Just My Type

by Cosmonaut

First published

Twilight Sparkle casts a slow process genderswap spell on Rainbow Dash, who quickly makes use of her new tools...

Twilight and Rainbow Dash are together and tonight's the first night they decide to get down and dirty. Before any real fun starts Twilight spills it that she prefers the male persuasion. With magic at her disposal she turns the blue pegasus into something more suited for her tastes...

Making Magic

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A slim red mare with her head thrown back and a possibly forced look of ecstasy sat over the side of the bed. The tawny colt behind had his head furrowed into a grimace, thrusting his hips into the smaller pony beneath him.

Twilight flipped the page.

A wild look in her eyes, another mare, silver with a long blonde mane was being rutted from behind by a stout -looking blue Pegasus. His face was cut off by the page but the focus was on the drooling unicorn in the middle. Her hair was astray, eyes rolling up the back of her head.

“Wow…” Whispered Twilight, feeling hotter by the second. “I should get magazines from Pinkie more often…”

Looking at pornography was never a part of Twilights’ literary concerns. Long ago, she had considered it immature to browse through such sordid reading material. After living in Ponyville for a few years, she’d eventually gotten around to relaxing her educational mind with some recreational works. Her mind wasn’t really into it yet. She was antsy. Distracted. For the third time her eyes drifted to her unlocked front door.

Tonight would be the first planned night with Rainbow Dash with the purpose of actually doing something together since they started hanging out as ‘more than close’ friends. The fact that they actually ended up liking each other still baffled Twilight. They were so different! Yet one fateful evening after Dash crashed into the treehouse (again) and over an argument in which they rose to a fever pitch they jumped together in a hasty, sloppy make out session.

Twilight stopped questioning their relationship a week later.

“Where did I put that book…aha!” she tossed the dirty magazine aside near a pile of Spikes’ blankets. Twilight flipped through the book, her purple eyes scanning the chapters until she found the page she was looking for. The contents were already memorized, but triple checking her work was crucial. No mistakes could be made. The spell she was looking at wasn’t too complicated for her and all the instructions were laid out plain as day. There were even some very satisfying visuals accompanying the process. Twilight felt butterflies flutter through her belly. She was really going to try this. Sure it was extremely uncommon. Of course it could be considered ‘taboo’ in a small town like Ponyville but this sort of magic wasn’t illegal.



The front door smashed wide open. A prismatic blur catapulted inside, burying itself into a previously organized bookcase.

“Rainbow! Are you okay?” Twilight rushed over to the upside -down Pegasus.

In a flash, the mare was upright and coolly brushing some dust off her shoulder. “No biggie Twilight. All your books cushioned my fall.”

Twilight wiped her brow. “Phew! You really need to be more careful. At that speed a pony could really get hurt.”

“For anypony else maybe,” shrugged Rainbow. Twilight magically returned the scattered texts to their proper places on the shelves. After the final book was set in place she nodded triumphantly to herself and turned around to Rainbow.


Before she could even get half a word out the violet mare found herself tackled and pinned to the floor. Rainbow Dash was instantly upon her with both of her hooves pressed down to her forelegs. Twilight gasped in surprise and was immediately suppressed with rainbow mashing her lips against her own, mouthing hungrily at Twilights tongue. Moaning softly she fought with the wild darting motion of that invasive tongue, clashing it with hers, pulling short breaths of air through their noses before Rainbow pulled away.3

“Wow…Rainbow you…” Twilight panted, her tongue lolling out of her mouth.

Rainbow smacked her lips.


Twilight arched her neck up a bit. “Think we could try something…uh, different tonight?”

“What’re you talking about now?” quizzed Dash.

“Like tonight we’re gonna…you know…”

Dash waggled her eyebrows. “Oh you know I know.”

The violet filly couldn’t help but giggle at Dash. Always with the bravado.

“Well right. See there’s this spell I wanted to try out-“

“A sexy spell?”

“Yeah…sure,” nodded Twilight. Rainbow Dash flapped her wings and removed herself off her marefriend. Twilight trotted over to her spell book -giving a playful little tug to that colorful tail along the wa- and opened it up to the page she had been studying. Rainbow flitted around the room impatiently.

“C’mon dude, tonight you said you felt ready to get down and dirty! I’m getting bored up here,” pressed Dash, landing on the floor.

“Just a second!” Twilight said.

“One second’s up!” returned Dash, inching towards Twilight like a cat stalking its prey.

“Then one minute please,”

“I’ve been waiting all day Twi,” Rainbow Dash smirked, ducking under Twilights’ upright tail.

“You could wait fifty five more secooOOoOh!” Twilights back shivered when, feeling a very wet tongue lathering her mound. There really was no time to waste with this eager Pegasus. It was horribly distracting, but sending all manner of delightful pleasures up her spine, and Twilight let her continue. It felt good, but this wasn’t the kind of satisfaction she had in mind.

“RainbAAh! Ooh! Alright I-I need you to just stop one second!”

Dash scoffed. “Another second? You’re killin’ me here, Twi.”

The Pegasus pouted and sat backwards on her haunches, crossing her forelegs in dismay. Twilights’ heart fluttered. Celestia, was she cute.

“Alright, so,” Twilight began delicately, “Remember how I told you about my coltfriend back in Canterlot?”

“Yeah? What about him?”

“Not anything important. Just wondering if you remembered me mentioning it,” said Twilight quickly.

“Yeah yeah. You said he didn’t find his studies important or something.”

“Right! Well the thing is that after I stopped seeing him I started…experimenting …with ponies of the same gender,” Twilight frowned at Dashs’ snickering. “What?”

“It’s just the way you say things sometimes,” replied Dash, still grinning wide.

Twilight rolled her eyes.

“Anyway…I realized I liked mares. More than colts.”

“That’s the ticket!”

“One of the things I didn’t really like though was uh, well…I mean it’s alright, but when it comes to a real, er, how do I put this…” Twilight rubbed her hooves together nervously. Rainbow Dash groaned loudly. “Just spit it out already!”

Twilights ears flattened. “ILIKESEXWITHBOYS!”

She gasped, feeling a weight rise off her chest. The reaction she got from Rainbow Dash wasn’t all that she’d expected.

“Chill out Twilight. I’ve heard that song and dance before,” said Rainbow nonchalantly, inspecting her hoof. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Oh!” Twilight blinked, feeling silly. Of course Rainbow wouldn’t care. She cringed inwardly, the weight of her lofty suggestion wearing heavily on her mind.

“That’s why we’ve got toys!” continued Rainbow Dash, wings flaring out in excitement. “Let’s run over to my place! I’ve got all sorts of stuff that’ll be right up your alley! I have dildos, plugs, all sorts of strap-ons, lube and there’s this one awesome thing you clasp onto your forehead-“

“Rainbow!” interrupted Twilight. “That’s uh, not what I had in mind.”

The front door that Dash was just walking out of shut quietly as the Pegasus mare turned around. “Really? That doesn’t make any sense Twilight. Which is kinda weird since you’re the pony who’s all about making sense.”

Twilight shifted awkwardly as Rainbow Dash pranced over, looking all sorts of puzzled.

“So what’re you getting at Twi?”

“I’ve tried…toys before. It’s not the same. I…I miss the real thing. Not that toys aren’t fun but…it’s not that great,” she admitted, her eyes downcast to the floor. Twilights’ horn glowed, the magic dragging over the spellbook and laying it at her forelegs. Rainbow Dash sat down in front of Twilight. The dots started connecting in her head.

“Twilight...are you trying to say what I think you’re trying to say?” she said cautiously.

Biting her lip Twilight nodded slowly. “Kind of in a-“

“No WAY Jose! I don’t want a big disgusting dick! Heck, Twilight I don’t even like looking at them when I’m flippin’ through my magazines, y’know,” Rainbow Dash snorted.

“But Rainbow, it’s just a spell! It’s not permanent!”

Twilight turned the book around so Dash could see. Two rosey eyes narrowed at a black and white illustration of an unsheathed penis.

“No.” she said flatly.

“Please?” asked Twilight lamely.

“No.” repeated Dash.

“Just once?”


“It’ll be fun!”


“You get to be on top!”

“Mmm,” Dash tilted her head up to the ceiling. “No.”

“…I’ll let you stick it in my ass!”

Rainbow Dashs’ eyes widened. “Whoa! You did not just say that. Twilight Sparkle you are…wow. I need a dictionary to find a word for you.”

“Please pleasepleasepleasepleeeaaase!” Twilight threw herself down at the floor. She glanced up at Dash with wide purple eyes. “It’s been just, been, so long since I’ve had sex. Actual sex. I mean I know what it’s like with two mares but it’s nothing compared to being…” Twilight shuddered, “having the real thing.”

Another no halfway formed on her lips Rainbow stopped. “Oh yeah? What about me? I’m just the new toy then?”

“No! That’s the thing! Sex for you would be even more fun. You like being on top, right? That’s exactly what you would be doing.”

Rainbow tapped her chin with a hoof.

“You say it isn’t permanent?”

“Not in the slightest!” offered Twilight enthusiastically.

“I won’t regret letting you do this?” said Dash in a low voice.

“It should be fun! You like fun things right?”

Rainbow Dash stared hard at Twilight. “I do, sooo…okay. Work your magic.”

“Yay!” Twilight practically jumped in the air. Rainbow cocked an amused eyebrow at her.

“Geez Twilight , were ya really that pumped for this?”

“Like you have no idea,” said Twilight, her horn buzzing with magic as she recanted the spell in her mind. “You may feel a tickling sensation.”

“Wonderful,” Dash rolled her eyes.

“Here we go!”

Twilights’ magic shot from her horn. Immediately Rainbow Dash was enveloped in swaths of pulsing violet magic. She stood stuck still, unafraid of the magic as it was something she’d been used to seeing coming from her friend. Rainbow ground her teeth. There was a sensation in her haunches. A strong rippling through her coat as if there were a funnel of air being blasted between her legs. She could feel the magic there. Her insides twisted. Her feathers ruffled.

Then it stopped.

“Phew! Easy!” Twilight said proudly.

“Easy,” repeated Dash. She worked her jaw, absently rotating her wings in their sockets. Her voice hadn’t changed. Nothing felt different. Nothing…too different. Rainbow gulped and craned her head to look at her different parts.

“D’you think it’s too…” Rainbow Dash trailed off, just studying her new equipment beneath her legs. A sheathed penis hung lamely before her, what looked to be a small pair of balls perched right behind.

“It looks perfect,” drooled Twilight, getting an eyeful of it herself. Everything looked suitably proportioned. It was a nice size. She felt herself getting hot, circling Rainbow hungrily.

“Okay…”began Dash. “Now?”

Twilight blinked. “Yes! Why wait!?” She turned herself around and presented herself, purple tail swishing to the side.


“What is it?” said Twilight tersely, glancing back.

