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Princess Cadance noticed how lonely Princess Celestia seemed on Hearts and Hooves Day.

She decided to send a small love spell her way, as motivation to help her find a special somepony, even if it's just for a day.

Cadance immediately regretted it upon finding out who it was.

Special thanks to Mickeymonster for allowing me to use the cover image!

Edit: Mickeymonster has made a colored version of the cover image! Original image: http://fav.me/d4mozkh

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to When The Wind Changes

When somepony loses their nature and their element which makes them special, how far can one go to reobtain what was lost?

Discord was once a feared creature, only spoken of in whispers but now he's in the public eye as a father. But through changes, he realizes what was lost and is desperate to be found in time. But will he have enough time?

Sequel to When The Wind Changes. I strongly suggest that you read it before this one. Spoilers of both the stories can be in the comments.

Chapters (16)

The Tears of Gaia. An artifact of unmeasurable magical power from the Ancient Days, when the Others ruled the land. If found, they would be the discovery of the century!
At least, those are Twilight Sparkle's thoughts. But something is stirring in lands to the south. Soon she will find that she and her friends are not the only ones who are after the legendary Tears. And so what starts as a simple research trip is soon to escalate into the greatest journey of the young ponies' lives, filled with new friends and foes, incredible danger and great adventure!

EqD featured- 21/09/2012
Now with its own TVTropes page right here!

NOTE: While I do appreciate all comments I get on this story, I would personally prefer if they could say a little more than the typical "Awesome chapter, I love it!" or whatever. What do you love about it? What struck you in this chapter? What would you like to see explored or expanded? Are there things you don't think are working and if so, how could they improve?? I have a pretty determined vision for this story, but it wouldn't hurt to know for the future!

Chapters (28)

After the War of the Ring and the return of peace to Middle-earth, Gandalf the White departs for Equestria to visit two old friends of his; specifically, a certain pair of alicorn sisters.

Yet he does not foresee that Equestria, like ponykind, has changed with the years since his previous visit, and so he is quite unprepared for what lies ahead. Can the Wizard endure the trials that this new journey will bring? Surely, but only if he makes a few more friends along the way.

Six more, to be exact.

Written with a heavily Tolkien-influenced style, which has been sampled by:


Countless thanks for your help, guys!

(Originally posted on 8/21/12 on FIMfiction. This is written by an author that has only seen the films and has yet to finish the books, so there may be slight discrepancies.)

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On her way to Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash slams headfirst into a malfunctioning storm that grounds her hard. If that wasn't bad enough, the only help for miles comes in the form of a traveling boasting magician and her cart. But when this storm gone wrong turns out to be something more mischievous, these two find themselves in a strange new Equestria of finely dressed ponies and lavish inventions. And now, they need to find a way home, hopefully without strangling each other in the process.

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After GLaDOS is uploaded into a potato battery, Wheatley humiliates the AI even further by uploading her into a project that was abandoned by Aperture a long time ago. In the blink of an eye, she finds herself in a deformed body of flesh and bone that resembles an equine, and is just as powerless as one too. It comes with all of its needs and bodily functions as well. To make matters worse, she's trapped in a land full of insufferable creatures that just want to make 'friends.' Will GLaDOS' cold, sadistic sense of humor and morals get the better of the ponies? Or will they peel away the once artificial being's metallic shell and find that there's a softer side? Probably not, but it's worth a try.

Story Theme: Tyler Bates - I Love You (Watchmen OST)

Thanks to Meeester, MrJoshy, and funkyferret for proofreading/reviewing.

Cover by Fedte16.

Chapters (16)

There was only one explanation. For all of it. All of the strange, erratic behavior. Her irrational fear of the sun. Her nocturnal habits of locking herself in in the dark and closing all the blinds. Wearing her sunglasses everywhere, even inside! It was time to invest in some silver, garlic, and a wooden stake.

Chapters (25)