An Ancient First Love Returns

by Wasabi-beans

Heart's Warming Eve Part 2

Author's note: 1. there are two hyperlinks that're important when reading, you'll know it when you read it. 2. I feel like I'm writing an indie dramedy, weird... 3. The apex I mentioned is the second hyperlink. 4. I am not Plucky, capiche?

Celestia and Discord did not in fact teleport far away.

A golden light shone and popped in the Wonderbolts public locker room.

Celestia used her neck to nudge him and herself into a rather small shower area, meant only for normal sized pegasi. It didn't help that they stunk of cake and had plenty of it stuck on them.

"Well, this is uncomfortably cosy," muttered Discord with a blush, "Move your mane, it's waving on my snout,"

"I'll let the ice cold water do that for us," she said with a giggle.

"Ice- wai-" Celestia turned the cold faucet at full blast, "YAAAAAUGGHHH!!"

They both got out of the shower sparkling clean, if not a bit shocked by the cold.

"Was that really necessary, Celestia?" Discord exclaimed, handing Celestia a towel as he turned his claw hand into a blow dryer to warm himself up.

"Having my coltfriend looking like some Creature from the Sugar Lagoon would hardly be fitting," she confidently answered, wiping herself dry.

As Discord combed his fur down, Celestia's horn glowed and covered her body in an aura that shrunk her down until she was a regular sized white unicorn with wavy pink mane and tail.The sun cutie mark remained.

"And what is this about?" asked Discord incredulously.

"If I am to show you around town Discord, you'll need a disguise as well," said Celestia, "Otherwise, the whole of Equestria will be on your head,"

"Alright, fair enough, Celestia," he reasoned, and cast his own spell as well. The aura did engulf him, but his face was strained, began to sweat, and finally gave up.

"It's no use!' he wailed, "My powers aren't strong enough to transform!"

Celestia approached and nuzzled him on his stomach. "I'll help you, Discord," she said sweetly.

But he sighed and looked away in guilt. The both know full well what will happen if they do get together again.

She jumped up and smacked him on his head.

"Ow!" yelped Discord, "What was that for!?"

"Now, Discord, this is the first time we're going out to town in pretty much forever," she said sternly, and placed a gentle hoof on his chest, "C'mon, give me that famous smile of yours,"

Her gentleness surprised him, but he did smile, and tried his magic again, with Celestia assisting.

And he turned into a lanky brown Unicorn, with messy brown mane and tail, a deliberate contrast to his hodgepodge form. He looked behind on his flank: nothing.

"That's right," he said, "I am my cutie mark,"

"What did I say, Discord?" she reminded him matronly.

He looked at her with a smirked, and smiled a toothy, razor-sharp grin with a single long fang that he left on, that made Celestia giggle a little.

They popped out of a costume store with cutie mark stickers: a pink candy for Celestia, and to play up the irony a bit, a pair of clown shoes for Discord.

Discord was impressed at how modern and beautiful the Canterlot Streets were at night: well-lit, beautiful architecture and a still bustling night crowd, something he was sure would please Luna.

"So where are we going exactly, Tia?" he asked as he trotted with her uptown, the streets became busier with neon lights and a weird thumping noise increasing in volume.

"Are you familiar with the concept of nightclubs, Dissy?' asked Celestia, opting to use nicknames to keep a down-low.

"Like a carnival after-dark?" he offered.

"More like a dance club at night, in the dark. Luna loves it," she explained and finally stopped before an especially large and gaudy looking structure, "Here we are! Firefly and Co! i heard DJ PON-3 is really good!"

Celestia was half right: the strobe lights and heavy beats and all the ponies in some form of trance dancing their flanks away.

"What kind of music is this!?" yelled Discord over the heavily distorted clashes of sound and arrhythmic madness.

"It's dubtrot!" yelled Celestia, "You like it!?"

"I love it!!"

"The dance floor is in the center and the juice bar is on the right!" yelled Celestia, "But I'm pretty sure you know what I wanna' do!"

