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Equestria, known for it's love and harmony, finds itself in a war against a dark alliance that knows no bounds. All hope seems lost when a pony loyal to Canterlot is corrupted and joins the alliance. Can Equestria survive this war or will it be shrouded in darkness and hatred forever. Warning: This story is not canon. For those who dislike non-canon stories, this one may not be for you.

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Pinkie Pie preemptively apologizes to Twilight: she's going to ruin their friendship.

Twilight agrees.

Pinkie suits her better as a girlfriend anyway.

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(Story original written by AmaraDash19, transferred and continued with permission. Warning!: Contains Diapers, Diaper Useage, AND Ageplay! If you're not comfortable with such material, do not read!)

After her past starts to come back to haunt her, Fluttershy reaches out to the Cutie Mark Crusaders to help her. Unfortunately for her, none of the trio accepts.

But one filly comes back and surprises Fluttershy...and herself!

Can Fluttershy provide Scootaloo with the home she needs, and will Scootaloo give her new mother the courage to stand up for herself?

(Chapters 5+ proofread by Matt11. Feature on 11/01/16)

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