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Ponyville has a problem: Twilight's friends all switched Cutie Marks, and the musical numbers are flying thick and fast.
Lyra has a problem: She can't handle the way musical numbers get into your head and take you over.
Bon Bon has a problem with that.

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Reviews and other word-of-mouth:
"I just can't find words for how much I enjoy the ideas on display here. … I didn't expect to be rating something this highly, this quickly." –Bradel
"The Lotus Eaters was the story that made me realize horizon wasn't just good, he was really good. Then Fugue State showed me he was really good repeatedly." –Bad Horse
"This story is weird, and I mean that in a good way. … [Horizon] thought about how ponies might react if [musical numbers] were a constant in Equestrian life." –Chris

Fugue State now has a sequel!

Chapters (3)

The Multiverse. It is a strange place in which there are worlds where things taste like purple and two plus two equals fish and if you divide that by three you get salmon... truly a weird place.

My memory is awful, but after moving around so much in the Multiverse, I had thought I had pretty much done it all.

At least, I thought I had. You see, the Multiverse is like that. It will lull you into a false sense of security, make you think you know what to expect and BAM! You’re a black kitten in a world full of ponies that are every color of the rainbow and the pet of a baby dragon...

Honestly though, this isn’t even on the top ten of the weirdest lives I’ve ever lead... I think.


Cover art was found on google, who ever made it is amazing and completely deserves all the credit. That person is not me, this is that person.

Chapters (35)

Silver Spoon wanted nothing more than a summer spent shopping and hanging out with her best friend. Except when she finds out Diamond Tiara went on vacation for the entire summer, and her dad forces her to run his summer lodge by Swan Lake, Silver Spoon knows this will be the worst summer ever. Especially when she finds out who her first customers are.

What's worse is after a canoeing mishap, Silver Spoon finders herself drawn to a certain crusader.

Can she resist Sweetie Belle's charms?

Edited by: Elric of Melnipony
Proofread by: RaylanKrios

For contodaslasganas who was promised a Spoon fic a long time ago.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Yearbook January

Part Two of the Yearbook

Fluttershy has been in the frozen northern lands of Arctica for less than a week, and has already run into trouble. She's found something of a curiosity—something she cannot place or name, something that does not seem dangerous, but sends her into unease nonetheless.

With an almighty blizzard bearing down on her, Fluttershy does her best to make sense of what's happening in the cold north....

Chapters (2)

Discord has watched Twilight from afar for as long as he has known her, and now he has written a letter in order to describe how he honestly feels about his one true love.

Chapters (1)

After a rather odd storm over the Everfree, Twilight and her friends are sent to look for a castle that apparently fell right out of the sky. But finding it will not be the problem; the challenge comes from dealing with the inhabitants. It might have been better if they had never gone looking in the first place...

Now in its native language thanks to System!

Chapters (2)

The rewrite of this story can be found here.

Under the bleak sky of a post-industrial Canterlot, a young mare named Neverwas ekes out a living through her knack for hacking computers. Her day-to-day existence is turned on its head, however, when she becomes entangled in a hidden war between the government and the megacorporations vying for control of the city.
In a world where cybernetics and genetic engineering, computerized dark magic and reality-altering conspiracies have long since displaced sunshine and rainbows, can one little pony hold onto her own life—and her own existence?

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Thanks to TheOmegaRidley and Piecee01 for their amazing artwork!

Chapters (3)

Inspired by the track 'She's a Glitch' by TeiThePony on Youtube, which is a remix of 'She's a Pony' by General Mumble (Poowis), which is in turn a cover of 'She's a Pirate'.

Twilight visits Sugar Cube Corner to make an order, but gets more than she bargained for when Pinkie Pie bursts out of the basement and is acting very strange... Well, stranger than usual. Not only that, but the Cakes are hiding something. What's with Carrot's Labcoat? What's with the lack of subtlety in Pinkie defiance of physics? And who does Soarin really love?

My first shot at a One-Shot... hehe. In preparation for the epic one. Also, one of my pre-readers suggested the dark tag due to... well, you'll see. Tell me if you think otherwise.

Chapters (1)

Theater Critic, an online movie reviewer, finds a portal and goes inside. There, he finds out he is the Seventh Element of Harmony, the Element of time! With the help of his friends, Babs seed, plus the mane 6, they try to get Wind to fit in!

A classic bad story that will be riffed in the future...

Chapters (6)

Emotions really depend on double coincidence of wants.

Chapters (2)
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