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On a day like any other, Princess Twilight Sparkle goes about her business in her typical fashion, though with a weight on the back of her mind throughout the day. And it's not long before she needs to confront it. With a heavy heart, Twilight prepares to close a chapter in her life.

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Sweetie Belle burst into the Carousel Boutique in tears because one of her best friends is moving to a foster home in Baltimare. Surely there has to be a pony in Ponyville who can be her foster parent, right?

I'm lucky to have two of my favorite, (and also way underrated authors) on this site pre-reading for me, HMXTaylorLee and DemonBrightSpirit. Their work is seriously excellent and unappreciated so go check them out.

My super awesome cover art was done by hugsforpenguin and commissioned by the aforementioned HMXTaylorLee, so another thanks to him.

This story takes place in an Alternate Universe where Quills and Sofas sells more than two things.

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Twilight's lived in Canterlot castle as a princess for years now, but something's changed. The guards give her funny looks behind her back, and it seems liked Celestia' started avoiding her. Her marefriend, Rainbow Dash, assures her nothing's wrong; that she's just over-thinking things. But she knows something changed, and it all started when Rainbow took her vacation from the Wonderbolts to spend some time with Twilight in Canterlot.

Ignores all canon after Twilight's Coronation.

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Life can be unfair, often cruel. Applejack is facing the unfair, and is finding it hard to accept it. Her wife and
friend, is there to make sure she can take the bad, with the good. Sometimes bad things happen, but even though love ones may pass, there always is hope, for a happier tomorrow.

This was a fic done for a request. It's my first crack at sad, hope you guys enjoy!

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(Warning! This fic is only dark due to the backstory. The main story won't exactly contain...much...darkness...Actually, ignore the dark tag. This is also my first attempt at making something properly dark, so excuse me if it seems a bit...out of order.)

Twilight has had enough. The existence of a cursed cemetary just on the outskirts of the Everfree forest is starting to annoy her. The worst part? Everypony says that there is a graveyard keeper called the "Shovel-Holder". To get to the bottom of this, Twilight decides to take Spike with her to that cemetary and get to the bottom of this growing legend.

However, what the young mare and dragon do not know is that there are some things in Equestria that should neither be explored nor tampered with. The tower in that cemetary, however, might be the end of the duo or might be their salvation.

That image comes from this fine chap here.

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Proof-read and edited by Majora
(My first attempt at second person narration. Imma give it a harvest)

Luna's descent into the vile creature known as Nightmare Moon did not end after she was banished and fused to the moon. Inside the mind of the pony continued the fight to maintain dominance of her mind, but it was a fight that she was losing.

We all have guardians protecting our minds, but they don't always succeed. Luna's was determined to prevent her from truly losing herself to the nightmare, so it traveled through her mind composed of bright blue landscapes painted under a sparkling Twilight and many moons, but which moon is the true moon of this mind? Time is scarce, and the moon might set forever if the mental guardian is not successful.

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What would you do if your owner dies? Not a question any pet should have to face. Angel Bunny, however, does.

Warning! Deals with issues of loss.

Now with a reading by Flutterpriest (Many thanks :))

Special thanks to Aziraphael for editing.

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