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Inspired by the track 'She's a Glitch' by TeiThePony on Youtube, which is a remix of 'She's a Pony' by General Mumble (Poowis), which is in turn a cover of 'She's a Pirate'.

Twilight visits Sugar Cube Corner to make an order, but gets more than she bargained for when Pinkie Pie bursts out of the basement and is acting very strange... Well, stranger than usual. Not only that, but the Cakes are hiding something. What's with Carrot's Labcoat? What's with the lack of subtlety in Pinkie defiance of physics? And who does Soarin really love?

My first shot at a One-Shot... hehe. In preparation for the epic one. Also, one of my pre-readers suggested the dark tag due to... well, you'll see. Tell me if you think otherwise.

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Green coated pony...I see what you did there. :ajsmug:

1392297 holy shit, who's that pony?

1392326 So it is! Whaddya know... how'd she get in there?

1392367 So... when'd ya figure it out?

The moment you described her.

1393045 ¬_¬
eheh :twilightblush:

What? Nothing to be ashamed of.

1393172 not ashamed, just... forgot what i felt now... anyway, I've been talking to a couple of the proof readers, and they think I should carry it on. It will be a follow on fic, with possibly more serious undertones. They'll be Flutterling and how she happened, "Rainbow FLASH, Saviour of the Universe!", "Rarity ain't so Rare", "Sweetie Belle Girl Genius", "Older than the Land" and more.

Pretty funny:ajsmug:

1654432 my best comedy is character abuse

1. The ending was awesome
2. I've seen that style before. Did you get you profile pic drawn by AkuOreo on DeviantART?

2818722 thanks, and yes

So, does this make Mr. Cake The Doctor instead of Time Turner?

Pinkie Bot and Flutterling... *snrk*! I'm going to have to remember those for headcanon.

3550210 I know this is a rather late response, but have you possibly read the sequel yet?

First, let me say that I LOVE this story. No grammar mistakes, a great storyline, and a good explanation of Pinkie's... Pinkieness.

I don't really find this as dark, but I have a very bad sense of that kind of thing. I find it more... Random.

Yeah. Random. That's a good word.

5258932 well, the sequel certainly gets dark.

I literally saw none of that coming :rainbowlaugh:

“Poor mare…” Carrot continued to mumble the rest of whatever it was he had to say. All the apples Applejack had left were now ruined. Twilight wanted to help clear up, but Pinkie was becoming more and more in need of restraint. In fact, she might need Applejack’s ranch skills.


Well this happened.

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