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Isn't this already on here?
I'm sure I've read it before.

Nope, brand new on here.

Must have been on google docs then.
Thats what I get for searching for these things.
Good day.:moustache:

Thought the exact same thing. Quick check through browser history showed that to be true. Loved it then, loved it now.

Not bad. The dialogue is enjoyable.

Yes yes, it did end up on heroku. However after a period of doing other things I've decided to pick it back up again and continue it.

Read the story, skimmed/skipped the clop.

Interesting concept. But there has been lots of futaDash. Wouldn't mind seeing a futaTwi TwiDash sometime for something unique.
Pre-established relationship. Both previously experienced. I like that.
Twilight as bi, Dash as gay. Eh I prefer them to both be bi, but whatever.
Descriptions and behavior pretty good. Dialogue a little lacking in characterization.
Interesting that you decided to give her testicles as well. Wasn't entirely clear if her teats or vulva remained or not.
The physical aspects of the sex itself I really glossed over as that is not my interest.
The emotional attraction and arousal between the two, Especially the sight of Twi's sex face sending Dash over the edge was very sweet.
What was going on with the magic at the end there though? The scene and Twilight's musings were vague, not sure what was being implied.

I've not seen/read much futaDash myself. Anyway, the implications will be obvious in chapter 2.


I've fallen out with clop overall but I do enjoy interesting concepts.
This one I find easier to digest than some others you wrote since it seems more balanced in terms of it's story direction and premise.

Nice story and I guess if this will be continued than maybe in there Twilight might become pregnant or at least whan I can imagine.


i bet the spell turns dash into a male. (not just in the groin) and twilight didn't tell dash because she would never agree. also after this i think dash might go bi.

"Chapter 2" you say? I'd wondered what you were implying at the end when I'd first read it. I'm glad this will be continued.

I agree. Sometimes... those eyes...
Mother of god.

That little part with the kissing.

Do not want. I am not forever alone.

But again. Sunovah bitch, those eyes.

Trollface pony is best. As for the story, it was enjoyable and I'm always a sucker for TwiDash.

*looks at picture* What the buck??? :rainbowhuh:

it would appear as if rainbow dash has become male
not enough data available to enable certainty

the best part
“…I’ll let you stick it in my ass!”
i rolled out of my seat laughing

> TwiDash futa clopfic
>Cosmonaut story
>Epic win

Oh god, yes. :rainbowwild:

We must say, thou hast done an amazing job with this literary work. Also, whoever downvoted this should be shot!

Feels rushed... pace yourself, that scene could've lasted twice as long.

Will happen!
Which scene? The screwing? It was shorter than my usual stuff because of the context.


The whole thing feels glossed over, rushed. There was more potential there.

To be fair, it was great; I enjoyed the hell out of it. However, everything seems to take place quickly, some stuff leading up to he sex could've been elaborated on. RD seems to change her mind about having a Meat-sword pretty damn quickly.

I'm a stickler, but i just feel i didn't have enough chance to enjoy each aspect of the scene long enough.

Either way I'm looking forward to the continuation.

(here have a big mac)

So glad this is being continued. Cosmo you're awesome. Hnnnnng.

awsome....that is all

so, um, is there gonna be more chapters?

You bet your sweet ass!

417570 thank the heavens
cause this was awesome, and when I saw incomplete I was Pinkie pie level excited:pinkiehappy:

So, Twilight said she'd take it in the ass...
Will we perhaps see that in future chapters?
I know I'd like to.:pinkiecrazy:

Not gonna lie, this is one of the hottest clopfics I've seen on here.

Me gusta... Also MOOAARR:flutterrage:

I hope Dash is not stuck as a boy, its just so over used.

but over all I liked it. a little ooc but still nice

Man I really hope Rainbow doesn't become a stallion, seems like a huge betrayal if this is what Twilight is doing

i hate clops but i cant stop reading oh god im starting to change

528793 why does this GIF look like something from Stargate

Update!!!!! :twilightangry2:

About time this updated! So, is Rainbow going to end up having some form of sex with the rest of the Mane 6? She boned Twilight, got a BJ from Pinkie... what's next? Anal with Fluttershy? :rainbowderp:

A new chapter.


Not bad, liked it a lot.

so, now Dash is cheating on twi?

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