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How can a pony, overshadowed by a dark past, taunted by her own self-conflict and doubt, ever hope to be able to shed the burden of being Nightmare Moon?

Nyx isn't sleeping well. For weeks, her dreams have been visited by a strange specter that haunts her, each dream growing more horrible than the last, her fears gaining a greater hold on her. As time passes the phantom draws closer, forcing Nyx to face the realm of the supernatural. Soon, the filly will be thrust into a world of wonder and imagination, where light and shadow are made into one, and everyone, and everything, deserves a second glance.

Author's Notes:

This story was proof-read and edited by EverfreePony, Scaramouch, and Salty Alty.

Test read by Blackyoshi and Lucondrix.

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke, and I take no credit in the creation of her character.

Cover art drawn by Folklore17 and colored by 0ndshok.

This story is an unofficial but spiritual sequel to Past Sins and Scarred Hearts. Reading them is recommended, but not necessarily required.

Chapters (12)

On a rainy night, a particularly pink pony reads a seemingly cursed book and ends up evoking the wrath of a morbidly fat owl. There's also the other talking animals, questions about logic and suns but of course her involvement will change the course of the plot to something a little weirder.

(Something stupid I wrote when I watched Rockadoodle and a Pinkie Pie compilation back to back. Pure stupidery inside)

Chapters (3)

After a chance encounter with a bat species she's never seen before, Fluttershy gets bitten, and strange things start to happen. All normal food tastes foul to her, and instead, she thirsts for blood. As she slowly becomes more animalistic, her instincts heighten, and suddenly the feelings towards Rainbow Dash she'd been suppressing slowly begin to manifest. After a failed attempt to seduce her in order to feed, Rainbow Dash becomes committed to helping Fluttershy get well again while keeping her friend's dark affliction a secret.

Chapters (7)

Sunset Shimmer fled from Equestria in search of the destiny that Celestia sought to deny to her. She dreamed of finding great glory and power in a strange new world. But she emerged on the other side of the mirror in a harsh cruel world beset by demons and troubled by division, conflict and racial animus: the world of Remnant.

Now, years later, Sunset has completed her studies at Canterlot Combat School and is ready to attend Beacon Academy. She hopes that in the more progressive Kingdom of Vale her appearance as a pony faunus will not be held against her the way it was in Atlas, and she can rise as high as her talents permit and seize with both hands the destiny she still yearns for.

Sunset finds herself assigned to lead three fellow freshman at the Huntsman Academy: Jaune Arc, who dreams of becoming a hero elevated above all others; Pyrrha Nikos, a peerless warrior who has everything that Sunset wants and hates everything about it; and Ruby Rose, a simpler and more honest soul who simply wants to save as many people as she can, and who might just light the way to their salvation.

Together they are Team SAPR, and together they are plunged into a world of mysteries, magic, allies and enemies, robot girls and Atlasian black ops experiments. It won't be easy, but if they can work together, teach Jaune how to fight and maybe learn to get along as friends along the way, then they might just save the world.

Original Cover Art by Mix-Up
Current Cover Art by MRK50
Now with a TV Tropes page

Also with a Discord Server

Chapters (387)

Twilight and her friends are foalsitting her niece, Flurry Heart. Twilight goes to get some milk to find that Pinkie has used it all. Flurry then goes on a quest to find some.

Character poll to determine who will be the focus of the next chapter:
First week, Twilight by a coin flip.
Second week, Rarity gets chosen with the sole vote.
Third week, Rainbow Dash with a coin flip.
Fourth week, Pinkie Pie with 3 votes.
Fifth week, Fluttershy with a coin flip.
Sixth week, Applejack due to process of elmiination.

Rated Teen for non-sexual nudity, and a foal being breastfed.

Chapters (8)

Spike has a Rarity plushie he's cherished all year. Then, he gets a Starlight plushie for Hearth's Warming...

Written as a dual entry in Aragon's Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest under the prompt "We learned something, Starlight" and FamousLastWords' A Two-Faced Charade contest.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Study of a Winning Pony

Life has been rough for Shining Armor. The changeling invasion has resulted in him losing his position as Captain of the Royal Guard. But that’s only the start of his troubles when he discovers that he’s the father of a daughter he didn’t even know about. Now he’s forced to face the consequences of a night’s indiscretions—such as explaining everything to his new wife Cadance. It isn’t going to be easy get his life back in order before anything else can go wrong.

A Winningverse Story.

Chapters (5)

Chrysalis has attacked Equestria, and the Mane Six prepare to fire the Elements at her. Except this time, the Elements don't fire. The Elements have left the Mane Six, leaving them wondering why, and more importantly, what no longer bearing the Elements means for the future their friendship.

Takes place some time after the end of the season 2.

Chapters (2)

Fluttershy was never a fan of Nightmare Night. The spooks. The frights. It was far from her cup of tea. Rainbow Dash, however, enjoyed the holiday and one Nightmare Night wanted her mate, Fluttershy, to enjoy it as well. And with some convincing she was able to get Fluttershy to agree to go with her for some Nightmare Night fun. The only catch was that Rainbow Dash had to make sure the poor fragile pony wouldn't get spooked. A job only made harder by some weird behaviour around the town..

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to New Parents

As Scootaloo gets everything ready for Nightmare Night festivities, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash sit their 5 year old Granddaughter Sparky down and tells her the story of their first Nightmare Night together as a family.

Made for theFlutterDash Nightmare Night Contest.

Chapters (1)