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Fevers, hoarding, and throwing up the strongest acid any toilet has ever seen. These seemingly innocuous symptoms (okay, maybe not so much the last one) are the telltale signs that Twilight Velvet recognizes as part of the family medical history. There was a strange branch of the family tree that had been handled discreetly. But the time for such discretion is over, Twilight’s symptoms aren’t responding to the usual treatment. It’s time to explore that branch, learn from it and bring her life back to a new normal.

This is the story of Twilight and her secret dragon heritage.

Amazing! Cover Art By: Anonpencil

Chapters (6)

Melody Swiftsong is a unicorn filly living peacefully in Manehattan with her brother. She had everything she could have asked for in her life: a loving brother, a comfortable life, a house to live in and education. Despite having some strange hobbies and tastes, Melody believes she's the most fortunate of ponies.

Over the course of a single day, life teaches her that fate can be cruel. Her entire life is turned upside down, and she loses everything she loved and cherished before. Now she has to deal with feeling like a stranger in a world that does not seem to want her, yet she still persists to be a part of it.

(Disclaimer: Although I don't believe it warrants the sad tag, this story is undoubtedly riddled with sad moments at various points of the story.)

Special thanks to Benny for editing this story so far! Be sure to check him out! [This stopped as of Chapter 3 or 4 since my hiatus caused us to lose contact. Check him out nonetheless, he's pretty nice!]

Chapters (26)

For the Heartstrings family, Saint Paddy Wagon's Day is the most celebrated day of the year. They have long believed that the luck of the Neighlish flows through their veins, and that on Saint Paddy's Day anything is possible.

This year, Lyra decides to put that luck to the test.

Her target: local candy maker and longtime mare of her dreams.

Her tools: the indisputable luck this day will bring her and only the finest, corniest, holiday-appropriate, and most-guaranteed-to-woo pick-up lines around.

Bon Bon doesn't stand a chance.

Preread by Fahrenheit and Carabutt
Edited by auramane and Jondor
Cover by the amazingly talented Rossby Waves

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia finally has enough of the selfish Prince, but everypony has a story. Can an unlikely special somepony bring out the best in Blueblood? Some flavors clash. Some flavors mingle. Does a bit of sweetness make up for a lifetime of sour?

The lives of the pampered prince and the brash and brawny baker become intertwined thanks to Blueblood's uncanny abilities. Can this donut-doling darling deal with the prideful, persnickety Prince?

(I promise there isn't a ton of Alliteration in the story)

Chapters (36)

Snowy Haze is a courier pegasus in the great city of Canterlot. Follow the book loving mare on something as mundane, yet interesting as a standard work day. It's something everypony has to go through eventually and today we glimpse into a work day of a pegasus.

sequel to A book for a Pegasus
Artwork by the talented: Pusspuss
Set in the Quil and Blade universe by Anzel and Crystal Wishes
Edited by: ABronyAnonymous

Chapters (1)

Snowy Haze is a pegasus living in the grand city of Canterlot and one of it's many pegasi in the courier business, in her free time however she enjoys reading a lot and simply loves all the romance novels written by her favorite author C.W Step will she find the courage to go to the convention where said author reveals her newest novel though?

prequel here: The Origins of a Pegasus
sequel here: A Work Day of a Pegasus

Set in the Quil and Blade universe by Crystal Wishes and Anzel
Art by the highly talented, Pusspuss
Edited by: Tev

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Life Could Be A Dream

After a whirlwind tour and a speed-run wedding, Life is looking for the brakes before things really hit the skids. His family ties are put to the test as Life faces challenges he never thought he'd see, let alone live through. Can he make it out unscathed? Or will he lose something along the way?

Previous completed stories in this series include Isn't She Lovely? and Life Could Be A Dream. Life Could Be A Dream is strongly recommended, although not required.

Chapters (28)