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Twilight and her friends are going on a camping trip. However, on the way, they lose half of their sleeping bags and tents. The six friends will have to share their tents with each other.

This might not be a big deal to everypony, but for Rainbow Dash and Applejack, who share a tent and a sleeping bag together, it changes everything.

Contains - AppleDash

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Cutee, great work!

Very adorable. Reminds me of the early days of Appledash from 2012-2013. Nice work :raritywink:

I've gotta agree with dr-soviet here, it does have some early-seasons vibes. The gorilla was a bit strange, though - not sure if that was a reference to something and I just didn't get it? I was sooo sure that Rarity and Fluttershy were responsible for the sudden 'disappearance' of their gear, maybe even Twilight and Pinkie like some kind of 'we'll help them with a little nudge along the way'-scenario. Really didn't expect the ape.
It was an entertaining story.

Thank you.

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