• Published 5th Oct 2012
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Cream the Rabbit comes to Ponyville - AngelShy24

Cream & Cheese gets transported to Ponyville of Equestria.

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It was around midnight, and everything was quiet inside and around Fluttershy’s cottage. All animals in front of the cottage were fast asleep; including Angel. And at the top of the cottage, Cream and Fluttershy were both laying side-by-side in the bed fast asleep. Fluttershy’s bedtime story really did help Cream and Cheese relax and fall right to sleep; and she soon joined them after finishing tidying around the cottage.

Cheese was relaxing and snuggling against Cream’s body and feeling comfortable; but suddenly, he felt this weird vibe coming over him. He struggled to stay asleep, but he couldn’t help but slowly open his eyes to see whatever he might be seeing. He did see something; it was floating in mid-air and it was round with a peachy color. Was it a ball, was it a marble… no, it was too big for a marble; but he soon recognized it as an actual peach. Cheese really loved peaches; he remembers the one he ate from that tree in the park earlier that day. Assuming that he was half-awake and there was a floating peach, he figured that he was just having a strange dream that just happen to take place in the same area of where he was sleeping.

He slowly got up from the bed and started to fly up to the peach. But when he got about 3 inches to it, it suddenly started to float away from him and outside the window. Cheese decided to follow it; he really wanted that peach.

As he flew outside, Angel, who was asleep outside, broke out of his slumber. He looked up in the near distance and saw Cheese lazily following something that was floating in mid-air. Whatever it was, it finally settled on the ground and Cheese finally grabbed a hold of it smiling and hugging it before he ate it. Angel tilted his head trying to make out exactly what was going on.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a little steel cage pounced on top of him and quickly locked him inside. Cheese became very frightened and tried to call out, but then his mouth was sealed closed by a magical aura.

Angel finally became alert as he was seeing the event unfold before him. The cage that Cheese was struggling in floated upwards in the air; and below it, Angel could see a silhouette of a head that sported a glowing horn. Angel knew just how important Cheese was to that beautiful rabbit girl, so he decided to be brave and started to sprint towards the suspicious shadow in hopes of setting Cheese free.

Unfortunately, the shadowy figure saw him coming and faced his direction with its horn glowing differently than it was before. Angel would not see it coming as a powerful aura beam shot at him faster than he could react. It was the last thing he saw before everything blanked out.


The next morning finally came as the celestial sun rose in the distance; shining the light upon the land. For Cream, it was supposed to be the start of a new hope to get back home; but instead, it’ll be like she’s still stuck in a nightmare.

Cream rose up in the bed and stretched up her arms with a huge yawn. She looked beside her where Cheese was supposed to be…

“Good morning, Cheese.”

But a few seconds after saying that line, she realized that he wasn’t there.

“Cheese… Cheese?! Cheese, where are you?!”

Fluttershy suddenly rose up from the bed seeing Cream all in a tizzy looking all around the room.

“What’s going on Cream?”

“It’s Cheese; he’s not here! I don’t know where he is!”

Fluttershy suddenly became concerned and flew out of bed to start looking with Cream.

“Is he downstairs?”

“I don’t know!”

Cream quickly ran downstairs in her custom made nightgown and was frantically looking around on the bottom level area of the house.

“Cheese… Cheese, where did you go?!”

Fluttershy came flying downstairs wondering if Cream was successful.

“He’s not down here either, Miss Shy!” said Cream who was beginning to tear up a bit.

“I wonder where he could have gone,” Fluttershy thought to herself feeling a little worried for Cream.

There was only one place to look now, outside. However, finding Cheese all out there could prove to be difficult. Cream just ran outside with slight tears in her eyes and yelled out with all her might while waking some of the animals in the process.

“CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!! Where did you go?! Why… would you just… go away?”

Cream just dropped down on her knees feeling a deep emotional pain of sadness fill her heart. She placed her hands over her eyes and began to lightly sob; her best friend was nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t worry, Cream,” said Fluttershy as she approached from behind, “I’m sure he’s around somewhere. He wouldn’t just leave you like this.”

Cream placed down one of her hands on the ground and uses the other one to wipe away some tears. But then, she looked to her right and saw a sight that didn’t make her feel any better.