“It’s supposed to…I’m not really…”

“UGH! Alright, look, just…sit,” commanded Twilight. Rainbow Dash sat on her rump. Snorting, Twilight marched over, glanced at Dash, turning her attention to that still sheathed penis. With her hoof she started rubbing gently at the soft flesh near the base of her sheath. Nothing happened at first, which sent quick panic through Twilights thoughts. Then after some more tending down there the tip of her cock began sliding out.

“Keep doing…what you’re doing,” moaned Dash somewhere above. Twilight clumsily rubbed the stiffening shaft slowly extending forth. It was nearly erect. A decent size too. Dark blue, almost black. Not as big as she expected, either. Twilight prodded it as the shaft of the cock stopped growing, the flat head glistening and throbbing. She was so horny she nearly sucked it into her mouth right there, had the burning in her haunches not increased tenfold. Twilight stepped back and Rainbow looked at her new cock.

“Wow…” was all she said. “It…sure is big.”

“Oh yes! Huge!” lied Twilight, knowing full well that it was actually a bit smaller than the usual colt. Telling her the truth would probably not be any help. Perhaps Rainbow had never seen an excited stallion before? That would be something to mull on later. It was time for fun.

Twilight turned around and presented herself. “Okay, Rainbow, you know how this works. Just hop on and get into the groove. Shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of it since you’ve practically done this before. Right?”

“So I just…” Rainbow stopped ogling her stiff member and trotted over to Twilight. The stiff organ between her legs was making her pacing weird. “Stick it in, right?”

“Yes! Mount me Dash! Don’t hold back,” replied Twilight with a flick of her tail.

Twilight felt a pair of hooves pressing into her flanks as Dash jumped up behind her. She heard light hoofsteps as the snorting Pegasus positioned herself, trying to line herself up. After being poked blindly a few times she felt Dash find her certainly moist lips and then plunged inside with one powerful buck.

“AH!” cried Dash in surprise. Twilight moaned underneath her but that was just random sound. This wasn’t just good. This felt amazing. Not only was she up to the hilt inside the purple mare beneath her, but she could feel everything. Every shift in breathing, every pleasurable shudder. She winced at these impossible, new sensations. Rainbow pulled out slowly, feeling Twilights’ tunnel giving a rippling squeeze over her cock.

“This. Is. AWESOME!” barked Dash, immediately finding a rhythm and fucking Twilight in a steady in-and-out motion. Rainbows’ wings unfurled and wrapped around Twilights sides, holding the filly steady as she started to really pound away at her pussy. With this leverage she could pull the entire length of her shaft out and thrust back in without missing a beat. Her skin felt hot, muscles in her thighs she’d never used beginning to ache already. The burn was intense and at the same time incomparable to the slickening warmth she was driving into over and over again. Twilight was right. Dildos definitely didn’t compare to the real thing.

Twilight folded her knees into the floor. Her plan was a total success, and Dash wasn’t disappointing. The Pegasus was full of energy and laying into her better than any lay she had before. The smaller size wasn’t even a concern at the moment. It was all about how to use it and was Dash one hell of a natural.

“YOW!” she yelped, feeling a hoof smack her flanks. She gasped, titling her head towards Dash.

“Aw yeah! You…like that!?” panted Dash, her hoof still raised.

“Ooh…I like it,” cooed Twilight.

Rainbow Dash smacked her rump again.

“Now tell me you love it!” she growled.

“AH! I, HAH! AH! LOOoOoOooo…” Twilight came, sputtering off into nonsensical words and writhing spastically beneath Rainbow. Rainbow placed her hoof where she smacked her flank, suddenly picking up the pace. That was just the reaction Dash wanted. The Pegasus could feel Twilights’ orgasm, her inner walls crushing around her shaft, massaging it, squeezing and un-squeezing rhythmically. Over the course of their coupling she could feel the pressure building up in her balls. It motivated her to fuck even harder, her goal to get to orgasm.

Twilight lolled her head around “oooOOH! Yes….rut me Dash!” She turned around to get a look at Rainbow Dash. Their eyes met and Rainbow Dash momentarily broke her concentration. Twilights’ face was that of relaxed pleasure, purple hair glued to her forehead. Her tongue was hanging out, panting heavily, batting her eyes slowly.

“GAH! NG!” instantly she felt that pressure in her loins mount. She lost her rhythm completely and bucked wildly into Twilights backside, her cock twitching and spurting inside her. Dash couldn’t believe it. Her cock was like a lightning bolt buzzing her with pleasure. For those few seconds she was lost in the orgasm. It was the most unreal thing she ever felt.

She bucked softly into Twilights rear another few times. Dash sighed contently, pulling out. A quiet *pop* was barely heard, the creamy white cum oozing in a small stream from Twilights pussy.

“Verdict?” Twilight said, her voice soft.

“That…oh…hah, hahaha!” Dash laughed in response, and smackedher lips. “That was amazing!”

“See? I told you that it would feel great!”

Rainbow grinned again, then yawns loudly. Her wings drooped. Twilight eyed her flaccid penis slowly retreating back into its sheath.

“Done for the night already? I guess I was too much to handle for you…” Twilight said with a cheeky smile. Rainbow Dash yawned again and waved a dismissive hoof at her.

“It’s not that, but doing all that was more tiring then usual y’know,” said Dash quietly, eyelids half lidded and falling fast. “I’ll just…be ready for you tomorrow or something…”

Twilight chuckled to herself as Rainbow Dash drifted off to sleep, snoring softly on the carpet. Everything had gone perfect and she felt so, sooooo satisfied after that bout. Actually it was a little surprising how quickly the cyan mare had tuckered herself out. Then again it wasn’t extremely unbelievable. After all, this would be a night to remember…with perhaps more to come.

Nestling down next to her she watched Rainbow intently. Her chest rose and fell softly, nose crinkling with each muffled snore. The blue hairs on her back rose as if charged by static electricity. Her body glowed a soft purple for two seconds then, just as quick as it started, everything stopped.

“Hm, that took longer than I thought,” muttered Twilight. The spell she had cast took hadn’t taken the full effect but there were some evident physical changes. She yawned, tired herself. Twilight snuggled under a feathery blue wing. If there was going to be any worrying done it would be done tomorrow.

Tempting Treats

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Morning sunlight was just peeking through the window when Rainbow Dash began to stir. It wasn’t the sun that stirred her awake. The sounds of chirping birds were everywhere. To normal ponies they weren’t a big deal. For the sensitive ears of the average Pegasus they could drive one nuts with the noise. Dash tried to ignore it best she could, snuggled up to her mare she flattened her ear with every intention to muffle it. With the addition of a woodpecker banging its beak against the tree, Rainbow Dash groaned loudly.

“Alright! Alriiight! I’m up!” she said to nopony in particular. Every part of her felt stiff from sleeping on the floor. Of course her left foreleg was crushed under her torso for the night. Dash rubbed it to get the blood flowing again. There was a yawn from beside. Her antics caused Twilight to wake up.

“Morning, hot stuff,” said Dash, giving Twilight a quick nuzzle. “You sleep good?”

“Well…no,” Twilight responded with a chuckle, “so next time I try letting you fall asleep on the floor puh-lease smack me in the back of the head or something. My back is killing me.”

The purple unicorn made a show of stretching out her back. Bones creaked and popped quietly as they set back in her joints. The feeling was finally returning to Dashs’ foreleg. Twilight shivered from the loss of heat from Dashs ‘side. In a flash, the cyan Pegasus had returned to her, draping a wing over her flanks.

“Thanks,” smiled Twilight. “Next time I’ll magic the two of us a blanket.” Twilight nuzzled her mane, and Rainbow Dash lowered her head to her lips instead, finding her mouth and meeting her for a quiet kiss. They briefly met with their tongues, sliding them over in each others’ mouth, before Twilight broke away.

“You were amazing last night! That was undeniably the best time I’ve ever had with another pony. Ugh! So good! I don’t suppose it’s comparable to anything! That’s how good you were , Dash.”

“Heh, wow,” Dash felt a blush warming her cheeks. “I didn’t think I did that good a job but yeah,” she flipped her mane back and struck what she thought was a painfully cool pose, “I’m pretty awesome.” The sound of her stomach rumbling filled the room. “What’re we doing for breakfast Twi?”

“MMmmm…what should we do for breakfast,” she repeated back in a sing-song voice. “How about we go into the kitchen? I’ll boil some spring water I have bottled up. Crack open some eggs, four of them sunny-side up, make some fluffy buttermilk pancakes, tangy slices of oranges with red delicious apples and crisp celery stalks. Sound good?”

“Ugh! Why aren’t we in there making that right now!? You just made me even hungrier! C’mon let’s eat!” Rainbow Dash unwrapped her wing from Twilights side and pranced over to the kitchen. Then she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Twilight…I still have the thing,” she said, her voice switching to a serious monotone. “It’s still there. Isn’t it supposed to go away?”

Twilights’ eyes widened. “Oh…right, well.”

“Hey, you said! Remember?”


“Twilight I can feel it!” Rainbow Dash turned around to glare at Twilight face to face. “I don’t want it anymore.”

Feeling cornered, Twilight sat down to try explaining herself. Truthfully, no such spell exists for giving a mare a magical male penis, and in the same sense the opposite isn’t possible. Last night Twilight had cast a standard spell for swapping a ponys’ gender. Of course Twilight had altered the spell in such a way that only the part she had wanted appeared at first. Since it was transformation basedl it would continue channeling its magical path towards making Dash male. Thanks to her foresight, the spell would only activate under a special circumstance.

Rainbow Dash was less than pleased.

“Change me back right now!” she demanded with a stomp of her hoof. “I’m totally not cool with this.”

“Well, I don’t want to do it right now. Practicing magic on an empty stomach can lead to less than pleasant results ,Rainbow,” said Twilight curtly. “Let’s sit down and eat.”

“What? No way? I can’t eat when I’ve got a big sloppy dick getting in the way,” Rainbow gestured to her big sloppy dick. “Look! It’s getting hard again.”

Sure enough, Dash was getting an erection. The jet black shaft slid out of its sheath, throbbing in the air as blood rushed through it. In almost comical fashion Rainbow Dash tapped the head of it. Her dick bobbed lazily in the air. Twilights eyes widened. It had gotten bigger.

“Why is it up?” asked Dash. “It’s just, Twi, this feels really weird.”

“It’s just a typical biological reaction where the capillaries of the penis fill-“

“English,” interrupted Dash. “Please.”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “It’s just morning wood. It happens to every penis, every time you wake up. Perfectly normal.”

“This is seriously going to cut into my nap time today,” moaned Dash. “I’ve got things to do!”

Twilight gawked. “You have things to do on a Sunday? Really Rainbow? Just what things do you of all ponies need to get done today?”

Hurriedly so as to get the point across Rainbow Dash laid out her day plan. There was her Sunday morning cloud-clearing duty she shared with Cloudkicker and Blossomforth, followed by napping, then exercise, a trip to Sugarcube Corner to hang out with Pinkie Pie, more napping and to finish the rest of the day off she needed to help clear out some field in Sweet Apple Acres she owed Applejack for the past two weeks.

