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Daelyx Len Auphydas

Heyo, I'm Daelyx Len Auphydas, but you can just call me Len. Purity zealot and cute eunuch extraordinaire. I adore stories about siblings, particularly rainbow dash and scootaloo!


On a late morning in ponyville, the inhabitants of the Castle of Friendship wake up long after the sun rises to make a startling discovery; Spike had inexplicably transformed into an Alicorn! Even stranger, nopony seems to remember anything about the previous day at all, to understand what had caused such a thing to occur.

Thanks to my darling cousin Leviathan and one of my best friends, silent_user, for getting me to write pony fanfiction. Cover art courtesy of twilight stock images, background from here: https://www.deviantart.com/limedreaming/art/Castle-of-Friendship-Part-1-517352041 , and pony maker for Spike. And also silent_user, for unrelentingly pestering me until I gave it cover art, because I wasn't going to.

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I'm definitely looking forward to more of this story. All hail princess spike!

Of course, that wasn't the only reasons she doesn't want him to be walking around town... Twilight would not put it past him to try and use his newfound alicorn status to sweep Rarity off her feet.

Can't have any filthy sibling thief steal her little brother huh? :moustache:

She's already lost one, she is not gonna lose another. Not without a fight at least.

So glad you decided to try your hand at writing fanfic, too :twilightsmile:
Even if you have a bunch of original works to work on :twilightsheepish:

"Oh, hi, Starburst. You want me to go get my sister?"

I do hope this becomes a running gag :trollestia:

A bit disappointed by the thought of "researching" Spike winning, even if it probably is very much in character :facehoof:

Can't wait to see where you take this :twilightsmile:

Just for you, a running gag it has become. Just as soon as I finish the next chapter, heh... I got stuck on writing Applejack for a while.


My happiness at this revelation is 120% immeasurable :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

Have question yes or no celesia mother

Eheh... No, Celestia is not Spike's mother. Spike was a dragon until just a minute ago. They have no pony ancestry.

Eheh, I don't know if it deserves a 9/10, but I'm glad you like it! I'll keep working on it, plus I have another short one-off I'm going to post once this is done.

Have question yes or no daybreaker mother

Er? Like I said, Spike has no pony ancestry, they were entirely a dragon until about 24 hours ago. Or something like that dont quote me on the exact timetable.

Why do you keep referring to Spike as “they” in the comments, but “he/him/his” in the actual story?

Referring to characters as 'they' is something of a typical habit of mine, and I have to actively make an effort to say 'he/him' in the story. I dont tend to put as much effort into writing comments so I just go with my instinctive habit of saying 'they' there.

nice job on the first few chapters:twilightsmile:

How am i doing regarding staying in character? Thats half the reason I'm writing this story so I'd appreciate any input.

He would be a prince not a princess

Just you wait, I'm getting there.
...It has taken me longer than I expected to be honest but
I'm getting there!

Interesting choice making them gender less.

You characterization of Spike definitely improved from the first chapter. Another suggestion if I may; when writing AJ use ya' and instead of ah because that is actually how southerns talk.

I definitely think you should continue this longer! It's a really fun story to read, and I'm all for shenanigans shenaniganing

Well, I can't exactly say no to that. Alright, just for you, I shall lengthen the story by at least one in-story day.

I'm deeply honored. Eager to see these shenanigans too

The river in Tartarus is called the river Styx from what I know from mythology also known as the river of the dead

There are five rivers in the greek underworld which each have different properties; Styx, which serves as the boundary to the underworld and also is the river of oaths (So gods swear by the styx). Lethe, which causes forgetfulness. Then theres Cocytus, Phlegethon, and Acheron respectively. (Rivers of Lamentation, Fire, and Woe respectively.)

Awww, that's adorable

Spike raises a brow. "Uh, Twi? I'm right here, you know. Been a dragon my whole life. Only burned down a village once. Just don't accept too many gifts and you'll be fine."

Peak line

I'm sure it'll be fiiiiine

Grunting with effort, Spike offers Twilight a strained smile. "Yeah, you will. Exactly why... You need... To go outside with me!" Spike lets twilight down, panting- Magic is hard!

Good thing spike has the best magic teacher ever.

“Fire breathe? But what is there to learn? I just have to stop letting it out, right?” Twilight asks uncertainly. “Though, that is easier said than done...”


Breathe is a verb. Breath is a noun

The ol' case of warm fuzzies strikes again! These two just melt my heart every time! :heart:

Aww. I'm glad you like them! Hopefully there will be more warm fuzzies to go around before the end.

Alright, I have written the rest of the story and now its just waiting for edits

Just for you I wrote a total of five additional chapters from the place I was originally going to make the end.

So if anypony likes the last five chapters that will be going up over the next couple weeks... Thank Basketface for them!

Let's goooo! I'm so excited, this is such a great story

Hopefully the five chapters I wrote in a frenzy in a hotel room over the past couple days are still good. I wrote 10,000 words in two days... Thats so much more than I normally do... Hopefully the quality didn't suffer as a result.

I just found this story and I liked the beginning

I'm glad you liked it! Theres four more chapters coming down the pipeline, then it'll be done. I'm just gonna post one every two days till then.

nice work

Rainbow, Rainbow! Don't you know it's rude to intrude? :unsuresweetie:

This is aggressively cute

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