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After attempting to impress the judges during her entrance exam for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, something transpires that alters Twilight's life irrevocably, as well as the destiny of all Equestria. In a very literal manner, Twilight metamorphoses into the embodiment of magic, much akin to how Discord embodies chaos. How will this unprecedented transformation shape forthcoming events? And how will Twilight grapple with mastering the newfound god-like abilities that have been unexpectedly thrust upon her?

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A person who was givin an unfair hand in life now gets another chance in the land of Equestria. Now givin the name Spiracle, he's put into an unfortunate situation at first, and must escape the clutches of Chrysalis with his best friend and pseudo brother, Thorax. With the help and advice of a Zebra named Zecora, he manages to create a disguise and name to fit, Fifth Wisdom.

He gains a spell that allows him to go into the Everfree dissonance, a place where the blinded minds of creatures reside, where through recovering the eyes that allow them to see the world for what it is, he changes their minds for the better. He then meets a strange being that offers to help him in saving the world from chaos, along with a group of unlikely allies. Join Fifth Wisdom as he makes friends with the ponies of the world while he attempts to improve it through his adventures of dubious moral efficacy.

you don't need to have played any of the persona games to understand what happens in this story, but it may help in understanding the main character's past, who's a reincarnation of Goro Akechi. As long as you didn't reveal that spoiler, this fanfiction should be spoiler free for Persona 5.

Made with some help from Driftwood! Cover image by @GalaXxY03a on twitter!

Chapters (8)

Persona 5 / MLP Crossover.
(Now with a Tvtropes Page!🥳)

Her Majesty Princess Celestia, the Prideful self-styled Goddess of the Sun and mother of all sins who crossed the thin line between righteousness and self-righteousness.

You are the ruler who hides her hunger for power behind lies and facetious benevolence while condemning an entire race to extinction.

We have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth.

We will take your distorted desires without fail.


The Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

When a huge chunk of Equestria appeared floating above Japan surrounded by a bright golden barrier, everybody panicked until Celestia appeared before them with promises of friendship and peace…

But then things changed.

The Barrier soon started growing, engulfing everything on its path and killing every human it touched while leaving behind everything else, albeit “Purified”.

Even Celestia changed, and what once were promises of camaraderie and brotherhood, became veiled threats:

“The Barrier cannot be stopped, we are sorry.”

“We cannot control it, but you can still be saved! Convert! Become a pony! Become one of us and the Barrier and the Magic of Equestria will no longer hurt you!”

But while some believed the words of this gentle mare, others felt mistrust and fought back, turning the offer of Conversion into an obligation:

Convert or Die.

All while still begging Humans to accept, even when Conversion showed dire downsides to the humans undergoing it.

But there is no longer time, if the humans can’t decide, the Ponies will decide for them: Conversion! Conversion at all cost!

And from the shadows of despair, a last spark of hope emerged!

A group of young forgotten heroes, called back in action by the Staff of the Velvet Room to enact the Greatest theft in history!

It’s time for the Phantom Thieves to return, and steal the purest hearts of them all before those too fall into Distortion!

Equestria will never see it coming.

Chapters (21)

Twilight was reading a book about ancient artifacts when Discord comes in and presents her with it, but in doing so changes her form from Harmony to Chaos.

Will Discord be able to turn her back to her original form, or will Twilight be driven mad by Discord and his incessant staring!?

Chapters (2)

[cover art by VirtualCipher, great guy, great art.]

[original story by my good chum Hamcon]

Rainbow Blitz inadvertently makes a potion that turns him into a dragon; now he's going around turning every pony into a dragon, can he be stopped, or will he succeed?


A rewrite of the original "Dragon Chronicles."

This story is my own edited rule 63 version, and I also plan on continuing the intended sequel "Dragon Chronicles: Journey to the dragon lands." [also approved]

Also, I'm getting my own first story "The day I lost my mind" edited and eventually redistributed and I pray it will be better received when I do repost it.

However first! I shall take care of this story as I promised Hamcon.

Be sure to like and comment it really does help out my inspiration. :moustache:

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After his encounter with Yozora, Sora finds himself awake in a new world. Though it was far from ideal.