“Do you usually fit a weeks’ worth of things to do in a single day?” the very concept was staggering Twilights inner neat-freak. Compared to how timely her own calendar was the very thought was obscene. “What do you do for the rest of the week!?”

“Work, stuff, napping…you,” Dash smirked, then let it fall to a frown as she glanced to her wilting member. The offending appendage slipped back inside its sheath.

“There!” exclaimed Twilight. “When it’s like that nopony can barely see it.”

“Yeah! On the ground maybe!” Rainbow stretched out her wings. “I fly around. I don’t think broadcasting to everypony in town about this is my plan.”

Twilight facehoofed. “Right! Sorry…listen, there’s two ways I can fix this. The first is I brew a special concoction out of a variety of hard to collect herbs growing out in the Everfree Forest to inhibit the latent magical binds within your body so I can dispel them with my magic.”

“Uhuh,” nodded Dash.

“The other method is where I cast the rest of the spell to turn the rest of you into a complete male stallion so I can cast the counter spell…which takes around two hours for the magic to settle in your body before switching you to female is safe.”

“Okay, so do the first one,” Dash casually inspected her hoof. Not receiving an immediate answer she peeled her eyes away to notice Twilight staring hard at her.


“You’d rather me go into the forest to collect a bunch of plants that may or may not be growing there just so you don’t have to be a colt for maybe eighty minutes?” the contempt in her voice was growing with every word. “Aren’t you being a little bit self-concerned over your looks here?”

Tact wasn’t a strong trait for Rainbow Dash.

“I am EXTREMELY concerned that because of you that I am sort of freak for the rest of the day. So yeah, Twilight, I’m kinda pissed off right now,” she glared right back at the purple mare, ears flat and eyes full of fire. “It’s because of your stupid selfishness that I just HAD to have one of these in the first place!”

“Well, you seemed okay with it at the moment!” seethed Twilight.

“Puh-leeze! It’s hard saying no when somepony is begging for it!” returned Dash, getting in her face.



Dash turned for the door, flicking Twilight in the nose with her tail.



The library door slammed loud enough to echo through the entire tree. A few loose books clattered off the shelves around her and hit the floor with soft thunks. Twilight bit her lip, and then threw her head back in a furious shout.

“Rainbow Dash,” she growled to herself, magically re-sorting the books and other fallen knick-knacks to the shelf. “Why can’t she be more reasonable? Always has to be a hot head over things.”

“Just like you sometimes can be,” said a little voice in the back of her head.

Twilight huffed, deciding to force that notion out of her head. Flying off the handle wasn’t something she did.

“But that’s wrong,” memories flashed of her little incident with the Want it Need it spell.

The sigh escaped her lips immediately. Regret seeped into the back of her mind. Surely she wasn’t the bad guy here. Playing over the recent events in her mind she made the decision that clearly, what just happened ended up with her at fault. She loved Rainbow Dash for who she was, that devil-may-care attitude, her striking good looks, how easily she could flip back and forth between cute and sultry with just a shift of her body weight or the tone of her voice. Imposing her old preferences upon her to satisfy herself was being completely selfish. No doubt that Rainbow was proud of herself for exactly what she was. Only now did she truly realize what she was doing to damage the new relationship they had only fostered last month.

Even the matter of visiting the Everfree was just her blowing things out of proportion. It wasn’t like she was a weak little unicorn who couldn’t handle anything short of a hydra. Not to mention that the odds were good that Zecora would have everything she would need, cutting short the trip anyway. The inner feelings of disgust gnawed at her conscience. If there was any other pony that could offer romantic advice in this town, it would be Rarity. Twilight gathered her saddlebags and, being sure to magically lock the doors, headed out towards Carousel Boutique.





One by one the clouds covering the eastern quarter of Ponyville were annihilated by a swift buck from Rainbow Dashs’ strong hind legs. It was doing wonders for blowing off steam after her spat with Twilight. Could that pony blow a fuse! Yelling never made her feel better though. Losing an old friend hurts. Losing one that shared an intimate relationship hurt even more. Thinking about it was driving her nuts. Of course, getting distracted by that stupid thing between her haunches was even worse. It would get hard and stiff for no reason at all. Waiting for it to go back down was the worst. Rainbow hated waiting. She continued kicking away at every single cloud she could spot. Even now she could feel another one coming on.

“Wow…it looks like you really took care of things today, Rainbow,” came a voice from above.

Rainbow Dash froze mid-kick. Eyes darting upwards she spotted Blossomforth and Cloudkicker descending on her fast. In a flash she dived inside the puffy cloud she was just about to obliterate.

“Um…something wrong boss?” asked Blossomforth, settling on a strip of nimbus nearby. Looking around she could see that this part of town was nearly clear of all traces of cloud. “Weren’t we supposed to do some of this?”

The upper half of Rainbow Dash popped out of the cloud. “Yeah, but, y’know, since you guys are such good workers all the time I figured I’d give you two a break! Hehe, I did pretty good huh?”

The two Pegasi stared at each other suspiciously, and then back at their boss. Rainbow Dash squirmed, still feeling her appendage stiffening.

“What’re you two looking at me like that?” bristled Dash. “I’m just doing you a favor for picking up my slack all those other times. Aren’t I like, the best boss around town or what?”

“I can go grab lunch early today,” said Cloudkicker enthusiastically. “Wanna come with Blossom?” She waggled her eyebrows.

“Sure!” she grinned, flashing her friend a brilliant white smile. “Let’s get going before there’s a line! We’ll split it.”

Just like that the pair of Pegasi were out of her mane. Sighing in relief, Rainbow wiped the sweat out of her brow. Opening up the cloud ,she glowered at her erection. Arousal for her as a mare was familiar for her. She knew how that felt: warm, wet, a little slippery but for the most part undetectable. As a colt it was horrible. It would come on with little warning and before she knew it there was a big, throbbing thing growing out of her crotch just aching to be seen by everypony around. It was still sensitive as well…like she was walking around with a giant throbbing clitoris attached to her. After a few minutes it finally began to subside.

At least the first thing she had to do today was done. Napping was usually her little reward for all the hard work she did but...risking somepony stumbling onto her while asleep wasn’t a favorable prospect. Especially with her tendency to toss and turn while sleeping. Pinkie Pie wanted to show her some new confectionary concoction so, with a quick sweep of the skyline to see if there were any other Pegasi about, Dash rocketed off to Sugarcube Corner.


“This one’s got cotton candy flavored filling filled up inside!”


“This one’s got gumdrops!”

“Oh yeah,”

“These two are both filled with licorice!”


Pinkie Pie beamed, setting down her first tray of tarts that she had baked last night. They were her brainchild, and while she would normally show her treats to the Cakes for taste tasting, this was going to be a surprise. Sometimes they would try her stuff only to see the looks on their faces switch to the grossest gross faces ever but then tell her it was okay. They were not okay. As an upcoming pastry chef prodigy Pinkie wanted her pastries to be the best possible pastries they could possibly be.

The two ponies were of course standing in her room upstairs. Pinkie Pie wanted absolute privacy for the pastry taste testing. Even Gummy was locked away in the bathroom, floating in the tub with his water wings on.

“So which do you wanna try first, Dash?” Pinkie Pie bounced in place excitedly. “I’d go with chocolate cranberry myself but you can go right ahead and just do whatever you feel like!”

“Sure…let’s go with gumdrops to start off with ,okay?” said Dash, reaching for the powder covered treat on the tray that Pinkie was pointing at. The treat was warm and gooey in her hoof. Pinkie Pies’ bright blue eyes were boring into her own with an intensity she’d never seen. Dash took a cautious bite.

“MMmmm, shucks Pinksh, thish is delishishus!” she said between chewing the rest of the tart. “Thanksh!”

“No problem!” Pinkie clapped her hooves together excitedly. “Now tell me tell me TELL ME what you liked the most! Was it the flavor? Consistency? Crust?!”

“Uh,” Dash shrugged. “It was good. I liked that I could, um…really taste the flavor the most?”

“WHOO HOO!” Pinkie jumped up and did a backflip. “Alright now try the rest!”

“Which one should I do next?” Dash licked her lips.

Pinkie grabbed the darker pastry on the tray. “This one! I want to hear everything!”

“Alright!” she plopped the whole thing in her mouth in one big chomp.

Her tastebuds were screaming. The tart was the most horrific tasting thing she’d ever have in her mouth. Eyes watering she painfully swallowed the tart down. Pinkie Pie was observing in rapt attention.

“Wellllll?” Pinkie asked as Dash wiped her mouth.

“Pinkie Pie that was,” Dash paused, Pinkie Pie was looking up at her expectantly, “the most horrible, disgusting, gross thing I ever ate. Sorry…”

“Okey-dokie-Loki! I’ll cut the licorice!” said Pinkie cheerfully. Dash cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh…uh, cool I guess. I thought you’d be upset.”

“Nah. I just need to know what works and what doesn’t! Now let’s get back to tasting tarts!”

For the next half hour or so they went back and forth with Dash eating the tarts and Pinkie Pie collecting her feedback on what was delicious and what needed work. One by one they moved from cranberry to wilder confectionary treats such as chocolate cherry banana split. An hour passed. By the time Dash was finished tasting and reviewing every tart, her belly was full and she felt good. Pinkie Pie had a pink notepad out and was scribbling down everything she could.

“Okay, Dashie, just two more!” Pinkie Pie plopped a plain pair of tarts down.

“I dunno Pinkie. Feelin’ kinda full right now…” admitted Dash, stifling a burp.

“Oh please please pleeeaaase! Just one bite!”

“Y’know I didn’t even get to do any real exercise today.”

“Rainbow, please!”

Pinkie Pie put on her biggest smile –she was practically begging with her eyes.

“Sure thing…” Dash grinned. One bite couldn’t hurt. Giving it a cautious sniff, she took a tentative bite of the bare pastry. Grape flavored jelly filled her mouth. “It’s very…plain, Pinkie Pie. The jelly’s great but,” she licked her lips, “but the outside isn’t too sweet.”

A loud smack rang through the air with Pinkies facehoof. “Oh my gosh I forgot! This one I did in a rush and forgot the sugar coating! Sit right in that spot while I grab it!”

Pinkie zipped over to her dresser in the other side of the room. Rainbow planted her rump on the floor to watch. Naturally her dresser drawers were packed with back up snacks, treats, party supplies and emergency baking supplies. Organizing all these things were beyond her of course.

“Yeesh! Where did I put that thing!” muttered Pinkie Pie, moving to the bottom drawer and wildly tossing things around. Tubes of glitter glue and rolled -up streamers sailed past her head. A box of crayons hit the table and spilled onto the floor. Rainbow watched in amusement as Pinkie frantically dug around in search of her sugar. Her big round pink butt was swaying in front of her, that wild tail of hers bobbing back and forth as if attached to a spring. She sighed, wondering how a pony that hyper could still be slim around the middle and walk around with an ass like that. If she ever had a-


There was an unwelcome twitch in her loins. Dash looked down in panic to see her sheath stirring. Quickly she slammed her forelegs together in an attempt to hide her growing member from Pinkie. Stupid. Looking at Pinkies dumb butt of all things!