"Sip prune juice!?" yelled Discord, and he got a kick on the ribs for his mouth.

"Just follow me, you lizard!" as she dragged him right down into the dance floor.

"Wait! How do we dance!?"

"You don't!!"

"...I LOVE IT!!"

After quite awhile of non-dancing, the two did made their way to the juice bar to cool down. Celestia ordered a Cherry Mary and Discord a vanilla milkshake.

"There is a reason why I brought you to this place, you know, besides to unwind," she said.

"And what, pray tell, is that?" he implored.

"Come with me,"

And Discord followed Celestia right up to DJ PON-3's booth, who was busy keeping the beat up and jiggy-fly with it, yo.

She waved a hoof right in front of DJ PON-3's face, and she turned around with a smile.

"Wazuuup ma' partay' ponies!!" hollered DJ PON-3 with gusto, "Anything I could do for you..."

"Special someponies!"

"A pair of special someponies post Hearts and Hooves Day! Gutsy, I like that!" she yelled, "So what'll it be? Slow jam? Classical remix?"

And she shoved her snout right on to Celestia's, much to her surprise, "And don't you dare say Golden Oldie,"

"Actually, DJ, I was wondering if your other two DJ friends were with you tonight, you know, DJ Eurobeat and DJ Tombstone? I want that song to be played,"

"Nice choice, girl!" she said, giving her a high hoof. And she yelled at a table with two stallions on it, "HEY! EURO!! TOMBSTONE!! SPECIAL REQUEST!! GET YOUR FLANKS HERE NOW!!!"

And Celestia and Discord made their way to the dance-floor again. "What song did you ask them to play?"

"Oh, you'll know soon enough," she said with wagging eyebrows.

The current song stopped, and a simple, unassuming beat came up, with the lyrics, "I'm not a fan of puppeteers but I've a nagging fear/ someone else is pulling at the strings..."

The crowd actually went wild and danced even harder, leaving Discord confused if excited as well, "I don't get it-"

"-just wait a bit!" yelled Celestia.

And he heard the chorus:
Discord, I'm howlin' at the moon
And sleepin' in the middle of a summer afternoon
Discord, whatever did we do
To make you take our world away?

He stood stunned, as the crowd bounced away.He looked at Celestia's eyes, reflecting the strobes around, and shook his head with disbelief. He pecked her a quick one on the forehead and danced the night away as well.

Celestia and Discord were finally out of Firefly and Co, on the now deserted streets of Canterlot.

And Discord couldn't stop humming the tune of his namesake, "Discord, I'm howlin' at the moon, and sleepin' in the middle of a summer afternoon, Discord, whatever did we do, to make you take our world away...!"

"Oh Dissy! I showed you that song so you could have some fun, not inflate your already enormous ego!" giggled Celestia.

"But my darling Tia, I can't help it, I am a meme personified!" he boasted, "But in all seriousness, what's a bunch of musicians doing singing about me, someone who tried to take over Canterlot?"

"Well, there was some controversy of course, but honestly, they sang about you because the idea of you was too good of a chance to pass up in song," explained Celestia, "Because the idea of Discord can be fun and not harmful, get it?"

"Pfft, such a little miss perfect you are!" teased Discord as he happily cantered.

Celestia let that one slide with a smile, and stopped. "Here we are, Donut Joe's! Canterlot's best late night donut joint!"

They entered it, only to freeze in shock at the sight of a nearby table, that thankfully, did not notice them: Luna, Cadance and Twilight and a mountain of donuts.

"DONUT JOE!! WE WISH TO PURCHASE MORE DONUTS! EXTRA SPRINKLES!" commanded a miserable-looking Luna, who slammed on the table, rattling the entire shop.

"Y-y-yes, your highness!" complied an unusually terrified Donut Joe as he brought out another large tray of donuts.

"Thank you, Joe," said Twilight who turned to Joe, "Princess, you should really lay off the donuts. Princess and Celestia were only teasing! I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it,"

"It matters not what they say, but what happened can never be erased," moaned Luna, who gave a heavy sigh, Celestia and Discord hid on the other side of the counter where they can't be seen but can still hear hear them.

