Celestia's school. She uses unconventional methods to gain entry but eventually gets expelled and banished from Canterlot. When she discovers who her true ancestors are, she realizes that her true destiny is more than bringing about friendship through sameness, it is something much bigger.

A first account story told by Starlight herself.

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During her usual evening stroll through the grassy plains surrounding Ponyville, Twilight comes across a crying mare whom she never expected to see there... Or crying, for that matter.

It is said you don't really know a pony unless you step into their hooves. So that's what Twilight decides to do. Well, not literally of course...

...but the two do get awfully close to one another.

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Rarity helps Pinkie out by kissing her boo-boo. This is totally okay and not awkward.

Warning: Shipping. So much shipping.

Cover image (and inspiration) taken from this comic by bellsPurgebells.
Why not also try This fic's sister-story by Twinkletail, which was inspired by the same reddit thread and posted at the same time?

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In pursuit of time-traveling Adolf Hitler, Kung Fury ends up in Equestria. Can he overcome Discord’s devious ploy, and vast legions of Changelings in his righteous path?

All the while, the shadow from the past lingers in the background, plotting to undo everything that the lone cop holds dear.

[You may also enjoy the Youtube reading (Chapter 1 ( •_•)>⌐■-■ Chapter 2 (⌐■_■) Chapter 3) and mp3 download (Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3) that are available for this story.]

* This story is a MLP crossover with the movie: Kung Fury
Cosmic Cowboy
Dismal The Zoner
Bad Dragon

The story collaboration is still ongoing. If you wish to join this project, click —> here <—

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It's hard coming out to your friends when you're close. It's even harder coming out to your friends when you're the only one that knows what a lesbian actually is.

Done for this Rage Reviews Lesbian Rainbow Dash though I'm submitting it last minute so...

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Hey there. My name is James. And do I have a story for you. Now only, this story is not one of happy endings, good fortune and good times. No. This is a story of a land many thought to be peaceful and very, girly, in a sense. I am talking about Equestria. Only, Equestria is only a country on a big planet, like America is on Earth. And I was lucky enough to get sent there. This planet is at war and it doesn't even know it. And I have been sent there by a women from Target. She sent me here for a reason. I just wish she hadn't set me on fire to get here. I also wish that my job was a bit more clear. Honestly, I really just want to get home. Oh, and I'm no longer human, nor a pony.

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Rainbow Dash learns Rarity's secret passion for blacksmithing shortly after the events of 'Suited For Success,' and wants to understand more.

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A read done by darksymphony777 which you can find here

Sometimes people wish for things. Rarely do those wishes come true, but today, one did. Charelz, an easily amused scientist with too much time on her hands, wished every day on a piece of paper with Twilight Sparkle's picture on it. Every day she wished for her to come to life and noted the results.

One day, it finally paid off and Twilight rose up out of the paper. Finally!

But a character is far more than just their appearance. You have to be very careful when filling in those missing details and try not to go outside the lines.

TheDriderPony helped iron out the description.

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