“Fooouuund it!” sang the pink mare from across the room. With a small white tube of sugar in her mouth she bounded back over.

“Heh, great! Pinkie! Let’s get taste tasting!” offered Dash, becoming more uncomfortable by the second. She could feel the tip of her penis pushing against the back of forehooves. It was still stiffening, beginning to bend slightly, forcing its way between her legs.

“Something wrong Dash?” asked Pinkie.

“N-No!” A single bead of sweat ran down her forehead. Pinkie was staring hard at her, fluttering those bright blue eyes in confusion. The tip of her erection was pushing harder against her legs. It pulsed with her heartbeat.

“Oh my gosh! Rainbow Dash!” gasped Pinkie Pie. “Is that a,” she swiveled her head around the room to look for invisible eavesdroppers, then lowered her voice. “Do you have a penis?”

Dash gulped, then sighed, looking down at her legs. Sure enough she hadn’t done a good enough job covering herself. The dark flat head of her penis was peeking through her legs. It was completely visible against her coat. Her apparently not-so-little secret out, she spilled what happened to her as fast as she could, covering most of the details. The request from Twilight, the sex, the little fight, random erections while working, now here.

Pinkie Pie started snorting in laughter.

“Oh silly! I don’t care! Sounds like you and Twilight had a lot of fun being super busy last night! As for getting all hard, that happens to every boy everywhere! I mean I KNOW you aren’t a boy but it’s just a normal thing that happens to their thingies!” she giggled again. “It’s not a big deal. I mean, it’s a big deal for you, Rainbow Dash! Lemme see! Lemme see!”

“What!? Ew! You want to see it? Why’d you even ask me something like that?” quizzed Dash.

“Duh! You only said it would go away eventually!”

“Yeah ,as a good thing!”


“Just open your legs a little!”

Dash moaned and slowly opened her legs, flinching when Pinkie Pie got right up to her throbbing member to inspect it, as if though it were some fascinating object to behold and not some heavy burden to fly around with. Pinkie took in the whole sight with some sort of childlike gusto. She was even close enough that Dash could feel her warm breath caressing her shaft, making her shudder at the oddly pleasurable sensation.

Pinkie gave it a lick.

“AGH! What was that for!” Dash yelped and nearly jumped out of her skin. “Did you just lick it!?”

“Yeah? So?” Pinkie said acting like this was the most normal thing ever. “Something wrong?

Dash scoffed. “Why?”

“Welll…since you spent like, all this time helping me out with my super secret pastry tasting I was wondering how I could return the favor in a special way! So look now that you have one of these,” Pinkie gave it a light flick with her tongue, making Dash shiver. “It’s the perfect way! For a favor, one free BJ!”

“Bee-jay?” repeated Dash, tilting her head.

“Blow job silly!” Pinkie Pie chuckled. “It feels super good! Plus, since you skipped your nap time it’ll help you fall asleep! A real stallion always feels tired after having one! Soooo?”

Dash opened her mouth to instantly reject it but paused. Her friend was being sincere. There was no shame in admitting that it did feel good. Really good. She could definitely use a nap too. Sitting on the floor, leaning back, her haunches spread and having her silliest friend giggling and licking her privates didn’t seem to have a lot of downsides. Pinkie was already putting her tongue back to business, gently swirling it around the top of her dick and sending really good sensations through her body. A relaxed sigh escaped her lips.

“Go for it I guess…”

Pinkie smiled hugely and, with little fanfare, opened her mouth all the way and swallowed Dashs length down the base of her dick.

“OH! Whoa!” gasped Dash, floored by the sudden warmth enveloping her dick. It brought back fleeting thoughts of last night only a bit tighter. Pinkies tongue found its way all over her aching shaft. It felt so good. Dash tilted her head back, getting another welcome surprise as Pinkie began fondling her balls with a free hoof. That felt really good. After this maybe she would play with herself.

Pinkie slurped happily, thinking this was the funniest thing ever. Giving head to one of her friends while she was still a girl. How nuts! Pinkie found it neat how good a fit Dash was too. The end of her dick was just edging at the back of her throat. A dribble of warm precum was leaking from the tip. Pinkie pulled her head up, pressing her tongue against the underside of the throbbing shaft all the way to the tip, and lapped up the sweet liquid. Dash groaned above. The cool breeze of a flapping wing graced her flanks.

“Celestia…Pinkie you’re amazing at this…” panted Dash.

“Mhmmm,” agreed Pinkie, swallowing her length back into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm!”

It was definitely fun. Pinkie inhaled, sucking harder and massaging her over the throbbing dick inside her mouth. It twitched inside her mouth. Pinkie felt the balls held in her hoof tighten. There was a stronger twitch. Dash moaned even louder above and Pinkie felt a pair of hooves pressed against the top of the head as Rainbow tried to push Pinkie deeper at her shaft. She was close now. Pinkie felt the head of the shaft throbbing at the back of her mouth, the tip flaring out. Dash squeezed her thighs hard against the side of Pinkies head.

Dash groaned even louder. Her coat was on fire. She felt unbelievably close, completely consumed by Pinkie’s mouth. Whistling filled her ears. Her entire body began to tingle, focusing on her unbelievably hard dick being caressed by Pinkie. Almost there. She started softly bucking into her face. It was like she was going to explode.

Pinkie’s eyes widened. Instead of an immediate orgasm she felt something else. Dashs’ dick started growing. Pinkie focused best as she could at the base of the shaft. She could feel it inside her mouth, lengthening, becoming thicker, wider, really filling her mouth. Jaw beginning to ache, she opened it wide as she could to try and accommodate the pulsing monster, breathing through her nose in short rapid bursts as the tip forced itself down the very back of her throat.

Then Dash came. What felt like a flood of hot stick semen gushed forth from her dick, splashing and pulsing violently, pouring gallons of her seed down into her gullet. Pinkie place a hoof at the base of the shaft, realizing she wasn’t even taking the whole thing at this point. She gulped it down best as she could, swallowing the sticky fluid splashing into her throat. Her eyes started watering. The world in front of her was getting hazy. She needed to breathe! A little desperately she tapped on Dashs’ throbbing cock, hoping to get her attention.

Finally it stopped. Pinkie heard a sigh from very far away as Dashs’ orgasm subsided to a dribble. Pinkie gasped hugely when it finally left her mouth. There was nothing staining her lips save for a final dribble of white as she panted heavily. She finally looked up to Dash.

“Pinkie…it wasn’t…this big.”

Dash looked pale. Although it was manageable to hide well enough earlier when sheathed, and only a little difficult when it was erect, now her dick was worthy of comparison to some of the larger stallions she’d seen. The long, girthy shaft bobbed in the air, slick and still pulsing weakly from the orgasm. Dash leaned back, the now larger member slapping wetly against her belly. It was deflating back into its sheath; though even that was proportionally bigger and more noticeable. Shifting her weight, Dash felt the new sensation of her heavier blue sack resting on the floor. It was a wholly unnerving experience.

“Uh, yeah! It got a lot bigger! I almost choked on it!” said Pinkie irritably. “Next time give me a heads up before you do that.”

“Do wha-? Pinkie Pie! I didn’t know that was going to happen!” Dash took to the air in a huff, her big member dropping in front of the pink mares face. “My dick got even bigger!”

“Ooh…wow. It really really did get a whole lot bigger,” Pinkie ogled it, and her two larger balls swinging pendulously beneath. “Hey! I bet now you can give yourself your own BJs!”

“This isn’t funny! What am I gonna do now!” asked Dash desperately.

“Have a nap?” offered Pinkie.

“I don’t feel like napping!”

“Well I do! I am pooped!” Pinkie spun in place and tossed herself flat on the floor.

“Pinkie! This is serious!” Dash landed on the floor. “What do I do?”

“OH! You can do me a big return favor! I need you to help Fluttershy! Rarity says she’s sick and needs some of this to feel better.” Pinkie darted across the room, opened up the top drawer of her dresser, pulled out two large mason jars filled with what looked like apple juice, and stuffed them into Dashs saddlebags. “It’s super important you do this for Fluttershy! I’d go do it myself by I spent my entire break with you so now I actually need to get back to work!”


“Don’t worry your silly little head Dash! I’m sure Twilight’s probably almost done with her anti wiener spell anyway! I bet nopony will even notice!” Pinkie darted downstairs in a hurry.

Dash took a few cautious steps walking around the room in a wide circle. It was a minor nuisance before. With every hoofstep she could feel the heavy weight beneath her haunches –the jostling of her larger balls. The odd shift within her sheathed penis. Celestia it felt huge. Dash considered retreating home for the rest of the day.

She sighed, the weight of whatever apple drink in her saddlebags bringing her out of that plan. Fluttershy needed help. Applejack was still owed a day of work. There was no way she was going to abandon that because of her new penis. If anything they might just laugh it off like Pinkie as no big deal.

Rainbow spread her wings, checked outside for any nearby Pegasi or other spectators, and took off.

Mushroom Special

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“Just another glass of ice water, thanks.”

“Here you are. I’ll return for your order whenever you are ready, Miss Dash, unless you wish to place an order now?”

Dash looked at the menu and sighed. She was sitting at one of the big mushroom tables in an outdoor restaurant with the two jars of medicine packed in her saddlebags resting in the seat across of her. What she really wished was for a little more peace and quiet to think of things. It was mid-day and she needed a drink. For lunchtime, it was unusually empty. Even the interior of the restaurant was bare.

“I think I’ll just stick with the water for now,” Dash said, closing the menu and grinning sheepishly.

The waiter nodded sagely and trotted quickly back into the restaurant, returning with a silver pitcher of iced water and immediately filling her glass.

“Why’s it so dead here?” asked Dash, gesturing to the empty seats. “Usually you guys have a ton of ponies out here for lunch.”

“Well, Miss Dash, it’s the fault of low class cuisine I’m afraid,” said the waiter morosely, his mustache twitching. “That Hayburger has released their new barbecue veggie sticks and everypony in town is likely there munching on that tripe.”

Dashs eyes widened. “Oh yeah!! That was today? No wonder ‘kicker and Blossomforth were so happy to leave work…”

“Yes well,” the waiter set the pitcher on the table. “It’s quite dull inside and I’m playing Cards against Equestria with my co-workers. If water is all you desire, I’d prefer to leave the pitcher here so you may refill at your leisure.”

“Sure!” Dash took a sip. “Go right ahead! Have fun and stuff!”

