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A brony who enjoys reading great EQG fan fiction stories, loves trains, has a crush and feelings for Sunset Shimmer and loves SciSet stories.


This story is a sequel to A SciSet Christmas

Flashback scene takes place moments after the "Star Crossed" short.

During a clean up day at Twilight's house where she and Sunset went through some of her old stuff to get rid of and donate Sunset stumbles upon a box full of stuff from Twilight's old boyfriend Timber Spruce of photos and a few things he has given her. After Sunset finds out what was inside and Twilight taking it from her telling her girlfriend/friend it was nothing Sunset asks Twilight how the break up went and then Twilight soon explains to her friend/girlfriend how it all went and how things have gone since they broke up months prior.

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Comments ( 5 )

Glad Twiggles and Timber had a relatively clean breakup.

Thx I decided to make it simple and that it was the same for another couple from a tv show from my childhood who just wanted to be friends instead of a couple. And it's great I got to finished in time for my 19th birthday

A most belated birthday blessing.

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