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Diplomacy, foreign relations, cultural exchange, all important duties that Twilight needs to learn as a princess. Fortunately, this foray in to the unknown is made much easier when she meets a lovely foreign pony from the French Equestrian Kingdom who's willing to be friends with her.

Now, if only they could actually understand each other.

Series of oneshots set in a RariTwi AU based on the prompt, "Rarity and Twilight are princesses from different countries, smitten with each other despite being unable to communicate".

Beautiful cover art by foldawaywings !

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Utaan

Rainbow Dash traverses the perils of the Dark Side of the world to reach the Midnight Armory.

Cover art by Dafaddah

Chapters (302)

Sunset Shimmer isn't a normal girl. She can levitate objects with her mind, shoot hot energy from her palms, and when she's scared, she can disappear and reappear somewhere else entirely.

Her parents know. Her siblings know. What they don't know is how different Sunset really is.

When nightmarish creatures attack and kidnap her sister, Sunset ventures into the unknown and discovers a world teetering on the edge of total darkness.

What begins as a rescue mission turns into a struggle to save a kingdom, as Sunset learns just who and what she is, and the weight that comes with it.

Chapters (4)

Lightning Dust will never be a Wonderbolt. When she left the Academy, she swore she'd never look back. When the Washouts disbanded, she swore she'd forget about them.

Yet after all these years, against all odds, she finds herself here. At a Wonderbolts show. Just on the wrong side of the glass.

Entry into a Sofa and Quills Speedwriting contest, where it placed first! Written in the span of half an hour (time limit was an hour but I had to go early) with the prompts 'candy' and 'bittersweet.'

Edit: Featured from 4/15 - 4/17 2020, my first time in the box! Thank you!

"Highly Recommended" by Present Perfect!

Featured on Equestria Daily 5/28/20!

Reviewed by Nailah.

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library. (Site blog 6/19/20)

Reading by Nailah!

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After taking the throne, Twilight had a lot of things to do - a transition that had never happened before was bound to be fraught with a thousand unexpected complications.

As part of the transition, Twilight finds herself going through Princess Celestia's old personal papers, finding secret after clue after instruction long forgotten about. And among those papers, Twilight finds a letter.

A letter addressed to My Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle.

A letter never sent.

Special thanks to RanOutOfIdeas and SymphonicSync for proofreading!

Featured 4/13/2021 to 4/18/2021!

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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Starlight and Trixie, as part of their duties as staff of the School of Friendship, traveled outside Equestria for a recruitment drive. However, their trip to Mount Aris was waylaid by a problem with the railway. Still wanting to make good time, Starlight decided they should hoof it through the wilderness south of Equestria.

Just south of the MacIntosh Hills, the two find a vast forest before them. With every step inside, the canopy above grows thicker and thicker. They may never see the sun again.

This story was written for the Barcast's Halloween in April Horror contest.

Thanks to The Seer for some feedback/prereading.

Now with a reading by Cloud 9, starring Magpiepony and Celaena Winters.

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Rainbow Dash teen years find her hotheaded. She is both full of herself and full of doubt. Deep down she feels lost, yet she hides it behind the mask of who she's wants to be. Her life changes forever by a chance meeting with a unicorn mare named Rarity, in Cloudsdale of all places. Dash welcomes her into her life, but how is that she feels drawn to a mare who seems to have it all together? And will Rarity accept her despite her shortcomings and flaws? Most importantly, can Dash fix herself or will she keep making mistakes until it's too late?

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Kingdom

Once upon a time, there was a mare who did not believe in fairytales, and a very different mare who did not believe in herself. Their lives intertwined, weaving together a fairytale like no other, filled with chaos and love, friends and enemies, adventures and tragedies. A fairytale they felt would last forever. But it couldn't.

Be it with a bang or with a whisper, everything eventually must come to an end, whether we like it or not—their story is no different.

With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, all Rarity and Twilight can do is make sure it's an ending worth telling.

Final story in The Enchanted Trilogy.

If you like my work and can afford it, please consider joining my Patreon! Funds go to paying for the chapter artworks and paying the artists more! And also helping me pay my rent ,,,,

Cover art by the fantastic Dawnfire. Chapter artworks by the incredible Arcticwaters.

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Applejack has a simple life, with great friends. Sure times can be tough and bits may be hard to come by, but she's always pulled through. Now her life has been turned upside down and money will never be a problem.
Watch her story unfold. Money, family and friendship can change. Even your closest most trusted ponies can use you. Watch as a simple farmer comes to terms with the fact that wealth isn't all it's cracked up to be.
image is not mine it belongs to this guy LateCustomer

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