With a graceful nod the waiter trotted back indoors. Dash gulped down her glass and refilled it, sipping it this time and glancing to her left. There was a big window to her left showing the empty inside of the restaurant. In the far back she could see the staff playing the card game, but what Dash was really focusing on was her reflection, and how her changed body felt. Though her face didn’t look different, her body seemed to be starting to. Overall she looked thicker; stockier and stronger. Dash kicked her legs, noting they seemed closer to the floor than before. She slowly extended her wings out until they were splayed far as they could go. Even her wingspan was larger. She knew it was almost six feet but now it appeared her feathers had grown. They looked pretty good on her too.

“Admiring your looks, darling?”

Dash snapped her wings shut with a yelp.

Rarity giggled, trotting over to the table. “Don’t fret dear, I get caught doing much of the same all the time,” she said, striking a pose herself in the mirror. Rarity had her saddlebags on and stuffed with shiny fabrics.

“Whats up Rarity?” asked Dash nervously, shifting in her seat to ensure her lower half was covered by the mushroomy table. For added measure Dash leaned her forelegs on the table and pulled it almost directly on her lap.

“I am designing a fancy new dress for this summer,” Rarity pulled out one of the shiny fabrics with her magic, hovering it around Dash. “What do you make of this color? Do you like the vibrancy?”

Dash ogled the bright blue green fabric with little regard. “It’s pretty bright.”

Rarity scoffed, tapping her hoof. “Indeed, Rainbow Dash, I already know how bright it is. Do you care for it?”

“I guess?”

“Right,” Rarity stuffed the fabric away and eyed Rainbow Dash. “I can see you're a little upset.”

Dash gulped, pulling the mushroom table ever so slightly down onto her lap. “What? Me? Upset? I’m not upset. What would I be upset about?”

“Well, if I were you, I would be upset about being such an awful fibber,” Rarity giggled demurely. “But I am not you, and it seems right now you are upset over Twilight Sparkle.”

Dash’s jaw dropped, sending Rarity into another set of giggles.

“How’d you know?” asked Dash.

“Because you’ve got pink in your mane, darling” Rarity said confidently.

“But I don’t have pink in my mane!” retorted Dash, indignantly fluffing her azure streaks of hair.

Rarity's magic buzzed through her locks, pulling out near invisible strands of hair and collecting them on the table. “Oh but you do darling, and they just so happen to be the roseate color stripe that runs through Twilight's mane, and there's quite a bit more in here than usual, leading me to believe that you were either wrestling for a couple hours earlier today or…” Rarity's voice lowered, “nestled in a lovers embrace for many hours over the course of the night.”

“Nothing gets past you does it Rares,” Dash said dejectedly.

“Oh come now, I don’t mean to tease or pry, but I could offer some advice if you’re going through a lovers spat. Perhaps getting it off your chest will make you feel better?”

“Will it?” Dash squirmed in her seat.

“Very much yes! Why, if you don’t talk about it, it’ll just eat away at you inside all day long. If you do not speak up, I guarantee you’ll feel terrible all day,” Rarity said urgently.

“Fiiiine,” Dash threw her forelegs up in defeat,” okay I’ll tell you. Here’s the short of it. Me and Twi like each other. We’re a thing, and we’ve been making out and doing stuff together. Yesterday she tells me that she kinda wants,” Rainbow Dash bit her lip, not exactly wanting to reveal her new dick to Rarity, “that she wants me to be different for her. Y’know, change how I am. I got mad at her and said some things and then I split. I’ve been thinking of it since this morning.”

Rarity paced back and forth in front of the table, absorbing this information. “I see, I see. Well, Rainbow Dash, considering your lack of relationship experience I cannot say I’m too surprised. The thing with relationships is that there must be a give and take. A one-sided relationship with a companion will not work out. So in essence there must be sacrifices…”

“Uh-huh,” Dash said lamely.

“Sacrifices for the sake of the relationship. I’m certain while there are habits and the like Twilight wishes for you to change, that you may also want the same for her, even if you don’t quite know them yet…”


“For example, say you love to do a rigorous wake-up exercise every Tuesday morning-”

Rarity continued to prattle on but Rainbow Dash had already tuned her out. For the first time in forever Dash was noticing Rarity's flanks. Really noticing them. The near snow-white coat was clean and practically glowed in the warm midday sunlight, and the blue gem cutie marks glittered in the light like the real thing. That rump though, was curvy and tight and jiggled wonderfully with every step Rarity was taking. That long, royal purple tail swished around invitingly, like a tantalizing fishhook trying to bait attention to that perfect ass. It was easy to imagine those round flanks jiggling rhythmically in tune with a proper rutting, or seeing light red hoofmarks painting pink semi-circles all over her perfect rear with hefty slaps-

Oh no.

There was a strong stirring in her crotch. Her cock was slipping out of her sheath and rapidly hardening, fueled by the sight of Rarity's amazing ass and Dash's own dirty thoughts. In a desperate attempt to quell her arousal, she tried switching her thoughts to anything unarousing, but it was no use, with Rarity's butt practically dancing in front of her such thoughts were impossible. Dash bit her lip, an image of her rutting the prissy unicorn on the table in full view of a cheering audience flashing in her mind.

“Urrnh,” Dash groaned.

“Sorry?” Rarity paused.

“Nothin’. Just gas,” said Dash quickly.

Rarity wrinkled her nose, but continued speaking. “So if you were to give that up-”

It wasn’t just the lewd thought that caused Dash to groan. Her expanding cock, which was almost at half mast, had begun to slip into the soft undersides of the mushroom table. The warm sun had been heating the over-sized fungi all morning, and as Dash's boner grew and shuddered and stiffened, it sunk further and further into the warm, moist underside of the table. Dash could only bite her lip and breathe softly. With every passing second her cock grew harder and stiffer until finally it stopped growing, firmly wedged in the soft moist mushroom. There was so much of her cock stuffed up there she could see the bulge on the top of the mushrooms purple cap. Her arousal was mounting quickly. A mighty throb of her shaft sent a tablespoon of pre gushing from her tip, making the things even warmer and more slippery for her big throbbing cock.

Rainbow attempted to try and loosen her cock out of there, sliding her hips down a few inches but it was no use, the unique properties of the table meant it would firmly re-take its shape due to its stem. At this point Dash could do nothing but grin and bear it. Rarity wasn’t helping one bit either, in fact, the mare had stopped her pacing and was digging around her saddlebags for something, flashing Dash a full display of her perfect white pussy lips and round ponut. Dash instinctively rocked her hips forwards, the table rocking gently. It felt so good. Way too unbelievably good for its own good. Throwing caution and care to the wind, Dash continued the action, quietly fucking her table while Rarity dithered on about romantic junk.

Every thrust was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Her eyes began to droop, and her balls tightened. Dash felt her cock-head beginning to flare, and she thrust her hips as far as she could into the table and held it there. The bulge of her fat flare was even more noticeable than before -in fact, her explosive orgasm might even rip right through the soft tissue of the mushroom. Dash gritted her teeth, and in desperation reached for her glass and knocked over the pitcher.

“Goodness, Rainbow, be careful!” Rarity flinched at the water nearly spilling onto her saddlebags. “You could have ruined my clothes!”

“My… bad,” Dash said through clenched teeth, her orgasm unbelievably close. She could feel her fluids dripping down her shaft, dripping onto the ground and her shaft was throbbing harder and harder.

“It’s fine darling, just, have some more care reaching for your glass. I know it’s hot out but there’s no excuse for bad manners,” Rarity placed the empty pitcher on the table, and cleared her throat. “Such as keeping your hooves n the table.”

“Sorry!”Dash removed them, instantly regretting it, the table slowly rising and lewdly sliding its moist underside along her throbbing cock.

Rarity trotted close to Dash and put a hoof around her, whispering into her ear. “Listen dear, I can see you’re distracted by all these thoughts of Twilight, so I’ll leave you be, but please don’t fret too much, and if you ever need somepony to share your feelings with, my door is always open to you, Rainbow Dash.”

“Toodle-oo!” Rarity magically snatched her things and briskly pranced away.

Dash came hard, not five seconds after Raritys departure. Her cock pulsed and ripped through the tables surface with a powerful jerk of her hips, sending a long, fat jet of cum sailing onto the grass far away. Quick as a flash Dash flipped over the silver water pitcher and placed it over the hole she’d made.

The pitcher dinged loudly with the force of each shot of cum hitting the bottom. Dash shuddered, bucking strongly with each thrust. The magic spell activated again through the orgasm. Every one of her limbs lengthened and thickened; every muscle in her body becoming stronger, denser and larger than before, bulging through her baby blue coat. Her hind legs firmly planted themselves on the ground as her orgasm continued, her hard, dark hooves growing straight past her fur, leaving the fetlocks dangling off her legs. Her back and chest expanded, wing-feathers lengthening and twitching in the throes of orgasm.

Her cock and balls were swelling and growing as well. Each second made her balls swell with more seed, which sent more cum surging up her shaft and filling up the overturned pitcher more and more by the second. Dash could feel her shaft surging with more cum, the hole she’s fucked through the table widening with the increasing girth of her cock and prolonging her orgasm.

Finally, after more than a dozen jets of cum left her shaft, it was truly, mercifully over. Dash was panting with the exertion of it all. Despite having just cum she was already feeling incredibly horny. The satisfaction she was just feeling was quickly replaced by even more arousal. Dash looked at the pitcher she had clenched between her stronger looking hooves. It had gone from ice-cold to incredibly warm in the manner of a minute.

With some trepidation, Dash lifted up the pitcher to look at the damage. Her cock, which before was just about barely poking through the underside before her massive eruption, was not sticking through the table hole a good six inches, not counting the fat four inch wide flare. It was considerably thicker, and still drooling a stream of off-white cum. The inside of the silver pitcher was caked with her emissions. There had to be a quart of cum in there. A big fat glob of her seed dropped off and coated her cock while Dash was inspecting herself. She turned the pitcher right side up and stuck it next to the hole on the table, pulling her (finally starting to soften cock) out and using the napkins to clean up her mess best as she could. Most of the cum she simply wiped back into the hole she made.

After a minute of feverishly cleaning, Dash stuffed the wet napkins inside the pitcher, tossed the whole sordid container in a nearby bush (Celestia forbid that thing was used to serve water ever again) and sank in her chair, catching her breath.

Dash caught her reflection in the window again. She was noticeably bigger now. She’d overshot the size of a regular stallion and was now inching close to big Macintosh's size. Certainly his strength. Dash flexed her foreleg, her eyes popping at the size of the muscle bulging there. She’d never had muscles like this in her life. In fact, her entire body felt powerful, like she could run ten triathlons without breaking a sweat.

And down below.

Dash cupped her expanded genitals. Her balls were as big and round as overripe oranges, so packed with new seem she swore she could feel it sloshing around in her sack as she played with them. Her cock was no doubt a few inches bigger and thicker. Even soft it wasn’t fully re-treated into her sack. the tip of it still exposed and leaking sticky fluid all over the dark sack.

“Welp, I’m not hiding these puppies anymore,” Dash muttered, then shoved a hoof into her mouth. Her voice had changed. Not by a lot, but it was more of a masculine husky voice than her cute feminine rasp. “Hello?” she said cautiously, testing her new vocal cords.

