An Ancient First Love Returns

by Wasabi-beans

Hearts and Heathens Day

Hearts and Hooves Day.

The two princesses, Celestia and Cadance, were having tea and cake on a balcony, close to the ground so they could see their subjects frolic and do things of Hearts and Hooves norm.

After gently sipping a cup of tea (without consuming the whole cupful), Celestia asked again, "Are you sure I'm not taking up your time from Shining Armor, Cadance? This is your special day in more days than one,"

"Oh no, Princess!" scoffed Cadance, "Besides, Shining Armor has to handle a case. Apparently, a rather ambitious colt tried to impress his marefriend by playing the piano. On her rooftop. Umm. Without harnesses," Cadance facehoofed at how dumb that sounded.

Celestia softly snickered, "Ah, young love. I do hope he's alright,"

"In any case, I thought it'd be a nice change handling all the Hearts and Hooves business, to just relax with you, Princess," said Cadance.

And she sprung the question that she's been meaning to ask for years, "But what about you, Princess? Have you been in love? I mean, recently, of course!"

"Me?" Celestia was caught off-guard, "Why do you ask?"

"Well, it's just that I've noticed for a few years on Hearts and Hooves Day," replied Cadance sheepishly, "that you always seem, just a teensiest bit lonely. Like, you'll be quieter, look at a couple and have the tiniest sighs, things like that,"

Celestia giggled, "How observant of you. Why, my dear Cadance, I'm an old pony in spite of appearances, so I can get... nostalgic on love, that's all. And to asnwer your question, no, I haven't found a new special somepony, I'm much too old to be dating again,"

Cadance's jaw dropped. "What!?" she exclaimed, then implored, "but why not? You deserve better, Princess, and I'm sure some stallions have tried, erm, courting you..."

"Oh, there have been a few over the years," she said casually, "In fact, last year, Lord Blackmane, whose mane is now a snowy white, brought me some rather marvelous gifts, and apparently booked an entire fancy restaurant for our date,"

"But didn't you go?" exclaimed Cadance concernedly.

Celestia slowly shook her head, gently smiling. "I've lived a long, full life, my little pony. I've married twice, birthed many bouncing baby foals, cuddled many grandchildren. And of course, took a certain little sister-in-law under my wing, who hatched a baby dragon. Indeed, a strange, but still full life-"

Celestia's mouth hung open, and then closed, realizing something. "Although, there is one thing..."

Cadance was practically inches away from Celestia, body ready at whatever revelation she's about to spring. Cadance rarely got to hear about Celestia's personal life, and she practically ached to understand her mentor better. And Celestia gave it.

"I had a first love. But that relationship..." she sighed deeply, "it soured more dramatically than I ever wanted. I was young, and so was he,"

"Is he someone I've read in the history books?" asked Cadance. Then she noticed that, for just a moment, Celestia's eternally unflappable composure softened, then saddened, but then that little, confident smile came back.

"I doubt he of all ponies will be in the history books, and it's something I've long accepted that it has past," she said.

"But that means that there's still some part of your heart that wants a little of that first love feeling back?" inquired Cadance.

"Well, if he were to ever come back to me.... maybe, just maybe. But it is impossible of course! After all, it's been a few millenniums since then," she said.

And she stood up, "Well, it's been lovely to have tea with you again, Cadance. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to at the moment,"

"Princess Celestia!"

Celestia turned, "What is it, Cadance?"

"Does Princess Luna feel, well, lonely, as well?"

Celestia actually snorted, then laughed, "Oh Cadance! My little sister wouldn't know love if it smacked her headfirst. I would know, I was there when it happened,"

"Huh?" went Cadance, as Celestia walked away.

As Celestia strode away, Cadance was in deep thought. Like almost all other Equestrians, she had immense respect for the Princess. She gave her all for her kingdom, and sacrificed so much of her personal life. In all honesty, Celestia had no time for love anymore.

Cadance can be considered a role model, a picture perfect pony, but that day, on the day where she has in a way become one of the icons of Hearts and Hooves Day, she will do something a little naughty.

For Celestia's happiness.

As Celestia walked further, Cadance very quietly sent the tiniest of love spells to Celestia. This was the Motivate-to-get-a-Date spell, to 'encourage' the mark to look for a date, nothing more.The perfect remedy for Celestia's blues.

The floating pink heart snuck closer and closer to Celestia, and it popped on her flank. Cadance watched closely to see what effect would come up.

And then, Celestia's pace slowed, her body shifted uncomfortably, and trotted to a stop. She began to inhale and exhale, louder, and louder, and finally, uttered.

"What am I doing with my life?"

She kept going.

"All my life, I made sure to give my best to my nation. But I don't have to do these things alone anymore, I have a most wonderful, wonderful student, I have my sister back, even Cadance! Why can't I just let myself- NO!"

She stomped so hard the floor cracked.

"I can save him, I know I can! And then, we can be together once again, as two lovers should, and live a full life! Yes! I will win his love back! Cadance!!" She turned and her expression was what can only be described as a first love's swoon.

She picked her up like a child with her bare hooves, and just blasted it all out, "I'm going my little pony! I'm going on an epic quest to bring my very first love back and right my wrong and romance him and he'll romance me and we'll be the happiest old couple Equestria has ever seen!"

Cadance felt something was wrong, "Err, Princess, didn't you say your first love was-"

"Oh he'll be a cranky old mule when he awakens, maybe even attack me, but I'll change his ways with all my wits and heart!" And she dropped Cadance, "Discord my love, I'm coming!"


Celestia literally rocketed off into the castle corridors in such a fiery flash Cadance's mane was actually singeing.

And so was Cadance's mind at what she had just done.

Discord was locked away deep underground in a vault that looked as terrifying and dangerous as the things Luna liked, which was exactly the case as Luna helped in its design to deter any ponies that strayed underground.

The vault was filled with locks upon locks upon traps upon- Celestia magically, physically and intelligently (also romantically) unlocked them all. And finally, there he was with a little light-bulb illuminating his terrified visage: Discord.

And she glomped his stony body, hugging him tight around his waist and felt so happy.

And the stone began to crack from where she hugged, and it cracked further and further until-


"Muahaha, I'm back baby!! LONG LIVE THE CHAOS!!" hollered Discord, flying back in the air stretching his spine in pleasure.

"Now to get my vengeance on those wretched ponies, and that wretched-" He finally noticed the weight around his midsection. And looked down. "what..."

And Celestia looked up and gave him the biggest, goofiest smile possible with the biggest, romantically glazed eyes possible, and murmured, in a lovestruck daze, "Discord I love you,"

Cadance flew as fast as she could to the vault, hoping that Celestia hasn't done anything rash. Yet.

Or worse, do something that will get her hurt. Yet.

She heard a male voice scream.


She flew faster.