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The Everton AU. - ssunsxt

Sunset Shimmer's life was simple. Her plan was to graduate high school, attend university, and become a world-famous scientist. What could possibly go wrong? [sex tag is for sexual references and jokes]

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Changing tides.

Sunset narrowed her eyes and rubbed at her chin with the blunt end of her pencil before scratching at the side of her head with a contemplative hum. “Okay… I think that if we repeat the experiment a few more times, it should give us more reliable results.”

“We’ve already repeated the experiment five times, Sunset,” Starlight Glimmer sighed into her palm, “As fun as it is spending time with you, I’d like it if we didn’t spend all of that time formulating hypotheses about the absorbent nature of pastries.”

“Cakes,” Sunset corrected her, scribbling away in her notebook, “make sure you don’t write that in the final report.”

The class had emptied out a little over twenty minutes ago by now, Starlight noted, glancing at the clock above the door. She had pulled a chair around to the other side of Sunset’s desk to face her as she worked. However, the red-head had spent the majority of their class with her nose stuck in her book, and Starlight could only shake her head inwardly at her expectation for things to be any different, once Zecora had dismissed them. She was Sunset, after all. Once she was focused on something, it was almost impossible to stop her. Almost impossible.

Starlight smirked, deviously. “Hey.”


“Look at me.”

Sunset raised her head, but kept her eyes glued to the text in front of her. Starlight let out a small chuckle and leaned over the table to peck her girlfriend on the lips. Sunset’s cheeks warmed as she flinched, eyes snapping forward now to meet Starlight’s own.

“There she is,” the younger girl smiled, “if you keep slouching like that you’re going to end up with a bad back.”

“Right,” Sunset scratched at her cheek and sat against the back of her chair, “sorry. Uh- so what were you saying?”

“I was asking if you wanted to get out of here. You’re adorable when you’re concentrating, but I’m getting kinda hungry, and we still need to go shopping for our Halloween costumes.”

Sunset’s face fell into a weary frown, but she gave in with a small sigh. “Fiiiine…” she groaned, “but only because it’s your turn to pay for coffee.”

“I’ll take it,” Starlight beamed.

She waited patiently for the other girl to pack away her things and helped her slip on her jacket before she took Sunset’s hand to lead her out into the empty hallway. If she was alone, she probably would have thought it to be eerie; but with Sunset, the smell of dust and oak felt homey, and warm.

As they left the science building, Starlight made sure to keep close to the other girl, hooking their arms together and giving her hand a light squeeze. The fall air was sneaking in with a chill, and both girls knew it was only a matter of time before the campus was covered in thick layers of snow and frost.

“Maybe we should try different types of liquids and see how the cake absorbs those, too? Maybe pour some honey over them, some cream… You know, just to say we covered all our bases.”

Starlight shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Okay. If it’ll help you feel less anxious about the project, fine; we can do a few more experiments.” She paused, “after you come back from your parents’ though.”

Sunset let out a whine. “Oh- what? But-”

“Ap, ap, ap,” Starlight held up a finger to silence her, “I won’t get to see you on your birthday, so I want to spend as much time with you until you go home. That includes the party, so yes, we’re going.” The smaller girl deflated by Starlight’s side. “Don’t think I didn’t know you were planning on cancelling at the last minute.”

“Hmph,” Sunset grumbled, shoving her free hand into her pocket as a pseudo crossing-of-arms. “You know me too well.”

“Yes, I do.” Starlight pecked her on the cheek.

Buses into Canterlot were more regular during weekdays, and both teens were grateful that their only class for today had been Zecora’s noon tutorial. Unfortunately for Starlight, however, she had slept past her alarm and had to skip breakfast. A mistake that her stomach was now seeking vengeance for, her hunger making itself known in the form of a loud growl. She pursed her lips with a sheepish blush.



The ride hadn’t been long. They watched as trees flickered past, turning into stretching fields, before they met the bridge that carried them over the Canterlot River and into downtown. Starlight smiled once they’d passed the planetarium, letting her eyes linger on the building as their bus pulled around a bend. She’d already been here a handful of times with Sunburst, but she’d never get over the way the buildings’ windows twinkled against the sun, even if the buildings themselves worked to block out the light.