"Mandolini was such a good friend, always there to calm me down when I caused another lightning storm, playing that wonderful music of his. All I could think of him was merely a harp that calmed the angry giant that was me. After that day, he never wanted to see me again,"


"Bella Luna?' asked Cadance.

"The old Equestrian song for the Night Guards,' said Twilight.

"Ah, well, all things considered, Luna," said Cadance, "That's all in the past, look at Celestia and Discord! You could find a new special somepony!"

"No one wants me," whined Luna darkly, and wailed with her hooves on her forehead, "BY CELESTIA'S RIDICULOUS MANE, HIS CUTIE MARK WAS A PAIR OF HEARTS AND I TORE IT TO PIECES!!"

"Luna, come on! Don't be like-"

A hoof came up to Cadance's face and Luna dove into the donuts yet again.

And Donut Joe crept out his counter and approached Celestia and Discord who were eavesdropping all the way.

"Hey Prin-" before Joe could say '-cess', Celestia shushed him.

Discord turned to her, "He knows who you are?"

Celestia looked rather sheepish, "Let's just say I had to drop in incognito here from time to time to keep an eye on Luna in one of her favorite haunts. Joe here is simply sharp-eyed. Joe, this is my coltfriend, Distort,"

Discord gave her an annoyed look, but Donut Joe looked at him, impressed. "Great dunkin' donuts!" he commented.

He spat on his hoof and placed it out for Discord to shake, "Put 'er there! You look a little skinny but any stallion that could snag this lovely lady here has my utmost respect!"

And Discord almost cringed, but weathered it and shook the slimy hoof.

He turned to Celestia again, "Prin- I mean, Ma'am, what's up with the Night Princess this time, sounds like she's got the Heart and Hooves Blues,"

"My coltfriend and I teased her about an old flame of her, The Great Mandolini, but the two of us may have taken it too far,"

"Oh, so she wasn't talking about my cousin, whew!" said Joe with relief.

"You have a cousin named Mandolini?" said Celestia, surprised.

"A cousin named Mando-Stein!" said Joe, "And yeah, Mando's even got a mandolin cutie mark! He's one of those independent musicians, not well known but does gigs all around town, so he does okay,"

"Does he, by any sliver of a chance, have a special somepony himself?" asked Discord.

"No, why'd ya'..." and Joe realized, "Oh... I get it! His parents sure would like him to settle down, not sure if being a Princess's squeeze counts as settling down, either way! Bit of a softy, but a nice guy! What's your plan?'

"Discord, you're putting on your scheming face again," Celestia said disapprovingly. The scheming face referred to Discord's eyes rolled up with a toothy grin to boot.

'I have a cunning plan. About time I did something nice for Luna, anyways,"

Luna was literally completely covered under a mountain of donuts and refused to come out. You could still hear her munching on them.

Cadance and Twilight could only stare in frustration. But something caught their attention from the diner's entrance.

It was a white pony with a vaguely familiar pink mane and tail gesturing them with her hoof a pulling motion, as if to follow her.

Cadance and Twilight looked at each other with confusion. Celestia sighed, peeled a little of the sticker back to reveal her royal mark. This perked them up a lot and they followed suit.

Leaving Luna, alone.

'Distort', with no sound from his steps or breath, levitated a vase and candle-stick onto the table's center, and fresh utensils for the opposite side of the table. He left Luna and one chair alone.

His horn then magicked the lights down, and only the candlestick illuminated warmly.

Out from the backdoor came Donut Joe and a yellow Earth Pony with a scruffy orange mane and tail, wearing a black fedora. And a mandolin cutie mark.

"Are you sure this mare even wants to see me, Joe? You're not even telling me her name," whispered Mando with uncertainty.

"You'll like her, she's exactly your type and all that," Joe said as he shoved his cousin out of the counter, "You're only young once you know!"