“Mi-Miss Shy… look over there!”

They both ran over to the corner nearby the Everfree Forest only to find Angel; his body was frozen in an awkward position and he wasn’t moving.

“Oh my goodness; Angel!” shouted Fluttershy as she picked him up in her arms.

“He’s not m-moving,” shuddered Cream, “Is… is he…”

Fluttershy held Angel’s body up close to her cheek and then shook her head, “No, his heart is still beating. It looks more like he’s been paralyzed. I wonder who or what did this?”

Cream suddenly looked a few feet ahead near where Angel was laying and found a familiar object on the ground. Her eyes grew terrifyingly wide as she looked upon it, “Oh no… Cheese’s bow tie; he … he never takes this off unless I ask him too! D-do you think Angel saw what may have happened to Cheese?”

While Cream was lamenting on that fact, Fluttershy was trying to contemplate everything that was suddenly happening. It wasn’t until just yesterday that she was spending some happy quality time with Angel and her two new unusual friends; and now they suddenly wake up only to find Cheese missing in action and poor Angel frozen stiff and not being able to move.

“Not exactly how I wanted to start the morning,” she thought.


Acting like they had no time to waste, in this case they didn’t, they quickly got themselves together and rushed as fast as they could to Twilight’s place to tell her what happened. They did feel a little sorry for coming so soon and so early to her, but Twilight really didn’t mind; this did seem to be a huge emergency.

“Yep, it’s definitely paralysis,” said Twilight as she examining over Angel’s frozen body, “He’s still alive but he can’t move any part of his body. And to think, all of this happens right after your little visit yesterday.”

“We had no idea what happened until we woke up,” stated Fluttershy.

They both looked over at Cream who was sitting on the nearby couch; she had her hands over her face crying and sobbing over missing friend.

“Oh, Cheese… where on earth did you go?!”

“Poor Cream,” said Fluttershy emotionally, “she’s so worried about her Chao friend.”

“Where do you think he might have gone?” asked Twilight.

“We have no idea,” Fluttershy responded; and then she sat the red bow tie on the table beside Angel, “All we could find was his bow tie.”

It was truly a mystery to Twilight, “How weird.” Even though she just met them yesterday she was sure that Cream’s friend wouldn’t just leave without them knowing; this was all confusing.

Fluttershy continued to look at Angel hoping that there was something that they could do, “Maybe once you can unfreeze Angel, he could tell us what he might have saw.

Suddenly, Twilight had this weird feeling…

“Wait… I sense…”

She suddenly rushed into the other room where she caught Spike holding the Chaos Emerald that Cream let her borrow yesterday.

“Ah ha! Don’t you even dare.”

“Ahhh! Oh, hey, Twilight,” said Spike with a sheepish expression, “I was just… um, looking at your beautiful, delectable…”

His eyes were beading wide and his mouth was drooling as he hung his tongue out at the emerald.

“Spike, wait!” shouted Twilight.

But Spike’s tongue already touched the gem, and it sent an electrical surge throughout his body.


He then just stood there waving back and forth as some of his scales were smoking and the spikes still had a little charge leftover.

“Wooow, such a shocking flavor.”

“I’ll take that,” said Twilight as she floated the gem out of Spike’s claws and to her.

“And I’ll… j-just take a quick nap.”

Then suddenly, Spike lost his footing and fell flat on his face.

“What was all that noise,” asked Fluttershy as Twilight came back carrying the emerald, “what happened?!”

“Oh nothing; Spike just tried to taste a sample of this emerald.”

“Curiosity killed the dragon?”

“More like he got shocked and fell unconscious. But don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”

As Twilight got in front of Angel and was conjuring up a spell that would unfreeze him, Fluttershy walked over to Cream to try and calm her down.

“Don’t worry, Cream, I’m sure Cheese will turn up somehow.”

“Bu… b-but… you don’t understand,” said Cream with light tears still flowing from her eyes, “Cheese and I always stay together; unless something bad happens, we never separate! That’s why I’m so worried!”

“Alright,” Twilight shouted suddenly, “Angel is finally un-paralyzed; wasn’t as hard to do it as I thought.”

Cream and Futtershy quickly rushed over to Angel so fast they nearly ran Twilight over; unintentionally of course.

