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  • My fault 15 stories These stories are my fault in some way. I accept responsibilty, and will face the consequences for my actions.
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  • My fault 15 stories These stories are my fault in some way. I accept responsibilty, and will face the consequences for my actions.


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This story is a sequel to ...But It Often Rhymes

The year she's spent with Cheerilee has been the best of Sunset's life. So when she receives a secret love letter from a not-so-secret admirer, she figures it's just a small bump in the road. She doesn't know it's all about to end.

But Cheerilee knows. She's always known.

Second place in Oroboro's 2018 Sunset Shipping Contest

Pre-reading services provided by DannyJ, Dubs Rewatcher, Majin Syeekoh, and AndrewRogue. Cover art by SciSetDaily.

Chapters (4)

When Flash Sentry got into Fillydelphia State, nobody was more surprised than him. He never counted on having a future. Now that it's in front of him, he can't wait to see what the world outside of Canterville has in store.

If only he can figure out how to break the news to Sunset.

A prequel to ...But It Often Rhymes.

Fourth place in Oroboro's 2019 Sunset Shipping Contest. Edited by Dubs Rewatcher and DannyJ.

Cover art by Blynxee

Chapters (5)

A wave of suicides sweeps through Canterville. Sunset and the girls can't stop it.

But maybe Wallflower Blush can. She just needs someone to show her how.

A crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Edited by DannyJ and Dubs Rewatcher. Cover art by Scampy.

With acknowledgement to Morning Sun, my resident Madoka Magica loremaster.

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Entry #649

I can't believe she's back, after all this time.

But will she forgive me for what I've done?

Either way, I see she's brought a gift...

These are the final pages of the diary of Fluttershy, collected from her home and from the waters of the pond by her retreat. We hope she returns to us soon.

Chapters (48)

A History of Cooking

An Extremely Irreverent Tale

In which Princess Celestia picks up an important life skill

and then some other things happen

Chapters (1)

Cadance asks Luna what Flurry Heart dreams about.

Luna tells Cadance what she wants to hear.

Gold medalist in the December 2018 Write-Off, for the prompt "And at the End, You Shall Remain Alone"

Chapters (1)

Daring Do solicits Rainbow Dash's assistance for her most dangerous adventure yet.

She needs a date to a nerd party.

Pre-reading services provided by Danny "Editor Man" J, Oro "Eat This Entire Fist" Boro, and Dubs "Hugmuffin" Rewatcher. Cover art by wandrevieira1994, used without permission.

Chapters (4)

Twilight receives an urgent message from Sunset Shimmer, a vague cry for help against an unnamed threat. She races to the rescue without question or hesitation, and arrives to find a floating eyeball from beyond the bounds of corporeal reality taking up residence in her kitchen. Is it evil? Malicious? A threat to life as we know it?

...Maybe? It's creepy as heck, either way, and it's wreaking havoc on Sunset's social life, so it's gotta go.

Silver medalist in the Writeoff Association's December 2016 contest, written for the prompt "Has That Always Been There?" Inspired by this tweet. Cover art by illictic, used with permission.

Edited by DannyJ.

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Solid Snake has devoted his young life to the study and practice of tactical espionage. When word reaches him that students at Crystal Prep are planning to seize control of Metal Gear, he transfers immediately from Shadow Moses High, and leaps (or crawls, rather) into action. The mission will be a dangerous one, demanding all of his skill and cunning... but at least he isn't in it alone.

Originally an April Fools Day chapter of Pony Gear Solid, this story has been revised and broken up into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces for your pleasure, with all DLC packs and full VR support. MB coins available for purchase on PoshStation Network!

Co-written with DannyJ.

Chapters (5)

Metal Gear has fallen into the hooves of an Equestrian revolutionary, who, with the backing of his human mercenary allies, intends to use it to depose Celestia and crown himself ruler. Having crossed into Equestria in pursuit of this rogue weapon, the legendary Solid Snake must ally with the residents of Ponyville to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

See also Equestria Gear Solid, the hilarious spin-off EQG parody in which everything you know is wrong, and every single character from the story is an awful caricature of themselves.

Now with its own TVtropes page!

Chapters (22)