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“Do Humans Hibernate?” Rainbow has a question on her mind. She's not entirely sure why it's bothering her so much. It probably doesn't help that the only human she could ask is the world's greatest liar.

Cover art by Pusspuss this random guy called ‘Pen Mightier’ who probably wishes he is Pusspuss but isn’t.

Marshal: (mɑː.ʃəl) noun….etymology - archaic: Middle English, from Anglo-French ‘mareschal’, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German ‘marahscalc’, from ‘marah’ (horse) + ‘scalc’ (servant). Originally referring to "a person in charge of the upkeep of horses or stable hand”. The station became a position of trust and power in medieval courts and went on to acquire its modern military usage.

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A group of pony radicals try to summon a demon to overthrow the princesses. Instead they got a human. They don't know what a human is.

((Pre Princess Twilight))

((Edit: Featured 5/11/2020. Didn't expect this to go over so well!))
((Edit2: Ch.8 featured 10/1/2020))
((Edit3: Featured 10/22/2020))
((Final Edit: Featured 3/25/2021))

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Ever have the perfect girlfriend? A girlfriend so beautiful, so classy, so entrancing that you'll walk to school pantless at the sound of her voice? Octavia's that kind of a girl... and after I tell her my morning's story—if she's not blushing half as much as I am right now—then she owes me a damn beer.

Cover Art: ©2014-2016 JonFawkes. Find their art work on their deviantArt page. Permission granted by the artist for use of their image.

Thank you to Posted, Iryerris, Dovah Vahlok, and PiercingSight for prereading. Thank you to fourths and Scarlet Storm for editing. And finally, thank you to shortskirtsandexplosions for the idea.

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Max finds himself in Equestria, which is cool to him because he's bit of a brony, but don't worry, he's not gonna be completely and totally obsessed with it and all. He's just your average brony. But he has one hell of a time here in Equestria. Also, this isn't in the exact cannon universe but I hope y'all can forgive me for that. (This description will get better in the future. Promise.)

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Anon's dead, apparently, and Death has come to claim his soul. There's just one problem: he doesn't want to go. And there's nothing Death can do to make him.

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I accidentally revoked submission so I submitted the story again. please don't read if you already have and I'm apologizing in advance

No one had ever seen Anon without his clothes on. Not even the princesses. So they task Twilight to unravel the mystery. How will she fare? There's only one way to find out...

This story is a response for a blog post you can find here. This is pretty rushed so don't expect too much.

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[2nd-Person Fic starring you and Vinyl Scratch]

Being a human, you are quite the unique specimen. Though you stand out among pastel-colored ponies in your wake, your form does allow for something many ponies aren't properly equipped for. A certain DJ took notice of this specialty, and decided to take you under her wing...

A/N: Just a simple one-shot with Vinyl Scratch. Yes, another story inspired by music. Seems to be my best inspiration, music does.

Rated [Saucy] by SFG's rating system. Be prepared for some heat!


Artwork by ~zonybrony

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Submitting to trials, tribulations, lies, misunderstanding, and pain. And all these things for one purpose. To Befriend the Night.

Coverart by: jjames10 (Tome Turner)
Thanks man!

Sequel out now: To Swoon the Stars

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[WARNING: Contains ear scratching, belly rubs, and blushing cheeks]

Anonymous is sent to jail for his most heinous crimes of bullying in the second degree, there he meets a mare working as a prison guard called Cookies 'n Cream.

Written originally for the Anon in Pone Prison threads on /mlp/, which is where the OC Cookies 'n Cream (Pictured) comes from.

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This story is a sequel to Moon's shadow

Luna and Alex are in a happy relationship while "A Canterlot Wedding" is approaching, what could go wrong ;-)
This is a sequel. I strongly recommend reading "Moon's shadow" first.

Art from Perrydotto picture

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