Canterlot was a lot different from home, she sighed, resting her head against the bus window, content with watching the buildings pass by. The buildings were much taller, sturdier, more industrialised than the old, worn architecture of Sire’s Hollow. Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course! But it was a reminder that she was in a new place, far away from home; a welcomed reminder, at that.

“You okay?” Sunset rubbed at her thumb, “next stop’s ours.”

Starlight shook her head to clear away her thoughts. “Ah- yeah. Sorry, I was daydreaming.”

Sunset snorted. “It’s not like you to space out.”

“Oh whatever,” Starlight rolled her eyes with a smirk.

Sunset waited for her once she’d hopped off the bus and instinctively sought out Starlight’s hand once she’d thanked the driver. “Okay… So, I’ll go to the party. But do we have to match outfits with Moondancer and Sunburst?”

Starlight shrugged as she pulled Sunset along. “I mean I don’t really care. I just wanna have fun with you guys before you go home next week; and at least we get to choose the costumes to make up for them being assholes the other day. I say we take advantage of it.”

Sunset couldn’t help but grin at the other girl’s mischievous smirk, that was paired with a wink. She rolled her eyes playfully. “Fine, I guess so. So what are your ideas?”

The two girls slipped into a cafe off of the main street, Starlight holding the door open for Sunset to follow inside. It was a small establishment— smaller than their usual spot, that was— but Sunset eyed up the couches that warmed the front window.

“I’ll be honest, it’s kind of hard thinking of a group costume. Most cartoons and books have groups of three or five… Finding something for four of us has been more difficult than I thought it’d be.”

Sunset helped Starlight with her jacket and folded her own over her arm. She hummed in contemplation as she tapped at her puckered cheek. For an instant she brightened and opened her mouth, only to cut herself off with a shake of her head. “No… there’s five of them. Uhh…”

While the red-head was deep in thought, Starlight ordered for them both. Sunset needn’t explain her order by now, she trusted Starlight to get her whatever she knew the other girl would like. Sunset kept her gaze on the floor as she followed Starlight over to the couches and took up the one opposite her girlfriend, thanking her quietly before she returned to staring off at the knots in the wood in front of her.

“We could do the Wizard of Oz?”

Starlight snorted and held her coffee away from her as she laughed, careful not to spill any on her new skirt. “And who would be the scarecrow? Sunburst?

Sunset smiled. “Well he is the dumbest in the group.”

“He’s not dumb,” Starlight clicked her tongue, “just tactless.”

Sunset shrugged and blew at her own drink. “You’d make a cute Dorothy.”

“Stop being cute,” Starlight rolled her eyes and looked away, biting her lip as it stretched into a goofy smile of her own. “It’s a good idea though. I’ll keep it in mind.”

“Hmm…” Sunset hummed and tapped a finger against the low table. “What about Heathers?”

“And what? Make Sunburst Heather Chandler?”

“He’s got the spunk.”

Starlight’s eyes widened as she once again, choked on her drink.

Sunset’s face ignited a crimson red. She sputtered and slammed her cup down on the table to wave her hands in defence. “T-that’s not! I didn’t mean it like—! You know what I meant!”

Starlight couldn’t stop herself from laughing, even as the two of them began drawing the attention of the other customers. That just made Sunset shrink further into her sweater. Thankfully Starlight had calmed down enough to thank the barista once she delivered her bagel to the table, freshly made. Sunset grumbled and sipped at her hot chocolate.

“Heh, anyway,” Starlight wiped at her eye, “You do make a point. I guess I haven’t been too open about whether or not the genders of the characters fit. I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

“Can we be the ninja turtles? That way I can hide in my shell if I say something stupid again.”

Starlight snorted and took a bite of her bagel. “But then how would I get to see your cute little face?”

Stop it.”

“What? I’m just telling the truth.”

Lunch consisted of Starlight trying her best to make the other girl blush between bites of her food and sips of her drink. Meanwhile, Sunset busied herself with brainstorming costume ideas, as well as eyeing up the counter for ideas on what other liquids to pour over their science project. She made sure to keep that part private though, lest Starlight grumble into her drink about how they were long overdue for a proper date.

