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A brony who enjoys reading great EQG fan fiction stories, loves trains, has a crush and feelings for Sunset Shimmer and loves SciSet stories.



Takes place after the events of "Forgotten Friendship."

Sunset Shimmer has been acting odd to her friends which is worrying them. Especially Twilight Sparkle. Sunset has been secretly been having trouble sleeping. Hurting herself by cutting herself with a blade and wearing a longer leather vest that Rarity of course has to say it won't match her style. Twilight then decides she wants to find out what her friend has been hiding from them since the memory stone was destroyed. What is Sunset hiding? Is it good? Bad? Only 1 way to find out.

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It was definitely a heart wrenching story but it was well written and beautiful. Great job. :twilightsmile:

I wish I could write half as good as this. Great story I really loved it.

Overall, that was both sad and sweet. Thank you for this.

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You have great job!

Very emotional, I enjoyed it deeply...
I actually started listening to a song about suicide shortly before reading this.
It's called "Jee Veerey" (Live, Brave One) by the Indian rock band Bloodywood.
Maybe it'll inspire you, as your story inspired me.
:twilightsmile: Excellent work!

Great job! Really loved it and Im on my way to read the sequel now :D

hope you enjoyed both :)

I have, hope you make more with these two chief. :)

I'm going to but for now I'm still thinking of ideas so expect more to come eventually 😉

I really love this SciSet Story so much now keep up the good work also I haven't realize that this was the start of the sequel of A Weekend Of Fun

Heart breaking and then heart warming. Great story.

Hi, I'm New To Fimfiction, But I Want You To Know That You're The First One I'm Following

sounds nice, hope you enjoyed the story

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