"Okay, that's a mound of donuts, Joe," he said sharply, "Have you been inhaling the sugar or something?"

And he turned, but it wasn't before his eyes Donut Joe, but a tall unicorn with an unnervingly razor-fanged grin.

Before he could scream, Discord shoved his hoof into his mouth to shut him up. "Can't have your date hearing you scream like a little filly, can we?' he whispered to Mando.

"Now, she likes the nightlife, astronomy, symphonic metal, wanton destruction, and mandolin music, -yes, I am on the nose here- and especially a stallion that's understanding," he explained quickly, and removed his hoof.

"Who... who are you? Is this one of Joe's lame pranks?" Mando accused.

"Tch! Hardly. Look, I know her first impressions looks, well, pathetic," his horn gestured at the donut mountain, "But she'll be a fun date, that I can assure you,"

Mando still looked at him funny, "Who are you?"

"Well, I'm..." he really didn't want to say his true name, or even 'Distort', so he persuaded even further, "She's my sister, and she's had a rough night, okay? Give her a chance, c'mon,"

Mando still stared at him funny, but said, "Well, if Joe thinks she and I are a match..."

And Mando walked to the table and took his seat.

Discord walked up to the mound, gave an acknowledging nod and Mando nodded back. And Discord levitated the donut hill up, revealing a miserable-looking Luna whose muzzled was caked with icing.

She jolted straight up when she realized a stallion was sitting opposite of her.


Mando's reaction was more extreme.

"BY CELESTIA'S MANE, PRINCESS LUNA!!" he screamed, limbs flying everywhere.


"I mean... by your mane, heh-heh?" Mando sheepishly corrected.

"Ah, Luna, my little sister, glad to see you're awake!" exclaimed Discord as he used a napkin to wipe her muzzle clean, "He's a musician, plays the mandolin, nice colt, you'll like him, have fun on your date, bye!!"

And he leaped into air, and the very moment he took off the transformation spell cast on him, he flew out quick as lightning.

Luna looked at the direction where Discord left, and back at an equally stunned Mando, back again, and repeated two more times.

Until she finally said in confusion, "Date?"

Mando gulped a deep one, but from the corner of his eye, he saw Discord and Princess Celestia herself, in full form, giving him two big winks.

And he took the winks in.

"Hi there Princess," Mando chirped, "My name is Mando, and yeah, apparently, I'm your date for tonight!"

Luna looked at him with a quizzical tilt, but her frown slowly turned into a smile and she produced a light blush.

Discord and Celestia looked on a little longer from out the window, and were glad to see Luna being her usual boisterous, rowdy self again. Judging by her dramatic hoof gestures, she was describing some adventure she was in. Mando looked bewildered still, but clearly enjoyed her company.

"That was a very sweet thing you did, Discord," said Celestia.

"Well, I figured if I'm going to be around, I might as well get Luna on my good books," he said with a shrug.

"And if my ears did not betray me, you actually said that she's your 'little sister'?" she said smugly, which caused Discord to to look away with a "Humph!"

"I know her almost as long as you do!" he replied sharply, "You can't be her wingmare all the time! ...say, that time when we argued in your room..."

"Discord, why are you bringing that up?" she questioned.

"What was that big book that was by your side, looked liked a photo album, seemed you wanted to show me something from it,"

"It is a photo album, a photo album of my most cherished memories, I... well, I wanted to show it to you some silly things from it, such as anything to do with Twilight, or some of Luna's recent shenanigans-"

"Show me all of it,"

"All of it?"

"All of it,"

Back in Celestia's room, the fire warmly roared again.

Celestia and Discord laid before the huge album, with a soft blanket snuggling them close.

Celestia flipped the first page to show a series of photos of Celestia and Luna sitting on their thrones, looking majestic and regal.

"Photography was only invented after you had been turned to stone," explained Celestia, "And the first picture taken was myself and Luna,"

"Bah! Pictures of you looking majestic, it doesn't show the real you," Discord chided, "Come on, let's see the juicier stuff!"