The other girl was right of course, and no matter how often Sunset reassured herself that they’d spend an afternoon galavanting in the park after their science project was finished, it didn’t make the redhead feel any less guilty. She stirred at her drink with a dejected frown.

Starlight eyed her curiously. “What’s up?”

Sunset straightened out her shoulders before she slumped back against the couch. “Oh, nothing. Still just coming up with costume ideas.”

The other girl nodded. “My roommate and her friends were talking about going as those three vampire characters from that old detective cartoon with the dog?”

The red-head pursed her lips, “Wasn’t the dog a really important part of the team though? That’s still a five man costume.”

Starlight sighed and leaned into her palm, running a frustrated hand through her bangs. Then, she snorted. Sunset eyed her quizzically. “We could make Moondancer and Sunburst wear one of those two-people horse costumes and you and I could go as cowboys?”

Sunset pressed her lips together tightly as she tried to fight off a grin, only to turn her head away when it split across her face. “It sure would be an interesting night.”

“Sunburst can be the back end,” Starlight snickered, finishing the rest of her drink.

“Because he’s such an ass?”

“Oh,” the taller girl smiled, “you so get me.”

The Autumn sun cast a calming warmth across everything it touched. Between chilled breezes that snuck out from side alleys and the orange and brown leaves that chittered against the sidewalk, the afternoon glow felt gentle against Sunset’s skin. She hunched her shoulders and drew the lapels of her coat closer, regardless.

Starlight on the other hand stretched her arms out wide, balancing along the curb and humming quietly as she waited for the next opportunity to punctuate her step with a satisfying crunch.

Sunset’s hands found solace in the depths of her pockets, but she still watched the other girl contently, smiling to herself from the comfort of her sweater’s neckline.

“Aaaaand, here!” Starlight hopped back into place beside Sunset with a little twirl. “Nat told me this was a great place for costumes.” Starlight looped her arm around her girlfriend’s and pulled her into the store.

Sunset paused, but let the taller girl lead her inside as she narrowed her brows a bit. “Nat?”

“My roommate,” Starlight smiled, “it’s a nickname.”

“Oh.” Sunset rubbed at the back of her neck with a small nod as Starlight dropped her hand to sift through the racks of sickeningly plastic-scented costumes and masks. “So you guys are talking now?”

“Mh, kind of. Her friend’s have been busy with their classes lately so she’s been hanging around the dorm more.” She pulled a bag from one of the racks to hold it against Sunset’s torso. “Nah,” she returned it to its place, “I wouldn’t say we’re friends or anything yet, but it’s nice to finally have an actual conversation with her.”

Sunset pretended to look through the costumes herself but kept a close eye on her girlfriend as she ventured further and further into the store. “Right. So, uh. What is she studying?”

Maniacal laughter startled Starlight as a skeletal figure, dressed as a clown, popped out from behind a pop-up rack. The taller girl clasped a hand over her heart to calm herself down, and she glared a warning towards her snickering girlfriend— who promptly raised a hand to her mouth to stifle her laughter. “She’s in the theatre program,” Starlight replied, still leering at her girlfriend, “her friends are, too. She’s studying stage makeup and costume design. I’m not really sure what the other two are doing though.”

“Wow, that’s kinda cool!”

Starlight nodded as she plucked a foam sword from a shelf and ran her fingers along the edge, but her enthusiasm wasn’t all that convincing. “Oh, yeah, you say that now; but since Halloween’s coming up, Nat’s assignment has been to create a ‘monster makeup look’, so come back and talk to me after you wake up to a zombie sitting in your kitchen.”

Sunset snorted and took the sword from the other girl to playfully stab it into Starlight’s back as she slipped past. “Fair enough. Oh, watch out!”

Glancing over her shoulder to shoot the red-head a quizzical brow, Starlight allowed herself to crash right into a small child. Or rather, allowed the small child to crash into her. She paled, instantly reaching out to help the girl back onto her feet, uttering out babbled apologies and grimacing back in her girlfriend’s direction.

