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Sometimes friendship isn't enough to fix a problem; sometimes what you need is a gentle hand and a fresh frame. Sunset Shimmer is determined to be whatever Twilight Sparkle needs, if it means saving her night.

Art by: sunsetslight

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Comment posted by Fillyfoolish deleted August 6th

I like the cover art

Very nice. It would have been perfection had you included more lead in such as Timber and Two talking a few days beforehand or such. Still, enjoyable.

Loved this! Interesting take to have timber spruce be an asshole boyfriend, I don't really care for him so it suited me fine lol
I really liked that twi and sunset clearly already had something bubbling between them, it feels that sunset initially assumes its one sided but as the night goes on she can tell things aren't just platonic between them. Sunset is so good!!!! :( and twilight feels actually cared for by her, its so sweet!!!

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