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Anyone Want It? · 6:53pm Dec 26th, 2014

Anyone want the TWFA? I'm giving it away. :scootangel:

Report Pot8osoup · 381 views · Story: The Wonderbolts Flying Academy ·
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1564448 This is a good idea. What's the group called? I would like to join.

There are groups that you can submit your stories to that gives permission of anyone in the group that finds your stories interesting to continue for you so long as they give you credit for the concept and idea.

1550442 I loved it, thank you for making it!

Thank you for faving Tirek sells his soul for lemonade! I'm glad you enjoyed it!:pinkiehappy:

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Well Hai!

I'm Pot8osoup, but you can call me Potato. As you probably guessed, I like Potatoes. Anyway, what of my stories?

What Happening With My Work?

Well, I am writing loads of stories right now. None of them have been published though. :derpytongue2:

My ships are Fancity, AppleFlim, Fluttercord, Discolight, RariFlim, ApplePants, FancyFleur, Sombrity, etc, etc: basically anything.

Are you are a sh!t author, but you have a brilliant idea? Or are you just lazy? Fret not, I am taking requests! Just send an idea, any idea, and I'll write it!

I'm feeling lazy, I'm not going to say any more.