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Crossover with The Dresden Files.

Pinkie Pie randomly shows up at the apartment of one Harry Dresden, Wizard-for-hire. And then she does ... whatever it is that Pinkie Pie always does. Madness ensues as Equestria's craziest Party Pony inflicts herself on everyone's favorite cynical smartass of a wizard.

My Little Denarians is the sequel to this story.

This fic now has a dramatic reading courtesy of Comma Kazie and Lisa M.

Part 1
Part 2

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two Harrys for the price one. well done, Pinkie... :rainbowlaugh:

That was delightful! :rainbowkiss:

Let me guess.... Shes gonna invite voldemort to harrys party

Yaay, it's on FiMFiction! Just as amusing this time round as when I read it on DA. :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh: Man I could not stop laughing at this XD Pinkie has officially become best pony for this, it's exactly what she would do! Plus I love the little Harry Potter reference at the end, well played. :pinkiehappy:

I've read your story twice and enjoyed it immensely both times. I'm a fan of the Dresden-verse, and am happy to say you have captured the characters of everyone involved wonderfully. The interplay between Pinkie and Harry makes this story. Twilight could learn a thing or two from him in regards to dealing with our favorite fourth wall breaker. :pinkiehappy:

Any 4.95 rated fic is going to be good. You did not disapoint. Have another 5, and keep writing great stuff. Everypony knows Diane is unstoppable. :lunawink:

This is awesome. :) I red it on fanfiction.net and I'm glad to see it here. :pinkiehappy:

Haha! So totaly Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

will we be getting the sequel also ?

Holy crap, the Fist of God and one of the most badass wizards on Earth are bronies? Sweet

i loled so hard i scared my neighbor
i enjoyed

i legitimatley lol'd at that last part. I wonder what they were talking about....... Sequel about it?

194468 there's a sequel to it. its currently on EQD but not here. i think.....

Hey, this is on here now too! Kewl. :yay:

Oh my gosh, this is brilliant. I read it before and it's still absolutely hilarious. Especially this but right here: When I looked over, I saw a purple unicorn and a blue pegasus with a rainbow-colored mane standing in my doorway. On any other day, that would have been shocking. :pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

And Harry Dresden's world has the ponies on DVD, the whole series, and ours doesn't? I guess that's karma paying them back for all the monsters they have to put up with.

Yeah, I'll be posting the sequel too. Might even make some progress on my backlog of completed chapters that need one last coat of editing-polish before they go up..

I need that sequel, NOW. 5 stars.

definitely one of the best fan fics i have read in a while, at least the funniest:pinkiehappy:

192821 your kidding right? she'd invite Hagrid's Brother and malfoy and Bellatrix and lucious malfoy and ect... basicly she'd invite EVERY LIVING THING that he happened to meet

most of the lines made me laugh, this one killed me :"Your mind got knocked off track by running into a manic talking pony who force-fed you cupcakes. Totally understandable."

Wherever there's a party to throw-

Wherever there's an invitation to send-

Wherever there's a fourth wall to break-

Pinkie Pie is there! :pinkiehappy:

My stars, good sir. Take them all. ALL OF MY STARS.

My hats off to you sir. I am always a bit leery about crossovers, but this was amazing. The characters were well done and the entire story was just a blast to read. Pinkie Pie as a fey, that would be interesting. Like Saint Nick, one of those figures you don't want to anger. The sheer reality warping power at her hooves.

I can only imagine Fluttershy meeting Nicodemus. A story about that would be interesting. However to properly write it you would need a thesaurus, an anatomy textbook, and an encyclopedia of screams. I suspect the legions of darkness would soon be without one of their members. Any one who makes Fluttershy cry deserves no less.

I shall track this on the hopes that one quiet morning I awake to find the message, "Forever!" has updated. I shall also watch you in case you attempt to be sneaky and post another story.

Nikola of Tesla,
Head of Applied Magic, Canterlot Institute of Technology

195046 OBJECTION! I belive pinkie pia would invite EVERYTHING Harry have met, living OR dead!

You, my good sir or madam, are a GENIUS!!!!!!

FOREVER :pinkiegasp:

Oh gawd, didn't Voldemort make some promises to Lily and James? GO PINKIE GO. SAVE THE POTTER FAMILY WITH CUPCAKES :pinkiecrazy:

193907 :lunawink: ? Lol XD

This was fun. I'ma smilin. :twilightsmile:

Going to do my usual "comment as I read" style of review here.

let alone a sergeant who'd once been in charge of the entire Special Investigations branch of the Chicago PD.
I have read one other Dresden Files/FiM crossover ("The Dresden Fillies" on fanfiction.net). They started out with an forward that said where in the chronology of The Dresden Files it was happening specifically. I THINK they also stated when it was in the Pony continuity. In any case I think it helps, at least on the Dresden side, since so much changes from book to book, as opposed to MLP:FiM's "they have to be able to watch the episodes, with the exception of the two-parters, in any order" type of semi-stasis (NOT "The Stasis-Quo is God" level stuff, but it is minor character development).