"Are you sure, they do involve family you know," she said, "I wouldn't want you to get jealous,"

"Tia, what am I if not part dragon?" he said confidently.

"You mean being greedy and possessive?"

"Very funny, just turn the page!"

And Celestia skipped ahead a little, to a page that contained a family photo.

"This, Discord, was my first family," she said, pointing to a photo of herself, a shy-looking unicorn in a rather raggedy hood and cloak, and two foals.

"That stallion, that hood, he looks familiar, wait... no... NO!"

"That's right, Discord, That's Professor Clover the Clever's son, Plucky. My first husband,'

"WIMPY PLUCKY MARRIED YOU!!?" cried Discord in shock, "But he's so pansy that he makes Commander Pansy look like ole' Commander Hurricane! How did... what did... you're such a teacher's pet that you married the son of a teacher!"

Celestia giggled, "I knew you'd be jealous,"

"Just explain yourself,"

"Alright, alright. We got together shortly after you got turned to stone. I honestly was emotionally drained, rebuilding Equestria again, helping with ponies, and... feeling betrayed, by you,"

Discord bit his lip in guilt.

"And Plucky, bless his heart, became one of the clerks directly under me. And he became a good friend and emotional support. And one thing led to another, and we fell in love,"

"I couldn't even pick on Wimpy Plucky as there's no fun out of it! He's so shy, and plain, and untalented-"

"And emphatic, sweet and nurturing. Basically everything you weren't at the time," said Celestia. Discord rubbed his temples.

"Alright, moving on, moving on!" he whined, "What's the next important memory of yours that I missed out?"

"His funeral,"


Celestia flipped the pages and landed on some photographs depicting a wake. Pictures of a beautiful graveyard, and an open casket with a very elderly Plucky looking like he fell asleep.

One photo caught Discord's eye, where Celestia was by the casket, alongside whom apparently were her children. Luna was also near the casket, but looked away from the camera. Celestia's face was covered by a veil, and one hoof, but Discord could see her pained expression all too well.

"It was from thereon that I realized I would have to live life knowing that my body was different from others," she said sagely.

"How did... how did Plucky pass on?" asked Discord, almost fearfully.

"Old age," she simply replied.

"Let's move on,"

More pages turned, and the pages that were before him shivered Discord's spine.

There was a photo of Nightmare Moon in combat with Celestia.

Another photo of Celestia screaming, or rather, begging at Nightmare Moon as she destroyed a castle minaret.

Another one had Celestia blasting Nightmare Moon with what seemed to be the Elements of Harmony.

And the final photo had Celestia crying her eyes out at the sight of a moon that now bore the silhouette of a pony.

"Of course this would be in here," Discord remarked grimly, and held Celestia closer, "What happened, Tia?"

"In a word: loneliness. My sister barely saw anypony at night, including myself. And she obsessed with her night more and more, even I wasn't aware as to how far she's gone," Celestia explained, "Some... magic happened, inflicted upon her, and turned her into Nightmare Moon.

"The months after were the darkest periods of my life. Losing you was horrible, losing Plucky was terrible, but my own sister-" Celestia burst into tears.

"It was that time I truly felt like a failure," she said through her sobs.

"Tia, please don't..." said Discord, who conjured a hankie and wiped her tears away. He hugged her close and Celestia embraced back.

"We can stop if you like, I have seen enough," he said.

"No," she said to him, "I need to confront this, and you have every right to see all this, if we are to be together,"

She turned the pages again, and it was a picture of Celestia holding up an adorable, pudgy purple filly and a purple baby dragon, suckling on his tail.

"Twilight Sparkle and the hatchling?" said Discord.

Celestia nodded, "She hatched Spike via the power of magic alone, and that's how she became my personal student,"

"Wait, wait, now hold on just a minute!" he exclaimed, "Mass teleportation I can believe, wielding the Element of Magic, sure, but you are telling me, she hatched one of the most magically immune things in all of history, when she was a filly!?"