“Hello Rainbow Dash!”

Scootaloo zipped over to her so fast that Dash nearly fell out of her seat.

“Sorry!” Scootaloo folded her wings and got off her scooter. “Hey! How come you're having lunch here and not at Hayburger? They’ve been giving out coupons all morning for their new veggie sticks!”

“Had a big breakfast, squirt,” Dash grumbled, clearing her throat loudly.

“Are you sick? You sound different Dash,” Scootaloo cocked her head. “You look different too. Have you been working out extra?”

Dash cleared her throat a second time. “Got a frog in my throat. Also yea, I’ve been working out, thanks for noticing.”

Scootaloo beamed at her. “Yeah you look totally buff! I wish I had muscles like those!” she eyed Dash's forelegs with interest. “So, whatcha doin’ later?”

“Work with AJ, and I’ve got to drop off this dumb medicine for Fluttershy,” Rainbow motioned to the jars. “So no free time at all today except for twenty minutes ago.”

“Hey! I could drop these off at Fluttershys for you!” Scootaloo tapped her hind leg on the empty cart she was pulling. Would you like me to do that? That way there’s no risk of you getting sick either!”

Dash rubbed her chin. “Y’know, I would really like that. I could squeeze in a nap before doing some farm-work. Thanks squirt! That totally helps me out!”

“No problem,” Scootaloo picked the jar filled saddlebags and put them in the wagon. “Anything for you Rainbow Dash!”

“Maybe I’ll catch ya around Hayburger tomorrow for lunch. My treat kiddo.”

“You’re the greatest Pegasus ever!” exclaimed Scoot, zipping over and giving Rainbow a high hoof. Right as Scootaloo turned to get back on her scooter she paused, and sniffed the air.

“Got allergies or something?” asked Rainbow, feeling a yawn coming on. A nap sounded really good right now.

“No,” Scootaloo said, sniffing the air softly. Suddenly she leaned over the table and inhaled deeply. “It’s uh, something else…” she circled around the table until she was right next to Dash, where she shut her eyes and sniffed long and deep her nose inches from Dash's shoulder.

“Uh… Scoots. What’re you doing?” asked Dash cautiously.

“Sorry,” she opened her eyes and blushed. “You uh, smell good. Really good. Like I could sit here and sniff you for the rest of the day…”

Dash said nothing, her eyes studying the happy, glazed over look on the little filly's face. Scootaloo shook her head violently.

“Uh -I uh,” Scootaloo licked her lips, grabbing her helmet and slapping it on her head. “I mean, not really that’d be weird haha,” Scootaloo said nervously, blushing madly as she got back on her scooter. “See ya later Rainbow Dash!”

Dash waved Scootaloo goodbye and watched the little pegasus zoom away, an orange blur zipping over the hill to fluttershys cottage. Dash lowered her arm and sniffed herself. There was a stronger scent on her coat -thick, heady and rich. It smelled like she’d sprayed herself with top of the line cologne. Delicious. Even better than juniper phoenix.

Dash got up from her seat and spread her wings. They felt huge on her frame now, but not terribly so, since she had grown bigger overall. A few flaps and she’d take off into the sky, spotting a very comfy looking cloud that overlooked Sweet Apple Acres. Dream-time was calling her, and Dash had a very deserving nap to take.

Plowing Fields

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“Do y’all see her yet?” asked Applejack.

Big Mac shook his head. “Nope.”

Applejack scanned the skies for any trace of blue. The sun was setting and painting everything a warm, comforting orange. Rainbow Dash, that technicolor mess, should be easy to spot at this time of day, but despite Applejacks intense scrutinizing could not spot the mare for nothing. AJ was fuming. Dash had promised she’d help her brother out with plowing the new field today. She would have done it herself but was currently in the throes of estrus and unable to really do anything but wait it out best she could.

“I swear I’m gonna wring her neck when I see her,” Applejack scowled, squeezing her legs together. “Ng, damn this heat. Why’ve I always get it so darned early? Y’all think I’m just unlucky, Big Mac?”


“Horsefeathers! I’ll be in the barn cooling off in the back. If you want, jus’ git started on half the field so Dash can plow her half another day,” Applejack turned tail and began trotting into the barn.

Big Mac stretched his legs and hooked his new harness on. It was a gift from Granny Smith, and he’d been meaning for a reason to start using it. His previous yoke was usable, despite there being a crack running through it where Applebloom had dropped it. What better day than to let Rainbow Dash use his old one. It wasn’t a great fit, but it would fit the little mare nonetheless. He’d seen his sister use it with little problems after all. Once he’d gotten it fitted, Big Mac started plowing down the row, the heavy weight gliding smoothly. Might as well get started sooner rather than later.

Rainbow Dash awoke with a yawn, shaking her head and smacking her lips. She hadn’t had a good nap like that in ages. Maybe being a stallion wasn’t half-bad if she could get satisfying power naps like this. The setting sun felt amazing on her face. It was so nice out maybe she could just go back to-

Dash's pupils shrank.


Dash looked towards the earth frantically to see how far she’d drifted away. Sweet Apple Acres was on the other side of town! Rainbow Dash spread her wings and plummeted towards the barn, beating her larger wings as hard as she could. She crossed half the town in seconds, and with another burst of speed she found her hooves slamming into the dirt with such force it a small explosion of soil erupted around her like small geysers.

“Wow! I am fast!” Dash looked at her wings in awe. She looked around for Applejack but didn't see her. Big Mac saw her, and gave her a wave.

“Hey Big Mac!” Dash called out, not trying to obscure her new, masculine voice. “I use this harness!?”

“EEYUP!” returned Big Mac, who was finished with the first row and standing at the opposite end of the opposite corner of where she was in the dirt field.

Rainbow tossed the yoke on. To her surprise it was snug on her. It almost didn’t fit quite right on her broadened shoulders. This belonged to Big Macintosh. Dash attached the plow to the yoke and started pulling, gliding through the dirt with incredible ease. She was so big and strong now that this was a piece of cake for her. That she was now physically equal to Big Mac filled her with arousal. He was the second biggest stallion she’d ever known. Knowing this filled her with determination to do his job even faster.

It also stirred the new organ between her legs. Dash had woken up so fast that her new body part was now playing catch up.

Dash finished her third row of plowing and turned to Mac, who was just starting his 4th row. There was no way she was going to finish this last. She had the energy and the strength to outdo this earth pony. As she turned to start her fourth, she picked up the pace and heaved herself faster, every muscle in her body tensing and rippling under her skin. Sweat began gathering and rolling down her coat. The exertion of this steady exercise doubled the strength of her musky scent; the wind picked up and it wafted over the field. Big Mac paused for a second and sniffed. He looked around and didn’t see another stallion. Whoever he was, he was horny, and big.

Rainbow rounded the fifth row with ease. She was picking up the pace now, and had taken the lead over Big Macintosh. Her cock, which had been dangling and slipping out of her sheath two rows earlier, was now fully hard and slapping up against her chest with every strong step forwards. It poked out two inches past her front legs and thwapped heavily and enjoyably at her pace. Dash moaned aloud as she rounded her sixth row. Just being a stallion felt amazing. She could get work done and get off all by herself without even having to use her big honking hooves. Every hefty of that meaty cock between her legs sent wonderful shudders of pleasure through her body. A dollop of pre-cum spurted out and watered the soil, followed by another glob a few steps, and another, until by the seventh row Dash's shaft was simply drooling a clear, gooey stream of sticky pre and painting an erratic line on the ground.

Big Mac was only on his fifth row, and was watching Rainbow Dash with interest. The first few times he’d passed by her, he swore that she looked bigger than usual. This time, he could confirm she was bigger, and different in more ways that that. She looked as though she’d had the body of a stallion. It certainly showed she’d possessed the strength of one. The scent on her was the biggest red flag. Dash had the thick musk of an aroused stallion, and judging by the wet trail following dash, it was a very big arousal.

Dash was panting as she finished her ninth row. Not from exhaustion, but from exertion. Her chest and forelegs were stained with her fluids, and her cock was now spitting pre-cum in small, excited jets instead of just leaking it steadily. Her big balls began to tighten again, and the head of her cock began to flare. The bouncing and slapping only exasperated her own arousal. It was bearing down on her like a tidal wave rolling towards the coast. Right as she reached the end of the last row the mounting pleasure hit a crescendo and overwhelmed Rainbow Dash all at once. She halted at the end of the row, squeezing her eyes shut and letting out a low growl. Her cock slapped up against her chest hard and stayed rigid. A second later a thick, hot gush of semen rocketed out of her shaft onto a hollowed out tree stump. It painted the dark wood with a strong, pale white. Dash braced her hooves, unloading another, bigger load into the stump, and then another, and another. The little stump was rapidly being filled with Dashs thick, gooey seed.

Each fresh jet of cum launching out of her cock rocked her big body another half inch larger. Her muscles expanding, thickening and becoming even stronger than before. Dirt made way for her expanding hooves, her heavier body sinking into the ground. Dash's wings bloomed even longer -in seconds her wingspan surpassed Cadances impressive display and continued. The old, worn brace around her neck strained against Dash's thickening body. A crack formed, split, then fell apart with a loud snap in two halves as it broke off Dash's neck to make way for her new, muscular physique.

After seventeen volleys of cum Dash's cock finally ceased firing. A fat glob oozed out of her tip and stayed there, not quite heavy enough to drop to the ground yet. Dash panted heavily -It was the most exhausting yet intoxicating orgasm she’s had yet. Dash took a minute to check out her bigger, stronger body. Now she had a build that would give a castle guard a run for his money in terms of overall muscle tone. She flexed her foreleg, admiring the melon sized bicep that rippled under her skin. Her other hoof found its way down the much thicker cock between her legs… and her balls -hefting each rounded nut felt heavenly. It was like they had instantly refilled and were prepped and bulging ready to spread even more seed. Each one was as big as her muscles had been before this latest orgasm and her strong scent had also doubled in intensity. Dash gave her musky hoof a deep sniff and sighed happily.

Red caught her eye. Dash stopped sniffing and turned her head to see Big Mac, wide-eyed and blushing pink, staring up at her.

Rainbow looked to the stump, overflowed with her cum and surrounded by fat white streaks, then down to her broken harness and her half of the field she’ worked.

“Well, looks Iike I’ve finished,” Dash said, relishing the even deeper, huskier voice she now possessed. She sounded hot! “I’ll let you grab the last two rows,” Dash trotted over to walk past Big Mac, who’s jaw dropped open at the new difference in size between them. Almost a full head taller than he was.

“I’m sure you can finish them before dusk,” purred Dash, brushing her musky tail against his coat, “little Mac.”

Rainbow Dash marched over to the barn. She hadn’t asked where Applejack was when she landed, but her male nose pointed her in the right direction. Pointed her towards a mare who desperately needed a good rutting.

Apple Seeding

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Dash knocked on the opened barn door -the loud bang of her big hooves echoing loudly through the empty, dimly lit barn.