I don't think I've ever been here before,
-Two things: First, nice variation on her motor-mouthing in episode 1. Second, she doesn't THINK she has been here before? I would have thought she would notice, unless she dimension-travels on a regular basis. Then again, given this is :pinkiehappy: we are talking about, anything is possible.

I get to make bunches of new friends and making bunches of new friends means I'd get to throw a really big party
-I wonder how O'Malley would react to a request to let her Partify his premises? Seems the best place to let her do her thing... that or a kegger (err... minus the actual alcohol probably...) for the Alphas.

no doubt remembering warnings about how you shouldn't accept baked goods from strange ponies.
-Or getting temporarily mixed up with the precaution about eating anything a fae offers you (which the Ponies sorta are actually, in the "nature spirit" sense of the term).

A pink blur shot out of my door, headed in the general direction of the grocery store.
-Wait... he is inviting her to roam loose? He must REALLY want a break from her, to talk to Murphy without PP around, or both. She doesn't have a lot of the "camouflage" that the rest of the supernatural has. Sure people will dismiss anything so odd as a hallucination, but that might make the shopping trip a bit problematic in its own way as she amps up the efforts to get people to pay attention to her.

talking to Molly about how important keeping secrets is, and then suddenly she bursts out of one of my cabinets,
-Makes sense, for Pinkie Pie values of sense (which actually aren't negative numbers, but rather positive imaginary numbers).

"I just sent invitations to everypony you knew!"
-Ah... one hopes she limited herself to people that are actually on good terms with him. I can only imagine the implications of a valid invitation being issued to a Red Court vampire or three. Dunno if it counts as valid, but you never know. Even Marcone could be problematic. Not that Marcone would actually show up, but he might not like being treated lightly. Then again, he might decide that it is a preferable method for Dresden to use to blow off annoyance towards him than doing his best impression of a roman candle on a building or three that Marcone has an interest in.

"I'm gonna have to make bunches of cupcakes, and normal cake, and pies, and bunches of yummy stuff."
-Took, me to this point to realize that hallucinations that are offering solid gold (?) coins for baking supplies have a certain cachet to them, so maybe the shopping thing wasn't such a problem.

The only rational explanation I could come up with involved time travel, and the thought that this pony could casually violate one of the most fundamental laws of the universe just to deliver a party invitation was mildly terrifying.
-Yeah, fairly terrifying, although on a completely different wavelength than what I mentioned.

Ebenezer McCoy on the other end of the phone. "Not that I don't appreciate the invite, but who's Pinkie Pie and why's she inviting me to a party?"
-Not a problem per se. Although it does make me wonder if any OTHER members of the white council got invites.

but nobody listened to me1 Even Dashie didn't
-Extraneous 1. Perhaps there was a footnote and it didn't copy, but that seems unlikely given its placement.

"You are aware that's he's kinda evil, aren't you?" I frowned at the pony. "He's tried to kill me a couple times; I don't think he ever really got over the time I foiled his plans to become a god."
-Ah... I was correct. Was Cowl calling from beyond the grave, or did he survive? I forget.

"Well, then obviously he's stressed out and uptight, and a party's the perfect way to help him loosen up a bit and get nicer!"
-Ah yes, the same logic she used in regards to Gilda... makes... Pinkie Pie sense.

"Nicodemus." Perhaps I'd spoken too soon when I said that the conversation with Cowl was the strangest one ever. "Pinkie invited you too?"
-It is becoming increasingly important whether the invitations have mystical validity to null Dresden's threshold. I just remembered that thresholds have a meaning for wizards too.

Not that I wanted either of them around, but I think I'd rather have Nicky at the party than his daughter; Nicodemus was the rational, calculating kind of psycho.
-This implies there IS some sort of validity to the invitations... that or he is just legitimately worried about offending someone who, for all he knows, can prevent him from ever having been born if she gets angry enough and is fickle enough that it would be plausible she would take it badly (she SORTA has in canon, although that was with longer-running friends and certainly wasn't outwardly directed).