“Oh thank goodness!” said Fluttershy, “Are you okay, Angel?”

Angel started feeling all of his limbs again as he sat up and shook his from being frozen for so long. He was completely tired of not being able to do anything.

“We don’t mean to rush you, Angel, but please… you must tell us what might have happened to Cheese!”

It all went so fast that Angel hardly remembered anything; but when he looked up at Cream’s desperate sad face, he suddenly started to remember and did his best to tell them.

He began by pretending to walked towards something he desperately liked.

“Was he sleepwalking,” said Fluttershy, “I mean… flying?” Angel shook his head for both, “Oh, he wasn’t?”

Angel then picked up a nearby pebble and rolled it in front of him while doing the same walking movement towards it.

“Wait, was he following something,” asked Cream. Angel smiled and nodded; and then he pointed at the window, “And then he followed it out the window!”

“Wow, this is fun to watch,” stated Twilight, “I love charades.”

Angel then walked to the pebble and glomped on it, “So… he caught it?” said Fluttershy. Angel nodded once again, “And then what happened?”

Suddenly, Angel grabbed a small wooden basket and threw it up in the air; and then he let it land upon him to cover him up completely.

“Oh no, he wasn’t trapped under a cage, was he?” asked Cream.

Angel sadly nodded, but stood up proudly started sprinting in place.

“So you decided to be a hero and rush forward to try and rescue him,” said Fluttershy.

“So what happened?” asked Cream.

Angel picked up the little pebble, and then threw it on his body and fake fainted on the ground.

Cream suddenly gasped, “You got hit by something; and that’s how you got paralyzed?!”

Angel looked up at her and smiled while nodding. He then plopped his whole body down on the ground feeling exhausted from the charade movements.

“But wait,” said Fluttershy, “what exactly hit you?”

Angel lifted up his head and pointed at Twilight.

“What, me?” said Twilight, “It couldn’t be me, I was…”

Angel just rolled his eyes and pointed at the top of his head.

“Oh, you mean what you saw hit you was from a unicorn’s horn!”

Angel slowly nodded and plopped his head back down.

Twilight was pacing around trying to get to a conclusion on all of this info, “So based on all of this information, we can only say that Cheese must have been…”

Cream’s eyes grew wide with slight tears in her eyes, “Chaonapped… Cheese has been Chaonapped!”

“Chaonapped?!” both Twilight and Fluttershy said. They both wondered about the play on words, but they understood that it was just as serious.

“That’s… terrible,” said Twilight sadly, “Somepony took him away from Cream right from under your noses!”

“B-bu… but who would do such a thing?!” sobbed Fluttershy.

“I think I know who,” said Cream in an upset and flustered tone; her fists also seemed to shaking a bit.

“So who is it?” asked Twilight pleadingly.

“It was… it was that mean showpony, Leone!”

“Oh no, Leone?!” said Fluttershy.

Twilight knew who she was talking about, but she was confused, “Leone; you mean that unicorn stallion that was just here putting on a show for the last 3 days? Why would you think it was him?”

“That Leone,” scoffed Cream, “he sees animals like they are items that you can trade off and treat them anyway you want. He was eyeing Cheese ever since he saw us and he was real fixed on trading Cheese from me; but I refused!”

“Why didn’t any one of you tell me about that?” Twilight asked.

“We didn’t think that it was such a big deal,” Fluttershy responded, “He didn’t seem like one who would do such a thing!”

“It’s him alright,” whined Cream with a scowl, “It has to be! All of Angel’s signs point to it! Leone has Chaonapped Cheese!”

They all stood in awkward silence grieving about what had just taken place. How were they going to deal with this now?

“So… what do we do?” asked Fluttershy.

Cream wiped her tears away but her upset expression didn’t change, “What do you mean? Cheese has been taken away from me; and now, I’m going to go and get him back!”

Fluttershy suddenly gasped, “What; all by yourself?!”

“If I have to,” Cream responded.

Fluttershy suddenly got in front of her feeling concerned, “Cream, I understand that you want to save you friend, but it could be too dangerous.”

“I don’t Care!” cream shouted, “Cheese is my best friend, and I won’t let some big meanie take him from me!” Cream showed no sign of sobbing or crying, but rather she was only mad and full of determination, “I’ll show him that I’m not just some little girl that he can easily steal something from!”