“Ya don’t have to bash the door in, Dash, it’s open!” called Applejack from the back. “I’m in the back. Got ya something for plowing the fields.”

“Awesome,” grinned Dash, trotting slowly through the barn. It looked like the cows were still grazing out on pasture. She took her sweet time walking to the back. The sweet, alluring scent of hay and sweat was drawing her in like a fly to food. It could have been pitch and Dash would've found Applejack in here.

“Hold on,” said Applejack, struggling to move a flat wooden pallet out of the way. Her back was turned and her tail was flicking back and forth in anger. “I got this danged thing right here… jus’ got stuck is all.”

“Mhmm,” Dash leaned against the wall. Applejack had a fantastic ass, and her heat only made it more attractive. Those dark pussy lips of hers were swollen and plush and there was a slight wet sheen to them and her inner thighs as well. Each subtle movement sent the muscles in Applejacks ass flexing and squeezing. It was an incredibly erotic sight; Dash felt her cock getting hard already between the scent and the view.

Applejack had thrown the wood aside and was now struggling to get a wooden barrel into view. It was heavy and ungainly -moving it was a pain because of how big it was. Not only that, but Applejack felt her whole body quickly heating up despite all the cooling down she’d done in the shady barn. Every second her breathing was becoming more ragged. Whenever she inhaled it was like her insides were tickling. The scent of Dash's musk was driving her body wild. Her pussy was practically dripping with her juices and Applejacks tail would not stay put, flicking around every couple of seconds.

“A breeze would be nice,” Applejack muttered. Dash heard the complaint and unfurled one of her larger wings to lazily flap some air towards the mare.

“Thanks,” grunted Applejack, hauling the barrel out a few more inches. The cool gusts of air felt good on her sweaty flanks, but it also brought with it even denser concentrations of Dash's thick musk. The virile scent was quickly frying her senses. Visions of herself having sex flashed through her mind and Applejack could feel her tunnel flexing. At this point her pussy was absolutely soaked and dripping steady streams of juices down her inner thighs. Applejack simple breathed and continued rotating the barrel, desperate now to get the damned thing out so she could take a cold bath and lessen this heat.

“Here’s your barre-ah,” Applejack gasped, her pussy winking twice in quick succession. A hot blush creased her cheeks and her heart started pounding. Oh sweet Celestia she did not just to that in front of Rainbow Dash. She wanted to turn her head and apologize but her body spasmed again. Her pussy winked harder, a third, fourth and then a fifth accompanied by an incredibly lewd squelching sound of her lips parting and flexing. A small gush of her warm juices splashed to the floor. Applejack dropped her forehead to the barrel with a soft thud.

“D-don’t mind me none, Rainbow Dash. I’m just in heat and...and I got it bad this year,” Applejack gulped down her embarrassment, her voice low and mouth dry. “This here barrel of cider is supposed to be yours. Both as a thank ya for helping Big Mac out there and, well, any longer of it sittin’ and it’d go bad. So, here ya are.”

Applejack dropped down to all fours and turned around to finally face Rainbow Dash. What she saw made her heart stop.

“That’s pretty awesome of you, AJ. Thanks!” said Rainbow Dash. Or, a stallion that looked like her. He was bigger than Macintosh, stronger, and a heck of a lot better smelling. Applejacks emerald eyes darted down to the fat flare of what looked to be a truly massive member throbbing between his thick legs and strong chest. It was dark, wide, drooling a stream of glistening fluid and pointed directly at her.

“Wha-” Applejack gulped. “What the hay happened to you?!”

Rainbow Dash trotted over to her slowly, that alluring cock bobbing all the way. “Magical mishap with Twilight. One of her spells turned me into the world's hunkiest stallion. She’s supposed to be working on a way to change me back but... “ Dash paused once she was standing next to AJ, the difference in size intoxicating. Applejack was positively puny compared to her now -if Dash were a few more inches taller she’d be eye level with her fat flare.

“But, I’m starting to change my mind.”

“Golly… you’re, so big.” Applejack wasn’t staring up at Dash. Her green eyes were focused solely on the wet, fat tip of the huge cock attached to Dash. As if responding to the visual attention it twitched and burbled up a fat glob of pre-cum onto the lid of the barrel. Every fiber of her being was screaming at her to lick, kiss and beg for that dick; to bend over and let this massive stallion mount and breed her six ways to sunday. It wasn’t right though. Or was it? Applejack struggled to keep herself under control.

“Thanks Applejack. I like being big,” Dash rumbled, circling the barrel and the little pony quivering next to it. The effect her musk was having on AJ was unreal. The mare’s tail was flagged hard to the left and her hind legs were already parted and slightly bowed. If she wasn’t begging for sex with her mouth she certainly was with her body. “I was thinking… about this cider. I totally do like it… buuuut what if I said no?”

“No?” The refusal seemed to jolt Applejack out of her sexual haze for a moment. “Whaddya mean no? You love my apple family cider!”

Dash snickered. “I sure do. Buuuut,” she repeated, drawing it out as she circled. “What if there’s something else I wanted as a reward instead?”

“Like what? More work?” snorted Applejack.

Rainbow Dash unfurled her wings and turned face to (dick) face with Applejack. She took a large step forwards putting only inches between them. The small, oversexed mare was so horny she didn’t even notice her tongue hanging out.

“That's exactly what I was thinking,” Rainbow Dash reached her strong, muscular foreleg around Applejacks head and knocked her hat off, placing her big hoof firmly against the back of Applejacks messy blond mane.

“I was thinking that I’d plow your fields even more.”

With that she pulled Applejacks face against the fat, wet flare of her cock.

“Yessshh,” moaned Applejack long and low. Her tongue was instantly everywhere, tasting that delicious cock and nibbling gently on the warm, tender flesh. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the fat flare and a couple inches of cock into her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. A burst of pre splashed onto her tongue as a tasty reward for her boldness. Applejack felt her eyes roll up into her head, eyelids fluttering shut. This is exactly what she needed. Well, almost.

What she really needed was to be fucked.


Rainbow Dash seemed content to keep her performing oral for a few more minutes. Moving her head away from Dashs big hoof was impossible. It was like a grip of iron. Applejack reached around to tap Dashs hind leg and felt her small hoof caressing Dashs big fat ballsack. The sheer size and weight was so impressive it drew a half moan half whine from Applejack. Skies above she needed sex. Her brain was screaming for it. Moving past those bountiful orb she tapped Dash hind leg.

Dash took the hint and released Applejacks head. The small mare slipped her mouth away, a long, sticky strand of her saliva and pre connecting her mouthole with his cockhole.

“You’re pretty good at that,” crooned Dash, eyeing Applejack with lust. After only a minute or two of this Applejack looked like a pony who had been fucked all night. Her mane was a mess, she was flushed, sweating, panting and the half lidded look in her eyes just begging for more was so erotic that Dash could sit there and watch her like this and she’d cum just from that.

“Uhnn,” Applejack licked her lips, inhaling the musky scent in the air. It was an intoxicating ambrosia and every second more of drawing it in muddled her working brain a little more. Her pussy winked and throbbed hard, spraying her juices onto the barrel behidn her. Without saying anything more she turned around, bent herself over onto the barrel of cider and planted her hind legs firmly on the ground, making sure her tail was as out of the way as possible.

“Fuck me,” Applejack cocked her head and looked Dash straight in the eye. “Fuck me, rut me, breed me, just please for the love of Celestia get over here and stick that monster inside of me and screw me so rotten I can’t even speEEAAK!”

She punctuated that last with a sharp rise in volume and and spasmed on the barrel, her pussy throbbing and squelching and soaking her legs with juices as a small orgasm rippled through her body.

“Holy-” Dash felt her cock get even harder. “I’m not even on top of you yet and you’re cumming!”

Applejack squealed and Dash felt the blood rush from her head. She’d never heard Applejack make such a cute, girlish noise before in her life. Ever. Applejack bit her lip and made the same sound again.

“Puh-leeeaaase,” she begged.

That was it. Dash marched over and in seconds was on top of the writhing little mare. Their difference in size was so great that Applejack all but disappeared under Dash's new, bigger burly body. The tip of Dash's cock nestled itself against Applejacks pussy, which was winking furiously at the tip, desperately trying to grab at it and pull it inside her burning depths. The odd massage against her flare was pleasurable but not what she wanted. Rainbow adjusted her hips, popped her flare inside of Applejacks aching cunt and in one swift motion rammed as much of her girthy length inside.

“HOH SWEET CELESTIA SUNS ABOVE!” Applejack yelled, her head snapping back and hitting Dash's thick chest muscles. It was like she’d been speared by a tree trunk. There was so much cock inside of her it was splitting her in half. In an automatic attempt to give Dash more room to fuck she spread her hind legs as far as they would go. Applejack griped the sides of the barrel urgently, her pupils dilating, breath coming in short, random bursts.

“How’s that feel?” Dash said somewhere above, but might as well have been a mile away with how out of sync her hearing had become.

“Gooooood,” howled Applejack in ecstasy. Dash pulled out halfway and rolled her hips forward, getting a couple more inches of her cock into those rippling depths. It was a casual thrust and enough to send Applejack into orgasm again. Her limbs thrashed from the intensity, her pussy throbbing and milking Dash's huge dick for dear life, desperately trying to coax an orgasm and spill its payload into her fertile depths.

Rainbow lowered her head and groaned in satisfaction. It took every ounce of willpower to not blow her load right now. Applejacks pussy was like heaven and she wanted this to last more than a minute. This would be one hell of an endurance test. Every fiber in her being was screaming at her to do it, to plug this mare full of cum and breed her full of foals. Dash bit her lip and resumed thrusting her hips in and out in smooth powerful strokes.

“Yes! Yes! Harderrr! Muh-oorree,” Applejack moaned, feeling another orgasm already building inside her. She was a complete, sweaty, over-stimulated mess at this point -a far cry from the no-nonsense mare from before. Coherent thought was not possible right now. The only thing close to a thought running through her head were words she could say to egg this stallion on as he fucked her silly.

“Nff, fuck AJ,” Dashs wings fluttered weakly and fell to her sides as another powerful orgasm ripped through Applejacks body like a tornado through a tomato field. Her cock was swelling, the head quickly flaring and making her thrusts more erratic and difficult throughout. Stamina wasn’t her strong suit when it came to sex as a stallion. Dash pumped harder and faster, burying more and more inches of her cock deeper into Applejacks pussy. She felt the head bumping into resistance at the end and realized it must be her womb. The thought spurred her on even harder. She was close now, so close. Dash pulled out and slammed her cock in as hard as she possible could, the entire barrel they were rutting on tilting forwards dangerously. The head of her cock was fully flared and wedged into Applejacks depths incredibly tightly. Desperate to get off, Rainbow Dash lowered her head, grabbed a big mouthful of Applejacks sweaty blonde locks and pulled hard.

