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This story is a sequel to Colgate's Rants 3

It's me Colgate again and I have seen many, many patients over the years. I've seen so many that you guys could probably ask me to rant about a pony and I have seen them. I shall now provide the rants on those that you have suggested.

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Comment posted by StormLuna deleted Aug 2nd, 2016

Very good so far, keep up the good work.

I like to picture that we, the readers, are a bartender that Colgate is just spilling her guts to in between drinks.

7447685 I can see where you would see it like that. It does resemble such a situation.

This chapter was fine until the black market part.

You should do a fan's choice two.

Will there be a number 5?

Édit: Oh, there is!

Karma hit spoiled rich really hard. I love It


Well Colgate despises ponies like her with a passion so naturally she is going to fuck her up.

Yup and spoiled rich 100% deserve that for all the bad thing spoiled rich have down.

Comment posted by Twilight sparkle565 deleted Oct 10th, 2021

I don’t think anypony else would be able to get away with this like Colgate.


Nope, no one gets away with things like Colgate does.

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