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Sometimes friendship isn't enough to fix a problem; sometimes what you need is a gentle hand and a fresh frame. Sunset Shimmer is determined to be whatever Twilight Sparkle needs, if it means saving her night.

Art by: sunsetslight

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Comment posted by Fillyfoolish deleted Aug 6th, 2022

I like the cover art

Very nice. It would have been perfection had you included more lead in such as Timber and Two talking a few days beforehand or such. Still, enjoyable.

Nice cover art

MY GIRLS :fluttershysad::heart:

Loved this! Interesting take to have timber spruce be an asshole boyfriend, I don't really care for him so it suited me fine lol
I really liked that twi and sunset clearly already had something bubbling between them, it feels that sunset initially assumes its one sided but as the night goes on she can tell things aren't just platonic between them. Sunset is so good!!!! :( and twilight feels actually cared for by her, its so sweet!!!

If this story wasn’t a one shot, Timber’s reasoning for standing Twilight up would’ve been due to his anxiety about the future and how everything (like school) is seemingly coming to an end, and he fears that also means his relationship with Twilight.
The cruel irony is that his fears are what lead to that happening in the first place.

Timber can be a SUPER interesting character and I love thinking about the layers to his personality!

The other teens looked amongst themselves, chewing on lips and sharing sympathetic glances. And of course, when situations like these would arise, they looked to their leader for some sort of guidance.

Not surprised they'd call Sunset their leader. :ajsmug:

Once they’d arrived, Sunset helped Twilight down onto the gravel path and over to the grass to regroup with the girls. The grounds were absolutely gorgeous, and it was evident that Principal Celestia had saved no expense for this year’s venue. It was startling, to say the least, once Sunset had learned that this world had a Canterlot castle, too. However, rather than housing royal equine princesses of the sun and moon— or being populated by countless guards that roamed the halls, and residing upon a valiant cliff face, this world’s Canterlot castle operated as a venue for weddings and, in this evening’s case, their high school senior prom. Sunset had almost eaten her leather jacket when that had been announced.

First off interesting :rainbowhuh:, second lol. :rainbowlaugh:

“O-oh!” Sunset felt her cheeks pink and she rubbed the back of her head with her free hand, careful not to mess up her hair. Rarity would have killed her. “T-thanks.” She dropped her eyes to inspect Twilight’s dress: lavender, with a plethora of blues and purples shimmering over the fabric, depending on whichever light the other girl stood in. It wasn’t that Sunset hadn’t seen her in it before, she just needed a refresher on how good the other girl looked in it. “You look really nice too.”

Replace 'and' in the first sentence to 'as.'

Sunset stumbled as Rainbow Dash threw her arms around both hers and Applejack’s shoulders, the farm girl chuckling and joining in with the roughhousing, as she ruffled Rainbow Dash’s hair. Not enough to send Rarity into another one of her prom-induced tirades, but to still make it obvious that her hair wasn’t sitting the way it should be. Sunset slipped out of Rainbow Dash’s grip with a chuckle as the other girl took her position on the stairs near the front— Photo Finish insisted on having the tallest members of their class towards the back. Sunset flashed Twilight a smile and led her up the stairs to take their own position beside Rarity. Once more that evening, Sunset was humbled by the way the universe seemed to work in her favor. Maybe she should take Rarity aside and thank her personally for ensuring she was just ever-so-slightly taller than Twilight in her heels. Maybe .

A space is needed following the first paragraph. :duck:

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