Cream started to head towards the door, and then she felt a little tug on her dress. When she looked down behind her, she saw Angel looking up and giving her a worried look.

“I’m sorry, Angel,” said Cream, “but I need to do this. I may be small, but I’m not weak!”

“Cream, Wait! You should think about this!” shouted Twilight.

“What is there to think about?” Cream responded, “I’m going and that’s that.”

“Cream,” Fluttershy started, “I know that you’re determined to do this and you don’t want anything to stand in your way; but you’re still very young and Leone could be very dangerous to you. S-so… so, I’m coming with you.”

Cream looked over at her with wonderment, “You… want to go with me?”

“Of course; I’ve looked out for you and Cheese since yesterday, so no sense in not helping you out now.”

Cream smiled knowing that she could really trust her Pegasus friend to help her out when she needed it, “Thank you, Mrs. Shy; you really are kind.”

Fluttershy smiled back and chuckled a bit, “Kindness is my element, what did you expect?”

“Are you sure you could handle doing this, Fluttershy/” asked Twilight feeling concerned.

“If it’s to help Cream and her friend, I’m willing to help out in any way I can.”

Twilight took a look at the emerald she had and was thinking that she needed more time to help them out anyway.

“Well, as far as getting Cream and Cheese home, I’m still working on a way that will work. This emerald is more mysterious and complexed than it looks.”

“Well it doesn’t matter;” stated Cream, “I’m not going anywhere until I get Cheese back.”

“However, there is one little problem,” said Twilight, “How do you know where to find Leone?”

Both Cream and Fluttershy froze and realized that Twilight had a point. Even though they knew who the culprit was, where would he be now and how could they find him?

Fluttershy said the only thing she could think of at that point, “Aw… horsefeathers.”


Somewhere inside a deep dark room filled with many unknown unmentionables, poor little Cheese was sitting in a little steel cage sobbing feeling a mixture of sadness and fear. What happened last night? Who trapped him, and more importantly… where was he now?

He was shaking and whimpering, wondering if he would ever see Cream again.

“What’s the matter, don’t you like your new home?” asked a certain familiar voice.

Cheese jumped up and saw a shadowy figure approach him with a sinister smirk. Once in full view, he saw that it was that showpony from the other day. He started getting mad and was banging against the cage.

“Oh well, it doesn’t really matter whether you like it here or not,” said Leone as he got up all close to the cage, “You belong to me now, my little moneymaker.”

Cheese got close enough to him and punched him right in the snout; and Leone ended falling on his back. He got up rubbing his snout while glaring at Cheese.

“Well… for such a small creature, you pack a powerful punch. I had the same problem with some of my other performers; but don’t worry, you’ll fall in line soon just like them.”

He suddenly lit up the room using an illumination spell and Cheese saw all the different animals inside cages. They were the all the same ones that he and Cream saw in Leone’s performance back in Ponyville, but they all seemed to be in some sort of trance with their eyes all blank and lifeless. He looked upon them with fright as he coward down in his cage.

“See those purple diamonds each and every one of them are wearing,” Leone told the frighten Chao, “They’re mind-control gems, created especially by yours truly. Once I made those babies it was only a matter of time before they would help me be rich. They are all controlled by my magic; and once it’s on you, you no longer have any free will of your actions; not that creatures like you deserve any free will.”

His magic suddenly got a hold of a little collar that sported one of his diamonds and held it up in Cheese’s view. Cheese was getting more and more frighten by the minute, and seeing that collar, he feared the worse.

“Don’t worry, I have one just for you; it’ll help replace that boring old bowtie that you left behind. You are going to help me get my popularity back real quick; you will listen to only me now.”

When Leone opened the door on the cage, Cheese tried to quickly fly out but was suddenly held back by Leone’s magic. Cheese looked at the collar as it got closer but he couldn’t do anything; he was helpless.

“And don’t worry about that yellow Pegasus and that little rabbit brat of a child; once you’re under my control, you won’t remember them at all.”

Cheese really didn’t want to forget his best friend; but it was futile as the collar was wrapping around his neck, and then suddenly… his memory went blank.