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After spending a day with his own fan club in the Crystal Kingdom, an in-flight accident leads to Spike falling down a cliff and hitting his head and gaining amnesia. He'll soon soon run into a group of familiar faces; and Twilight will do anything she can to find her friend and bring him back home.

Takes place before Season 6

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Wander over Yonder (in): The Friendship

A special mail delivery brings Wander and Sylvia back to the world of Equestria where they join their pony friends for a carnival celebration in Canterlot. They look forward for a couple of days of fun and exploration.
Unfortunately, a familiar enemy is hot on the trail of the wandering duo; quietly stalking them for revenge. But will catching them prove to be more difficult than this hunter thinks?

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to Blooming Heat

(And now after waiting for so long... the most asked for sequel of my #1 viewed story, "Blooming heat," is finally here!)

After mating with Spike during her first heat season, Apple Bloom has the entire town shocked as she eventually became pregnant.
No one saw this coming, and neither did Apple Bloom and Spike. However, they are prepared for whatever this event brings them. But what will happen when the baby comes a little earlier than expected; and will Apple Bloom and Spike survive through the process?

Art by: rannva

Chapters (12)

His name is Wander, the friendliest face in outer space. When he crash lands on a mysterious planet along with his best friend and trusty steed, Sylvia, they search for a way to escape. In the process, they stumble upon a neat little town where the residents are so friendly... its magic!

A short 5-chapter crossover story filled with humor, humor, and more humor; oh, and Friendship!

Cover art by: littledigits

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Cream the Rabbit comes to Ponyville

Solar Dusk escapes into a new world with the help of a new accomplice, and sends Equestria into panic.
Now, Fluttershy and the rest of her friends must travel into this new world and reunite with an old friend and more to find Solar Dusk and bring him down before its too late.
Unfortunately, Solar and his new partner are one step ahead of the heroes, and chaos will soon ensue.

NOTE: (every sonic hero will not be in this story)
Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are also in this story.
Cover art made by: Fuzon-S

Chapters (22)

A short sequel to my second most popular story "A Different Love for a Change... ling"

A month after peace came between ponies and changelings once again, Dragon Heart, along with Razor and Dusk return to to visit Ponyville and their new pony friends. What happening now, is Chrysalis sticking to her new commitment, and will Dragon Heart and Spike continue to be together?
All these questions and more will be answered!

Other characters who appear are Chrysalis, Celestia and a few others

(Now fully complete... FINALLY!)

Chapters (5)

An earth pony mare with a mysterious dark power is bent on ridding the world of all joy and happiness and then cover it in total sadness and sorrow. But in order to do so, she needs to find and seek out the Element of Laughter... Pinkie Pie!
What are the reasons behind this mare's ruthless actions; and can one little filly be able to change the darkness in her heart?

(This original story was inspired from an episode of the cartoon "Courage: the Cowardly Dog" called 'The Tower of Zalost'.)

(WARNING): Prologue is a bit depressing; not for the faint of heart

Chapters (10)

No, no; it's not what you think!

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo are suddenly aware of their entire home being plunged into total chaos. They soon find out that Discord, the Spirit of Chaos has escaped, and it was all thanks to them.
Suddenly, Discord decides to cheer up the little fillies by letting them hang out and play with his chaos induced daughter... Screwball!

Takes place during Episode 2 of the season 2 premiere; supposedly the day after the class field trip.

Not too long of a story, and each chapter is fairly short.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to One Feather of a Fetish

The on-going romps of the perverted little Featherweight continues when his parents vists an old friend in Canterlot. He comes along to the explore the amazing surroundings of the massive town... just imagining which beatuiful mares or fillies would pose for his enjoyment.
However... his main yet possibly most difficult target... lies inside of the Canterlot Palace.

With this story, the perversion has been DOUBLED!!!

Both separate arts are not mine, but the combination is.

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Cream and Cheese discovers a hidden cave that eventually leads them to a portal gateway that transports them to Equestria.
Lost and scared, they run into Fluttershy who agrees to help them find a way back to their world.
Little do they know that a run-in with an Animal showpony will soon take them on a little mini-adventure.

(My first MLP crossover)

(Artwork done by SpyrotheFox)

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