“I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t see you there—”

“S’okay!” she dusted herself off with a polite smile, smoothing strands of pink hair back behind her ears, “I was the one who shoulda been watchin’ where I was goin’.” She accepted Starlight’s help and meekly scratched at her cheek, tucking her other arm behind her back, “I was just real excited an’ was goin’ a li’l too fast to stop myself.”

Sunset puckered her cheek and folded her arms with an arched brow. “You should be more careful in the future. You could’ve hurt yourself.”

The younger girl craned her neck to glance behind Starlight, who stepped out of the way, holding her forearm and trying her best to make herself smaller. The child narrowed her eyes up at Sunset with a hum, stroking at her chin as she tapped her foot, as if contemplating the red-head’s existence.

Sunset swallowed nervously, pinching her lips and glancing over at her girlfriend.

“Sorry,” she said finally, “I thought you looked familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it at present. But anyway,” she bowed her head towards Starlight once more, “sorry again for running into you Mrs Lady Ma’am, I’ll be sure to pay more attention in the future.”

“Honey!” Called another woman’s voice from the back of the store.

“Coming mommy!” The girl cupped her hand by her mouth to yell back. “I gotta go!”

The two teens politely waved Honey off politely as she rushed past them, gathered a child-sized dog costume from one of the shelves, and disappeared back to wherever her mother had called her from.

Starlight offered a wistful sigh. “Kids are cute.”

“Not ‘til we’re married, Glim.”

Darkness had long-since settled in once the two girls had finally left the city. Desperate to keep the cold out of her fingertips, Sunset had held her girlfriend’s hand tightly, tucking them both into the pocket of her jacket on the bus ride home. Starlight rested her head against Sunset’s shoulder, and Sunset had giggled at the way the other girl’s hair tickled her neck.

Back on campus, the shorter girl still kept hold of Starlight’s hand as she balanced along the edge of the curb. Starlight smiled back at her, her eyes twinkling in the night. Sunset felt her chest tighten.

“You’re so pretty.”

Starlight giggled and turned her face away to hide her reddening cheeks. “You’re pretty easy on the eyes too.”

Sunset bit her lip to subdue her grin, resolving instead to duck her head when that didn’t work out for her. Starlight chuckled and stuck out her tongue as she reached for Sunset’s other hand to twirl them around on the sidewalk. Sunset kept her eyes low as she surrendered herself to the bubbling laughter that forced its way up from her chest.

As they slowed, Sunset’s hands found the other girl’s arms until they were slowly dancing— teetering, really— with the red-head trying her best to stop her world from spinning.


“A little,” Sunset chuckled again. “You’re a dork.”

Starlight beamed and lifted her chin in pride, “Maybe. But at least you’re having fun.” She paused and faltered a tad, “you’re having fun, right?”

Sunset’s eyes flickered upward as Starlight leaned herself against a small fence and she held the other girl’s gaze for a few seconds, feeling brave. “I always have fun when I’m with you.”

Once more, the taller girl grinned, and she leaned forward to peck Sunset on the nose.

The red-heads eyes lingered on Starlight’s lips as she pulled back, wetting her own as she swallowed. “C-can I kiss you?”

“You don’t need to ask, Sunset,” Starlight smiled gently.

“Right. I-I know, but. Uhm. Right. Kissing you now.” Sunset nodded, furrowing her brows in her resolve. She slid her hands from Starlight’s arms up to her shoulders, lifting herself up a bit on her toes to press their lips together. By now their kisses were gentle, and practiced, and Starlight had all but memorised the tender fluttering of Sunset’s lashes against her cheeks as the other girl closed her eyes.

Sunset felt Starlight chuckle. “What’s so funny?” She pulled away to frown.

Starlight shook her head and reached for one of Sunset’s hands to interlock their fingers. “Nothing. I’m just…” she shrugged, “really happy.”

As they began to walk again, Starlight swung their arms with a light hum. Sunset gave a small shiver.

“You cold?”

“A little bit.”

“Mh.” Starlight puckered her cheek and moved a little closer. “Maybe we should stick close together. Y’know, just to be safe. Don’t want you catching a cold right before your birthday.”

