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Things weren't supposed to be this way, all they wanted was to make there last time together at Comic Con memorable before leaving for college, but then they met the man who would later turn them into Frieza from Dragonball Super and Kotone Shiomi from Persona 3. Now Jack and Audrey are desperate to return home and are willing to do whatever means necessary to get there. Join these two best friends on a Journey that will change their lives forever.

Chapters (8)

Anon was a fan of tabletop gaming back on earth, a big fan.

After finally convincing his friends to take part, he runs a simple one-shot for them.

There will be spells, treasures, battle, and of course ponies.

Roll for initiative!

Chapters (1)

Main Theme: Bring It by Trapt

Baltimare. One of the top five most dangerous cities in Equestria. Some ponies could hardly walk home without getting themselves mugged, robbed, or attacked in some other way. Only a handful of cops and prison guards, including Detective Twilight Sparkle and her boyfriend and partner, Spike, aren't in the pocket of some crime lord or another, a number that seems to be shrinking by the month. All in all, the city was rotting.

Then, out of nowhere, criminals start dropping dead, gaping holes in their chest, the cause either being some kind of electrical surge as though from a lightning bolt or a high-velocity impact. Some victims even had their hearts crushed like paper. Followed by common crooks were dirty cops and prison guards, then entire crime families. All anyone could make of the suspect was either "dark specter" or "black demonic creature from Tartarus." Neither of these were even remotely close to the truth.

In another time, another world, James Jackson was an ordinary man with a strong sense of justice, and was particularly fond of the methods used by the comic book vigilante known as the Red Hood. Never did he think that he'd get a chance to use those tactics, but when James meets his unfortunate end after his car hits a patch of black ice and crashes into an electrical pole, he is given that chance by the Speed Force itself, and is reborn as the infamous Hunter Zolomon.

Let the criminals of Baltimare beware: Zoom is coming...

Contains Lightning Dust X Zoom, Vinyl Scratch X Octavia, and Twilight X Spike.

Co-written with Hopelight

Chapters (4)

After being dragged into a Pinkie Pie party, gathering the Elements of Harmony, and facing off against Nightmare Moon, Twilight Sparkle just wants a good nights sleep. Unfortunately for her, she lives in Ponyville, and somepony just crashed into her bedroom. Somepony that looks unusually like her... albeit more stallion-ish.

This stallion, Dusk Shine, claims to be an older version of Twilight, from an alternate universe. How come he's so different? Twilight never graduated from Princess Celestia's tutorage or learned to play the guitar, or... befriended her monstrous, demonic self?

Cover art by the wonderful Mix-Up!

Here's his Deviantart page.

Chapters (5)

A few thousand years before, I along with my brother ruled the world we had arrived in. The two of us had anything we could ever want wealth, power, and an nation that spanned the entire world. Then it happened the lesser species rose, the griffons, the minotaurs, and most annoying of all the ponies. Soon, they came to us seeking peace and land to call their own, and my brother wished to give it to them, sparking a war between us that lasted for a thousand years, and cost the dragons so much. Eventually, he struck at my home, him and his knights. They had defeated me, and trapped me in stone, but not before I dealt my brother a fatal wound.
Now, thousands of years later, I'm free to do as I please once again, and I have no idea what to do, or if my brother even survived.

(D&D Crossover, the Main Character is Tiamat)
(Sex for possible innuendos and crude humor)

Chapters (5)

My name is Eric and this is my wife, Saskia. How to Train Your Dragon has always had a special place in our hearts and after the second movie came out, we decided to go a convention together, dressed as Night Furies. What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, an awful lot.

We bought this Night Fury egg from this guy dressed as the Merchant and we ended up in an alternate Equestria as Night Furies. Well on the bright side, we always wanted to be parents.

A\N The cover is a picture by Choedan-Kal.

Chapters (2)

With Twilight Sparkle's coronation comes new dangers, not from the outside, but from within. To keep her safe, Princess Celestia is forced to turn to a single prisoner for help, Saber Alabaster, an assassin. If Saber can gain Twilight, and the new temperamental captain's trust then they just might survive what's coming.

All characters are Humanized.

Cover art: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Radan-the-rogue-483057845
Featured on: 9/26/16 HOLY SHITZ!

Chapters (17)

There is only the Pit for him. For those like him. Their home, their prison... their tomb. It's all they know and all they remember. Until the soldiers of the sun came. Everything they knew would have come to an end. But as the sun set, just three of them were taken away.

One is unlike anything they've seen. He knows little of the world, but he knows of the torment and agony his captors caused. He's ready to kill. He's ready for blood.

But is he ready to leave it all behind? To learn what kindness and generosity are? What it means to be free? Can he adapt to the peace he's never had? Or is he a monster like the rest of them?

Chapters (20)

The Wolverine finds himself teleported to Equestria. He has no recollection of how he ended up thereā€“in a world inhabited by miniature horses, or as they so eloquently call themselves: Ponies. He seeks to find his way home, but in the meantime he must deal with a culture that is innocent to the eyes of death. And in turn, they will come to learn who he truly is.

This story will take elements from both the comics and the movies. (X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be excluded).

I hope you like it!

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed and encouraged!

Chapters (6)

Princess Cadance, in an attempt to better understand love in all its forms, has decided she needs to sleep with every species in Equestria, no exceptions. When the only member of one of those species says no, she doesn't take it well, and subconsciously channels a power she wasn't even aware of. A power with a dark past, a darker champion, a deadly enemy, and a horrific side effect.

A.N. Cover art by the exceptionally skilled mix-up, A.K.A. amalgamzaku over on Deviantart.

Chapters (9)
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