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This story is a sequel to Adagio Undefeated.

An AU inspired by my May shipping contest fic!

The girls find themselves going through the common motions of high school; the relationships, extra curriculars, and everything in between.

A collection of one shots with vague continuity. Honestly I just wanted to write a high school AU.

(sex tag for sexual references/jokes.)

cover art by jisousan.

Chapters (3)
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Once she was satisfied, she turned back to glare at her girlfriend and jabbed a finger into her chest, “So stuff that in your trombone, and blow me.”

Oh sh:fluttershbad:t, she's got game :rainbowlaugh:

Will all the pairings in this story be f/f?

Okay, that was fluffy and sweet. Thanks for the afternoon cute.

I love these stories! You are doing a great job! Please keep up the amazing work! P.s sonata and aria are my favorite ship couple so it would be awesome if you did more sonata x aria stories

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