Sunset nodded and hummed, as if in thought, “Yes, to be safe.”

“Of course. To be safe.”

Both girls looked at each other for a moment before they broke out into a laugh, the empty streets around them echoing in their warmth.

“I can just hear Moondancer in my head right now,” Sunset scoffed, giving a squeeze to her girlfriend’s hand.

Starlight nodded, “She’d probably just call us gay or something. She’s pretty much used all of her material on us by now.”

“I don’t think you’re giving her enough credit. Moondancer asked for a dictionary for her ninth birthday and a thesaurus for the next.”

Starlight snorted and threw her head back in a laugh. “But we’re the nerds?”

It wasn’t much longer until they found themselves at the door to Starlight’s dorm, the darkened windows were enough to indicate that Starlight would have the dorm to herself. The purple teen paused for a moment and held Sunset’s hand a little tighter before she raised it to her mouth to kiss her knuckles. “So… Do you wanna come in?”

Sunset hesitated, a warm blush dusting her cheeks in a pink hue, “Oh, uh-” she stuttered as Starlight pulled her hands toward her hips and drew her forward.

With her own hands now free, Starlight laced her fingers against the back of Sunset’s neck to hold her in place as she brought their lips together softly.

Starlight stepped back and pressed herself against the door as Sunset’s tongue gingerly traced across her bottom lip. Her shaky hands awkwardly gripped Starlight’s hips. Sunset pulled away for a calming breath. “I-I’d really love to, Glim, but…”

The taller girl rolled her eyes with a lopsided smirk, “You have plans with Moondancer?”

Sunset nodded with a guilty frown. “She asked me to look over one of her manuscripts for class.”

Starlight pressed a kiss to her girlfriend’s cheek. She cupped Sunset’s face in her hands to force the other girl to meet her eyes. “It’s alright, Red. I’m not going anywhere. You can… stay over some other night.” She shrugged with a gentle smile, trying to hide the disappointment in her voice. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” Sunset nodded, “okay.”

The two stood there for a few minutes, simply holding each other’s hands and giving shy, small laughs before glancing away. Like middle-schoolers with a crush, they teased each other.

The purple haired girl entered her silent dorm, alone, once Sunset had given her one last kiss goodbye. A small smile still warming her cheeks, she pulled her sweater closer to her nose and breathed in the other girl’s scent. Apricots and peach, Starlight sighed wistfully.

She flicked on a lightswitch and took off her denim jacket to hang it on the coat rack by the door, the other empty pegs only confirming that she was, in fact, alone. Her lips fell into a small frown.

Starlight rounded the breakfast bar, into the kitchen to make herself some coffee, perching herself atop the counter as she waited for the water to boil. She twiddled her thumbs, pretending like it was Sunset who was holding her hand. Groaning loudly with a blush, she buried her face in her hands and shook her head.

With coffee in one hand and laptop in the other, Starlight finally wandered into her room and closed the door with her foot. She set her mug down on the bedside cabinet before finally dropping herself onto her mattress with a satisfied huff. Starlight didn’t bother tucking herself under the sheets; instead she propped her laptop up against her legs as she lay awkwardly against her pillows. She could practically hear her father’s condescending tone, chastising her on proper posture and how bad slouching was for her back, but quite frankly she didn’t care. The more pain the better, she smirked to herself.

She opened up her social media tabs on instinct before she clicked her tongue and switched over to look at the spreadsheet Sunset had sent her for their project. She supposed she should at least get some revision done, as well as make the proper additions to their Chemistry Project plans. It gave Sunset one less thing to worry about.

Refusing to sit in silence, however, she opened up her music app and hovered her mouse over her usual playlist for a moment. Narrowing her eyes at the screen and turning her head to breathe in the smell of apricots once more, she tutted to herself, and instead hit play on ‘recommended for you’ before shifting over to her work documents again.

Starlight bobbed her head along to the song and tapped away at her keyboard, flashing her eyes to the bottom of the screen to catch a glimpse at the name of the artist.

“The Rainbooms? Pfft, that’s kinda cheesy.”

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