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When Sunset Shimmer told Twilight and her friends that she had been erased from their memories, they didn't believe her. While magic was now something the girls were familiar with, removing someone from their memories just was flat out impossible... wasn't it? They all told off the bully and went back to their time together enjoying the beach. Except now, Twilight can't shake that something is seriously wrong.

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In an attempt to help her school's losing soccer team finally bond, team manager Twilight Sparkle takes the whole team to a ranch over spring break. Already uncomfortable being around her otherwise entirely male team, Rainbow Dash is dragged along reluctantly for the ride. However, finding herself in sunny, open fields, Rainbow realizes she is quickly falling for one of the farm hands, a freckle-faced blonde teeming with southern charm. AppleDash, human. Rated T for use of language and suggestive themes.

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[Co-written by Onyx Archer]

The Memory Stone is gone, and Sunset Shimmer’s friends have regained their lost memories... but her own memory has not returned.

Faced with the reality that her friends would lose their memories of one another, Sunset Shimmer dove in front of the magic shot forth from the Memory Stone, and watched as her memories of her closest friends left her bit by bit. In the end, this act allowed her friends to come out on top, and regain what Wallflower had taken from them in her quest for revenge.

With the memory stone destroyed, the question now is how to restore her memories. After all, who was she without the memories of the events that had defined her? Could she still be the same Sunset Shimmer that her friends remembered, or is that Sunset Shimmer gone forever?

Twilight Sparkle of Equestria certainly doesn’t want to lose a dear friend. But, perhaps, some things really are forever; some things once done cannot be undone.

Digital pdf version here

Featured on 2/18/18!
Coverart by overlordneon

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Sunset Shimmer has decided: she's done.

A too-close encounter with the magic residing in herself and her companions has convinced her that it's possible to embrace too much, and she's no longer willing to accept the risks—be it for knowledge, heroics... or her friendship with the other girls.

As always, desperate times call for Rainbow Dash.

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WARNING: There are major spoilers in the comment section. You have been warned!

After some time of turning over a new leaf, Sunset was happy with her life. She gained new friends, slowly winning over the students at CHS and became the protector of the human world alongside her friends against any rouge magic and creatures. She wanted to give back to everyone by becoming the head director of the Christmas party and Toys for Kids Festival at the school on Christmas Eve.

But when the events of the party and festival went wrong due to her past, Sunset was down on her dumps after she was blamed for the disaster and felt like she had ruined her friends lives because of her. Just when she was about to give up on everything, a mysterious teenaged girl, who claimed to be her guardian angel, showed Sunset what the world and her friends would be like without her.

This is an Equestria Girls take of an ever so beloved classic Christmas film, It's a Wonderful Life!

FEATURED: 3/20/20 - Wow! Thank you all so much! :twilightsmile:

This story now has a Spanish translation by Arthor2017 :raritystarry:

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Sometimes, after ending up adrift in the multiverse, one has no clear way to return to, or even find, one's own universe. It happens to the best of us. In fact, it happens to all of us sooner or later.

Upon finding herself in that very situation, Sunset Shimmer is interviewed by an inhabitant of the universe she landed in. She's been told that, if she just answers a series of questions, her hosts will be able to locate her home timeline, and return her to the human realm within it.

She has serious doubts, but she doesn't actually have a more promising approach to solving the problem.

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Twilight Sparkle of Equestria is brave, confident, a capable leader, a powerful wizard, and a princess.

Twilight Sparkle of Earth is none of those things.

So why would an absolute goddess like Sunset Shimmer be interested in her? Because they look similar and share the same name? Because the real Twilight is off in Equestria? That must be it. She's just a placeholder. A low grade knockoff of what Sunset really wants. And sooner or later, she'll end up disappointed. They all will.

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Sunset wants to practice using her empathy magic and her girlfriend, Twilight, offers to help. Twilight seems unexpectedly excited about the idea.

Through Twilight's memories, Sunset learns just how much she means to her girlfriend. How much she always meant to her ever since they became friends.

Thank you to my beta readers: Nyronus, Pwnego and especially JWolfSilver

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Love is supposed to be able to save the world. Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer discover that the opposite is also true.

An entry into honourable mention in Oroboro's third Sunset Shipping Contest! Read the other entries here.

Special thanks (and apologies) to: Undome Tinwe and Lofty Withers for prereading, and Marcibel for advice.

The cover art was made by me! But it was laid out and referenced off of the vector work of Twimix, Uponia, Stinkehund, and Imperfectxiii, who are all quite talented people.

Continuity note: I have not seen the latest Equestria Girls special, so if this breaks from canon, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

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Princess Celestia has lived for a very long time and, as such, has had many regrets. One of her biggest ones was driving away her beloved protégée, Sunset Shimmer, who had abandoned her and jumped through a portal to another world.

As time had passed, Celestia's guilt over Sunset had only grown. To resolve their issues, Celestia made it her mission to bring Sunset back home. Whenever the moon lets her, Celestia crosses the portal herself and uses the little time the portal allows to look for Sunset. Many moons and a few attempts later, Celestia finally finds Sunset!...Or does she?

The girl Celestia finds certainly looks like Sunset and even says that is who she is, but this girl claims to only be a simple guitarist and knows nothing about any "Princess Celestia." What will come of this meeting?

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