Fifteen seconds later I could clearly hear the pony's loud, cheerful voice on the other end of the phone, and thirty seconds after that she was right back in my kitchen, whipping up another batch of cupcakes.
-I... SUPPOSE that was safe enough. Although I do wonder why he was not violently startled by her prompt arrival. Then again, being 2000 years old (and a genius?) he might know how to hike to Equestria through the Never Never if he cared to. I can rather imagine him arriving, scoping things out (playing the visiting dignitary), visiting the royal gardens, opening his Sight near Discord, mindlinking briefly and then deciding that Equestria is EXACTLY the wrong sort of place for Denarians to work. The only thing he would pause to investigate would be the possibility of making off with the EoH, but he might not be up to it.

"I like Rainbow Dash better." Hope declared, just to be contrary.
-And about here is where we figure out that the cartoon actually exists in Harry's world. Also, he seriously should have considered asking if O'Malley wanted to provide the site (the regular customers could join in too of course).

dealing with Pinkie had given me a few of the craziest hours of my life that didn't involve some form or mortal peril,
-Two things: First the "or" should be "of" or perhaps the phrase should be "some form or another of mortal peril.". Second, I wouldn't call trying to diplomatically field phone-calls from entities that might get (more) pissed off at you and pack more firepower than a squad of commandos definitively OUTSIDE the catagory of "mortal peril".

What the hay, why not?
-I... GUESS the "a" belongs between the "h" and the "y"...

Much to the shock of the three <redacted>, a pink pony suddenly burst out of <Redacted>'s trunk and shouted a single word. "FOREVER!"
-Nice follow-up, but it doesn't match quite as well...

-Overall, i would have liked to see a longer version of this. Something where the party actually happens (with about one tenth of those invited).

"This is so weird I don't know what else to but laugh at it" This is pretty much what I thought of this story :rainbowlaugh:
It was simply hilarious! I should really start reading the first book :pinkiehappy:

Basically the funniest story I've read so far, When Nicodemus called I Couldn't control the lulz :derpytongue2:

Finally on FIM fiction....This is one of my favorite crossovers.

Try "The Dresden Fillies" on Fanfiction dot net... lower on the humor, but still a FiM/Dresden crossover.

This was brilliant! You've explained everything very well without detracting from the flow at all, so even having never heard of 'The Dresden Files' myself, I still understood what was going on and still chuckled at the humour.

My favourite bit would have to be: "Pinkie says hi." I informed the two thousand year old demon lord. "Want some cupcakes?" :rainbowlaugh:

And I'd be interested to see how Harry Potter and friends deal with the situation, I can picture Snape turning out to be a brony... :pinkiegasp:

Im reading that one too.... BTW That story is on this site also



This is the best crossover that I've read on this site. FOREVER!
The characters' personalities are spot on (especially Pinkie and Harry) and oh man I had a compete nerd-out and I need to clean the drool off my keyboard.
Time to read the sequel!:pinkiehappy:

Michael is an AWESOME dad, and thank God and Lauren Faust for a "girl's" cartoon that boys and parents alike can love.

This was a great story. I'd love to move straight on to the next one, but I haven't read that far into the Dresden Files yet. Something to look forward to afterwards, then.

Michael's last line was priceless.

The first thing I said after this is
"Everyone knows that betraying a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose that friend."
...followed by wildly looking around for a pink pony

Did you say pinkie managed to invite Uriel. The archangel who gave dresden the ability for SOULFIRE(not sure if right) and he called back!?
Makes perfect pinkie sense

I thought about it for a second. What the hay, why not? "Sounds good." I went back into my kitchen, and grabbed as many of the cupcakes Pinkie had whipped up as I could. There was no way I could eat a couple dozen cupcakes by myself before they went stale, and I can't allow such delicious baked goods to go to waste, that would just be wrong. "Alright, bring on the girly cartoon ponies, Michael."

I thought about it for a second. What the hay, why not?

Sweet merciful Celestia. Pinkie hacked his brain.

I want this to be canon. So much.

Hell, I'll settle for Michael being a brony.

This story never fails to brighten my day.

I loved this story. I didn't even consider Dresden crossovers until i saw this.
Perfect character for everyone
5/5. Be happy this is the first one i have ever given.

I broke my funny bone from reading this. You will soon be getting a court summons in the mail. See you in pony court.:rainbowkiss:

A quick question before I read this:

Is it necessary to have read any or all of these "Dresden Files" to understand what is going on here? :trixieshiftleft:

You'll get a lot more of the jokes if you've read the Dresden books, but I think it's readable to someone who hasn't read them.

942675 Fair enough, I'll have a look at it then.

Eh, anticlimactic. Not really that funny, either. Sorry.

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