Trapped as the leader of a depressing little village where people gave up what made them different while stuck controlling the body of their leader was bad enough. But add onto that the fact that everything he learns about said leader makes him like her less, and the situation looks bleak for our hero.

Can he really just sit back and keep enforcing this girl's messed up beliefs of friendship? Or will his sheer belief in his ideals end up winning out in the end, undoing everything Starlight Glimmer has worked to maintain?

Author's Note: This is a complete re-write of a previous premise, which I liked, but felt like I could have done better. I've been hard at work trying to make the changes substantial, and to make them better than the previous attempt. I hope you'll enjoy the new version.

Update (2/27/23): New Cover Art!

Chapters (2)

Time had passed for the hero Yu Narukami, and it was already summer vacation. He remembered making a promise to all of his friends in Inaba that he would visit them whenever he got the chance. Ever since he and his friends defeated Izanami and dispelled the fog from both the real world and the T.V. world, things have been peaceful during his visits. His friends always welcomed him with open arms (or in Rise-chans way of it, a neverending embrace… her and Teddie). Everything in Inaba was perfect…


But the fog of lies do not simply fade away in one world… it moves on to another.

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After losing his last relative, Will is stuck in despair and sadness, only wishing to have a new family. And he's getting one, one that will never leave him.
His wish granted and ready for a new start, Will is purged from the sadness of his old life by accepting to lose some of his memories and is no longer human, in a strange new land with two brothers that will never leave him alone. Literally.

Death Tag for for the prologue.

Chapters (8)

Mario & Luigi's journey has been the ride from their adventures. From the BeanBean Kingdom to stop an evil witch, going back in time to help their Baby counterparts to stop the Shroob invasion, being inside of Bowser to stop a bean whose Fury with his Buff Pig buddy to conquer both kingdoms with the Dark Star, exploring the realms of the Dream World to save the Pi'illo Kingdom, and teaming up with a thin 'Mario' from his world filled with Paper to stop Bowser with another Bowser from the Paper World.

Thanks to a magical yet rainbow Warp Pipe, Mario & Luigi has entered the world of Equestria, meeting 6 ponies and a baby dragon to explore the world of Equestria/Ponyvile and the meaning of Friendship. Meanwhile, Bowser learns that Mario and Green Stache have entered a world filled with Ponies thanks to Grogar (who has arrived at Bowser's Castle), making a partnership to take both worlds over. This... is... an Equestia adventure with magic!

Story takes place after the events of Paper Jam and after MLP Season 8.

NOTE: I have permission from BoredRabbit to use the Cover Art for this story. While he has made the Cover art for his cousin, I have permission to write the story as he did state that anyone can write fanfic of his "Mario & Luigi cover art crossovers" as long you have permission from him.

Chapters (4)

Suzuki Satoru have been transported to a new world in the last day of the Yggdrasil game instead of get thrown out of the server, and the world in which he has landed it's full of... Âżponies?, fortunately for him, his guild and all his inhabitants have come with him; ÂżWhat will be the reaction of the inhabitants of Equestria before the coming of an undead of the highest order?.

This Story happens during and a little before of the last My Little Pony movie and later the series.

This it's my very first try of a story in English, it can be found a Spanish version, (my mother language) on the fan fiction site, I will be posting just this part of the story here because it is the only one that is a full crossover with MLP, and will be posting chapters as fast as I can translate, the full story it's a multi crossover AU composed of various pieces.

The original first chapter it's not added because simply put, it is a resume of the first book of the Overlord LN, it's a little slow in the beginning sooooo, beg you a bit of patience.

Any comment will be appreciated, the same for any grammatical mistake pointed.

Hope my humble work be of your like.

I want to give my deepest thanks to all my readers for your continual support!, this work has reached its end, but the story goes on in 'The Supreme Being of Zero' or 'El Ser Supremo de Zero' that can be found under my same pen name in the fanfiction site, my original work is in Spanish, and I'm not sure when or if is going to be translated to English, but by the fimfiction site rules I can't publish it here, so I'm really sorry, also if anyone wants to know how Albedo and Shalltear got married and pregnant, I leave the link to that story here, 'La Familia de un Overlord', is in Spanish and too sexual for fanfiction rules so its in PDF on my drive so enjoy!

And again Thanks a lot to everypony :pinkiehappy:

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