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The Wolverine finds himself teleported to Equestria. He has no recollection of how he ended up there–in a world inhabited by miniature horses, or as they so eloquently call themselves: Ponies. He seeks to find his way home, but in the meantime he must deal with a culture that is innocent to the eyes of death. And in turn, they will come to learn who he truly is.

This story will take elements from both the comics and the movies. (X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be excluded).

I hope you like it!

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed and encouraged!

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 177 )

7-8 days gone by and no comment yet? Goodness. Well Here's the first.
Looks pretty good so far besides a few spelling and grammar errors. Otherwise, its a pretty good start.

I like it! More please

A good start, felt like it could use more descriptions on his surroundings. What's the city like, is it a city, what's the ponies there look like, ex.- Plus, I guess it's just me being nit picky and stuff, but assuming from what I got about where he is at-that being Canterlot- I'm guessing he's running towards Everfree. I know it's not the only forest next to a village in the entire world but it seems like the only one that Fimfiction writers ever do; any who, you said he got there in a few minutes. If I'm not mistaken Canterlot is on a mountain...several miles away from Ponyville. Then again, this could be any city as it's not stated where it is. I'll wait, but so far what I see is the start to another favorite Fim author.

That's a pretty good start. Can't wait for more.

Ten outta ten so far. Love the mysteriousness on how he got there and I hope to read more.

Another Wolverine fic? Nice, I really like those.


With a grunt he paused from his struggling and pushed the the pain

this was the only typo I discovered.

So all in all it's a pretty good start, I'll be waiting for more.

Oh, it's so fucking cool.

Surprisingly well done. I'm looking forward to more.

It's all fun and games until Celestia loses a wing...:pinkiecrazy:

Off to a good start. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes.:pinkiehappy:


Really? you're going to brought up Onomonopia's version. It is a good wolverine story, but I always been disturb of why they couldn't communicate and besides he left Celestia's condition out the conclusion. Unless he's keeping it for a sequel in the same universe.

I would rather brought up Axel IV's version. Even if it has been cancelled.

I like it, though I saw a few spelling and technical errors. Still, that's what practice is for! Keep writing and you'll only improve.

Comment posted by James-Plasma deleted Aug 11th, 2016


Thank you all so much!
I'll admit I was nervous to post this but it seems you guys like it!


I have read Onomonopia's version and Axel IV's version. Both are great and each have their own styles. And I was devastated when I heard Wolverine: The Equestrian Myth was cancelled, so I started a new story!

Here's to hoping it turns out as great as the others!

More descriptions? I can do that.
The next chapter should clear up your questions!

". . .another favorite Fim author."
Aww, Thanks! I really hope you like what's to come!

7261258 Don't be so worried dude. It was amazing to read and the way you set the story up seems professional.


Perhaps in the future I should look into getting proofreaders. . . if that's possible. In the meantime, I'll try my best!
And thank you for the encouragement!

Comment posted by MrAquino deleted Sep 23rd, 2016

7260068 I was going to leave it an enigmatic comment, but you had to go and spoil it :derpytongue2: oh, well, Azera figured it out anyhow. :pinkiehappy:And to be honest, I hadn't read the other Wolverine story.
Onomonopia's version did leave a lot of open-ended issues that he might or might not address in his potential sequel--the communication problem, the reason for Logan's barely controlled rage, Celestia's maiming...I'm hoping he does address them in a logical manner for his sequel.

But this one certainly looks like it's going in an interesting direction. Just because someone did a similar story doesn't make this a bad idea to develop. There are plenty of different dynamics at play here, so I'm eager to see how this pans out.

This story has peaked my interest. Here, have a like :twilightsmile:

Well Wolverine is one of my favorite Marvel characters. He might not be the most powerful character but he is one of the most interesting. Onomonopia's version got me checking out what Marvel's done with him in the last few years and I gotta say damn.

Out of all the X-Men the one that stays true to Prof. X's dream of humans and mutants coexisting is the most violent of them. His death in the comics was also epic too. And I'm looking forward to what you'll have Logan do in Equestria. And who will be the first pony to bond with him?

Very Interesting, keep it up and will there be more Marvel Characters to come besides Wolverine?

Interesting... I'll track it for now, it's still too early to make a full judgement on whether I'll like it or not, but it has potential.

You got my attention and my interest

Great start. Hope to see more.

Seems good so far, Hopefully it continues that streak.

From what you have so far, this is really entertaining. I can already imagine how all the ponies will react to his healing factor. C=

Comment posted by Onion Cutting Ninja deleted Jun 5th, 2016

God damn it where's the next chapter button


You'll be able to click it soon


Man, that voice was just perfect! haha


Maybe, maybe not. . . you'll just have to read what's to come and find out!

Comment posted by James-Plasma deleted Aug 11th, 2016

Those are a lot of story ideas, however, I think I'll only be focusing on this one for a while.

not bad, are you going to continue this?



Man, it feels like I just submitted this! Time goes by so fast, haha. Rest assured, the next chapter is almost done!

cool, it is just I see so many still born fics, I have learned to to wait with baited breath.

Now, I lurk, waiting for the next update....

I can imagine Logan saying "What they did to me, what I am.....can't be undone. You don't want what I've got." to some pony baddie with the other ponies around. Oh, and I read up on adamantium being resistant to magic and powerful magic on a Marvel dictionary
database thing.


:rainbowlaugh: More!
:twilightblush: Rainbow, They'll update it when when they're ready
:rainbowhuh: MORE!!

7340228 yo when is the next 1

7340228 post the damn chapter biotch

Wow. It's been a LONG-ASS time since this has been updated.

Worth the wait, though. :raritywink:

Glad to see this update, i love wolverine in Equestria stories.

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