"Twilight Sparkle, is very, very special," she beamed.

Discord flipped the pages forward, and all of it were pictures of filly Twilight and baby Spike doing normal everyday things, such as reading, feeding Spike, taking naps and more reading.

"What can I say?" said Celestia proudly, "She's my dearest student,"

"Huh, practically a daughter," he said coolly.

Celestia gave a long sigh and looked almost sad, "In a way, I want her to be. She is very dear to my heart, but I must see her as a student. The journey that lies ahead of her... it's best that way,"

She magicked the pages forward, and the photos showed, to Discord's surprise, a teenage Luna, looking rather shy.

"Was this taken here, in your room?" asked Discord.

"Yes, Discord. This is Luna, returned to Equestria once again, thanks to Twilight Sparkle and her friends. I personally took photos of her when she returned. She was in a weakened state when she returned, but look!"

She flipped to the next page, and Luna looked as how Discord remembered her, even the photos where she placed the guards she was obviously training in excruciating locks and powerful slams.

"Showing the new guard ways of the old I presume?" Discord smirked.

Celestia flipped to the next page, and it was a photo of an entire regiment lying on the floor with ice packs all around their bruised bodies, whilst Luna looked at them disappointingly.

"Ha ha! That's our Luna!" chuckled Discord. Before Celestia could flip the pages, Discord closed the book.

"You don't wish to see anymore?' asked Celestia.

"Perhaps in another time, but now," he held her close, and cupped her beautiful face, "I need to do something that I should've done eons ago: I am going to teach you how to kiss,"

Celestia instantly blushed and pushed him in offense, "Discord! Don't be a colt!"

"I am serious! I want to teach you how to kiss!"

"I kiss fine!"

"You mean you turn into a black hole just fine," he remarked, and Celestia turned away in a huff.

"Tia, why is it that when you kiss, you lunge, you suck, you constrict as if your life depended on it?"

Celestia shifted uncomfortably, almost embarrassed by her answer, 'A kiss, especially with a special somepony should be special. One should give it your all when expressing love in it most purest,"

"Pah! So that's it!?" scoffed Discord. He again, cupped her face, and looked straight at her eyes, "Follow my instructions,"

"Pucker your lips- not so much! Smaller, smaller, nice, that looks better. Ah-ah, don't pull your neck back, you are smooching, not headbutting! Just, tilt your head one side a bit, much better! Now when we lock lips, we close our eyes and feel each others' lips and gently embrace, not squeeze... my goodness, you are blushing crimson, ha-ha!"

"I am not!" she scoffed, turning away to hide her completely flushed face.

"Celestia, kiss me," he whispered. She turned to him and he was ready. She started hesitantly, but he moved slowly towards her, she as well, until finally, they kissed.

Celestia felt like in another world, a world with Discord. And she had never felt closer to him than ever before. The kissing intensified, and she felt like squeezing even more, but she remembered to give and take.

Until finally, what felt like an eternity, she let go. She breathed slightly heavily, but had a goofy, adolescent smile on her, "That was... I liked that, Discord, I can't believe after all this time, I finally kissed you,"

But Discord looked down, his face had an expression that was of worry and revelation.


"Celestia... I..." he held her hoof close, his eyes opened to her in a way she had never seen before. Then he gave her a rare, toothless and got out of the blanket.

He levitated a quill and paper and began to write on it, with his back towards Celestia.

"Discord, what are you doing?" but he didn't turn around. She tried to peek, but he hid it close. Them he folded it into a paper plane and conjured it so that it flew away.

"Discord," said Celestia, confused, "What are you doing?"

He held her hoof and they began to fly. "Dawn is coming, let's go,"

"-and then he told me when his next musical performance would be, and how he'll be singing Bella Luna!"

"Of course, Princess," said Twilight.

"And I even admitted to him how I terrified Ponyville during Nightmare Night, and he found it funny!"

"Of course, Princess," said Cadance.

