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Rainbow Dash kills herself.


And it's up to Twilight and the girls to bring her back.



Originally written for the Through Fire writeoff event; thank you to all the reviewers there for helping me polish this story up. Cover art by perfect-for-any-occasion mimbl.exe.

Chapters (1)

Due to a mix-up in the pantry, the jasmine tea that Princess Celestia orders for consumption with her breakfast turns out to be made out of coca leaf, instead.

A period of overwhelming bureaucratic efficiency, aggressive platonic affection, and mild insanity follows.

EDIT: Featured (briefly) 6/13/17! Thank you all!
EDIT: Featured at #1 6/14/17! WOW! Awesome, thank you all!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Kirin In Cardboard

After having learned of the joys and amazing potential of Cardboard Boxes for herself, Autumn Blaze decides that she must share this discovery with her village.

It ends with a declaration of war.

Written for the Quills & Sofa's "Expanding Universes" Prequels and Sequels event. This story is my extension on the original story A Kirin in Cardboard by TheLegendaryBillCipher. While reading Bill's story is not necessary to understand this one, it will provide some measure of context and you should just read it regardless because it is quite good.

Thank you to, basically everyone on the Q&S server for feedback, proofreading, and editing.

Chapters (1)

When Applejack delivers a package to the Kirin Village, Autumn Blaze meets a cardboard box for the first time.

Idea from ROBCakeran53's first PANIC fiction prompt, "A :yay:ing Cardboard Box," from the Quills and Sofa Speedwriting Competition.

A thank you to ROBCakeran53 and Syke Jr for proofreading before publishing.

Now with a sequel by TheDriderPony.

Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI.

Chapters (1)

What's the deal with ponies? Squint just a little and you can't tell one from the next.
Ember doesn't even need to squint to get the effect.
Who would have guessed that a Dragonlord would have problems that needed more than just an application of violence?

Chapters (2)

Can the Crystal Empire survive an attack from Chrysalis' most powerful weapon?

Thanks to Speccer for some proofreading and 2ManySnacks for the idea.

Chapters (1)

Berry Pie Bakeries is a small, but decently popular place that manufactures delicious pastries and cakes. The owner, Berry Pie, is having a small problem. That being that, due to an issue with stock checking, she has run out of sugar. In a panic, she is forced to use her own special sugar, a sugar which is highly, highly addictive. This leads to some rather fattening consequences for her customers and especially Berry's best friend, Bowstring.

This is a 12000 word commission for MinxyEMF on Furaffinity

This story contains:
-Weight Gain - from chubby to blob sized
-Slob - Messy Eating/Burping/Farting
-Alternative Universe

Chapters (7)

Twilight awakens to find that she is no longer an alicorn, nor a pony for that matter. Rather she has become the fearsome Queen of the wasteland.

This started out as an exploratory idea, that patrons requested more chapters of and was viewable earlier for said patrons. Head over here if you want a chance of adding onto this story for just 5$ or to see stories early for just 3$!

Chapters (8)

First you're born, and then you're recorded in triplicate. The end of labor is the start of a very long paper trail, because nopony can exist without being documented. Sending copies of a new foal's documents to the Herdbook Registry is perfectly normal. And of course, in order to make sure there's nothing strange going on, that paperwork gets reviewed. Which is done by bureaucrats who establish absolute control inside their office while having no idea of what's happening in the actual world. So as far as they're concerned, the forms associated with somepony named 'Flurry Heart'...

Don't tell them. It's funnier if they find out on their own.

(Now with author Patreon and Ko-Fi pages. (Due to minimal story length, this was a pledge freebie.))

Chapters (1)

A story in which Twilight Sparkle proceeds to die.

Several times.

For science.

Featured July 1st, 2020!

StraightToThePointStudio did a reading. Check it out here!

Chinese translation here.

Chapters (1)
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