"But Mando is too nice! Someone made the remark that he gained some weight, and he bawled his cute little eyes out. It seems I would need to be his keeper!"

Twilight and Cadance giggled at that remark. Then Luna noticed a paper plane flying towards them. She caught it, and read it. Her eyes widened larger and larger.

Luna gave Cadance and Twilight a look of pure determination, "Girls, we have one final job to do, then off to the peak of Mount Canterlot,"

Discord and Celestia flew up to the top of Mount Canterlot almost lazily. The view was beautiful and vast and forever stretching.

He held her hoof. Dawn was coming.

The whistling winds carried a tune that sang something different, yet altogether understandable.

Discord casually pointed around the the various locales. His voice seemingly more youthful.

"No, that one's The Big Dipper.
That one's Ponyville, there.
No, the Everfree
The Ghastly Gorge is up a few miles.
Have you been inside the
We should go.
Meet the Diamond dogs.

And they were up at the peak. Luna, Cadance and Twilight were there in bow ties, all smiles.

Discord sees the little box that Luna held, levitated it to his hand, and got on one knee before a stunned Celestia.

He showed two rings.

And asked.
"Will you share your life with me
For the next ten minutes?
For the next ten minutes:
We can handle that.
We could watch the waves,
We could watch the sky,
Or just sit and wait
As the time ticks by,
And if we make it 'til then,
Can I ask you again
For another ten?"

Celestia dropped to her knees and was in tears.

Discord continued.
"And if you in turn agree
To the next ten minutes,
And the next ten minutes,
'Til the morning comes,
Then just holding you
Might compel me to
Ask you for more.
There are so many lives I want to share with you...
I will never be complete until I do."

He slid her ring onto her horn.

Finally Celestia spoke up, her own voice lighter, more bell-like.
"I am not always on time.
Please don't expect that from me.
I will be wrong,
But if you can just wait,
I will right it eventually.
Not like it's in my control,
Not like I'm proud of the fact,
But anything other than being exactly correct, I can do.
I don't know why ponies run.
I don't know why things fall through.
I don't know how anypony survives in this life
Without someone like you.
I could protect and preserve,
I could say no and goodbye,
But why, Discord, why?
I want to be your wife!
I want to bear your foal!
I want to die
Knowing I
Had a long, full life in your arms.
That I can do,
Forever, with you,"

And she gave him his ring.

Discord, "Will you share your life with me?"

Celestia, "Forever,"

Discord, "For the next ten lifetimes?"

Celestia, "Forever,"

Discord, "A billion summers"

And together.
"'Til the world explodes!
'Til there's no one left
Who has ever known us apart!"

"There are so many dreams
I need to see with you..."

"There are so many years
I need to be with you..."

Discord, "I will never be complete,"

Celestia, "I will never be alive..."

"I can never change myself
Until I do..."

Celestia, "I do..."

Discord, "I do..."

Celestia, "I do..."

And together, at last, "I do..."

Cadance declared them married, and of course said you may kiss the bride, but the whistling winds lulled everything down as Discord and Celestia fully embraced one another.

Cadance, Twilight and Luna left them alone.

Celestia and Discord held each other close and looked at horizon.

No words needed.

Discord could feel his powers back and he shot up magnificent firework from his hands that were as quiet as morning-dew. He even snapped his fingers and Twilight's Heart and Hooves outfit disappeared. She cried like a happy baby.

The sun assuredly rose.

Celestia lazily spoke, thinking of their honeymoon.
"Is that one Ponyville?
That's the Ghastly Gorge.
Isn't that the Caverns?
Can we go see the Diamond Dogs?"

The whistling winds slowed down and a new day has come.

Author's notes:

1. Epilogue right after.
2. Mando-Stein subplot turned out much bigger, but I liked the link with the main story, so I go with the flow.
3. The weight thing is based on one of his videos, it's funny! Go check it out!
4. I call Plucky Plucky 'cos it's a cute name.
5. Why The Next Ten Minutes? It fitted the situation, it's very dramatic and I wanted to experiment with online reading.