“OHSWEETCELESTIAAUUGHH!” Applejacks head snapped back and with a guttural scream she came harder than she ever had in her life. She might’ve even fallen off the barrel had she not been filled so completely. The orgasm was so intense her vision whited out and she saw stars from the sheer pleasure rocketing through her body.

“FUCKYESSSS!” That orgasm tipped Dash over the edge. Her cock bulged with the amount of seed rushing up her shaft and a gallon of hot, virile jizz burst forth into Applejacks desperate, needy womb. Every throb of her cock gushed forth another full gallon of spunk into Applejack, quickly overflowing her wombs capacity for cum. With the six inch flare firmly wedged inside her womb simply expanded outwards. Applejacks body bulged and fattened with every new spurt. In seconds her trim figure plumped up to nearly obscene levels and was only growing larger.

Because the spell had triggered once more.

“Bigger! Bigger!” Dash panted, feeling the magic run through her body once more. Her limbs lengthened and thickened even practically to the size of tree trunks and packed on even more lean, bulging muscle. “BIGGER!” cried Dash in ecstasy as her torso expanded, and her wingspan extended another two feet to surpass even Celestia’s. Her cock swelled and added even more inches, the growing flare actually slipping past the entrance and spraying its load directly inside of Applejacks stuffed womb.. Both of her heavy nuts swelled to the size of bowling balls and each one churned and jiggled with gusto, re-filling with more cum than her cock was spitting out.

The strangest change actually occurred with Dashs head. She felt her nose crinkle, her face changing shape and extending into the more masculine, stallion shape. Her jaw felt stretched as her head re-arranged, and there was an odd, fleeting sensation of pain in her skull. It was like she had a splitting headache for all of one second. The magic had finished settling and completed its course, making Rainbow Dash one hundred percent male.

Then it was over. Dashs seemingly endless orgasm winded down, his cock beginning to soften and retreat from Applejacks pussy. It slipped out of her with a quiet pop and immediately followed with a waterfall of cum gushing out of her. Applejacks cum-bloated belly rapidly diminished in size as the floof of jizz filling her was evacuated. Her blonde mane was a sweaty mess, overtaxed body limp, and her eyes half lidded and unfocsed.

“How was that?”Dash asked, admiring his handiwork.

“Nggyea,” Applejack responded dully, tongue lolling out of her mouth.

Dash cocked his head. “What?”

Applejack groaned, a simple smile creasing her face. Dash waved his big hoof in front of her face. The farm pony didn’t respond.

“Dude, did I literally rut your brains out or what?” Dash poked Applejack in the side. The stoic farm pony giggled and squeezed her eyes shut. Rainbow Dash bit his lip. Was that even possible? Rainbow knew that last magical spurt made him even bigger but-

“Thanks,” grumbled Applejack. “Celestia did I need summa that…”

Dash wiped her brow. “Whew, don’t scare me like that! I thought I fucked you stupid.”

Applejack laughed weakly pulling herself off the barrel and landing her ass on the huge globs of cum that had leaked out of her. “Another round of that and I might have. I feel a lot better right now. Tomorrow mornin’ not so much I reckon.”

“Well I could use a drink!” Dash grabbed a cider mug hanging off the row with the others. He handed the cup to Applejack. “I bet you could too.”

“Yeah,” she shivered at the sight of those massive dangling balls between Dashs legs. It was hard to believe she had that huge rod stuffed inside of her not even five minutes ago. Rainbow Dash cracked open the barrel and poured Applejack a full cup of that cider.

“Y’all ain’t gonna have a glass?” Applejack asked, sipping her mug. The fuzzy liquid bubbled against her lips and cooled her thirsty throat.

Rainbow Dash laughed, a low, deep sound now. “I’d get tired of re-filling my mug,” he said with a grin, and with seemingly no hint of hindrance, hauled the barrel up to his face and rapidly drank down the entire barrel of cider right in front of Applejack.

“Whoa nelly, not even Big Macintosh can drink that much,” whistled Applejack as Dash tossed the empty barrel aside with a thud. The big pegasus wiped his lips and sighed happily.

“That’s got a nice kick to it,” Dash noted, licking his hoof. He yawned and stretched out on the ground, taking up quite a bit of floor space at his new size. Applejack cleaned off her coat of cum with a nearby rag and wobbly approached Dash. Gingerly, she nestled herself next to Dash's brawny chest, her hoof tracing small lines in his coat.

“I’m gonna take five AJ,” said Dash, wrapping his foreleg around Applejacks rounded midsection; she was like a filly compared to him now. “You look pretty tired yourself if you wanna nap.”

“Sure,” Applejack yawned loudly, snuggling close. “I’d use the big rag but I’d just cleaned myself off.”

“S’fine.” smiled Dash, looking down at Applejack and her bloated stomach. Looking at it filled her with a strange sense of pride. Rainbow Dash snorted, wondering how he’d feel flying over to Twilight's later and filling her with his pride.

The two ponies settled together quietly and fell asleep.

Rough Love

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“Goodnight Rarity!”

“Goodnight darling!” Rarity gave Twilight Sparkle a firm hug. “I’m so glad you summoned moi for help. I had half a mind to march over here the last time I’d conferred with Rainbow Dash today.”

Twilight shifted on her hooves. “Right. How, um, well -how did she seem to you today?”

“Stressed and distracted,” Rarity rubbed her chin thoughtfully for a moment. “This was quite obvious to me weighing heavily on her mind.”

“Right,” Twilight bit her lip. “How did she… look to you?”

“Like...” Rarity paused. “Or do you mean in a physical sense?”

“Uhm, yes.”

“Well, she looked more or less the same. I can tell that she’s been exercising heavier lately,” Rarity giggled. “If she keeps that up it’s no doubt in my mind Rainbow Dash could potentially out muscle her fellow Wonderbolts.”

“Right…” Twilight trailed off into silence. Rarity awkwardly cleared her throat and pardoned herself.

“Keep in touch, darling! My doors are always open!” Rarity gave a polite little wave and trotted off towards her Boutique.

Twilight waved back and went inside.

The entire day had been an emotional roller-coaster for her. Everything played back in her head like a roll of film on repeat: the coercion, the magic spell, the wonderful night, the morning-time fight, her pacing and worry of what she’d done and risked, the crying, the research on relationships, more pacing and more crying. Spike suggesting to contact Rarity was a stroke of genius. Who knew better about romance and love than Rarity after all. The relationship advice offered was incredibly valuable and Twilight absorbed much of it the first time they sat down earlier that evening. Even her usual studious note taking habit took a break. What she intended to say to her partner was all organized and settled in her head. All Twilight had to do now was wait for Rainbow Dash to arrive.

If she would arrive.

The odds were still there that the angered Pegasus had simply gone home to her extravagant cloud house. In which case, Twilight would have to seek her out the next day. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. In her desperation to amend their relationship she could potentially say or do something even more damaging.

Twilight sat down and pulled out a scroll and began outlining branching paths and all the different outcomes of what could happen. It was an exercise she hadn’t done in years but for this situation it would help her relax a little.

She was halfway done when she heard heavy hoof-falls on the balcony.

“Rainbow Dash,” whispered Twilight under her breath. She got to her hooves and stormed upstairs as fast as she could, the scroll she’d been working on swirling around her hooves. The air practically whistled in her ears as she galloped through the balcony doors. Rainbow Dash was perched at the edge of the balcony, sitting on her haunches and looking into the distance.

“I’m so, so sorry about earlier,” Twilight immediately began, wanting to get her apology off her chest. “I know now I shouldn’t have changed you to fit my needs better but I wanted to and I knew I could do it. It wasn’t something that I,” Twilight bit her tongue. “I didn’t want to hurt you at the expense of my own desires for having the sexual experiences I wanted. I’m sorry.”

Twilight bowed her head and shut her eyes. She’d said her part.

She heard Dash get up and walk towards her. A hoof rested on her head. Twilight noted it’s unusually heavy weight.

“Apology accepted Twilight, we cool.”

Twilight gasped, jerking her head up. “Oh my- Rainbow Dash?!”

“In the flesh, little filly,” Dash said smoothly.

“Oh my gosh!” Twilight took a few steps back. “You- You’re absolutely enormous!”

“Sure am,” Rainbow trotted behind her softly, each of his hoof-falls thudding softly on the floor. “It’s all thanks to you, y’know. That and some very intense masturbation scenarios,” Dash said a little quieter, not wanting to reveal her other liaisons that day.

Twilight bit her lip, her eyes bugging out at the sheer size of the stallion lumbering past. Rainbow Dash was nearly twice her size now. Thick, strong muscle rippled under his sky blue coat. His thick legs oozed with power and those wings folded on his back had to be huge!

“You know what I have to do now, right, Rainbow Dash?” said Twilight seductively.


“Yes,” Twilight replied, her eyes half lidded. “Wait here while I go get my tape measure so I can record your new proportions.”

Rainbow threw his head back in a deep throaty laugh. “Oh that is a good one, Twilight!” He shook his colorful mane and looked back down to her.

But Twilight had already left the room.

“Of course you weren’t joking,” Rainbow Dash sighed and sat down in annoyance.

Alone in the room the big burly Pegasus now had some time to look around. The room was in a usual state of Twilight Sparkle mess: there were piles of books scattered around amidst unused scrolls and parchment. Upon closer inspection, Dash realized they were, in fact, not books belonging to Twilight. These were mostly romance novels and self help books. Rainbow extended a wing and gingerly brought over a slim cerulean text stuffed with bookmarks.

“Wrangling Romance,” Dash read aloud. There was a white post it note on the front cover with Rarity's cutie mark hastily scribbled in. Apparently it was borrowed. In addition, Dash could tell Twilight hadn’t finished going through the book judging by all the bookmarks. There was a lot for such a small text.

Dash flipped through it (a feat made more difficult due to his new, larger hooves) eagerly. A lot of the pages in this book centered around relationships and the different quirks that could arise. Since his foray into reading Dash's reading comprehension had improved immensely. Speed-reading had quickly become a new talent for him. As he blazed through the book absorbing information about love and life he paused at a page near the end of the book that was packed with post it notes on the opposite page.

The page’s title was Sacrifice.

Rainbow read the page carefully. Near the end there was a highlighted sentence.

"Love will ask you to step out of your comfort zone, to sacrifice and to compromise. If you can't agree to those, love won't agree with you."

The other page was filled with post-it notes. At the top was a short sentence that stated for the reader to list the things they’ll sacrifice to make the relationship work. Each one had words like ‘sleeping habits’ and ‘attitude’ and even a list of foods Dash hated the smell of. These were all crossed off. At the bottom of the page was the word preference that was also crossed out. Beneath that was a single word written boldly and underlined.


Rainbow Dash felt his heart clench.

I’m baaaack,” Twilight sang as she approached the doorway to the room.

“Took ya long enough,” Dash grumbled, hastily tossing the book aside. “Didja get lost?”

“Nope! In fact, I know my way around here quite well now!” said Twilight confidently. “It’s my equipment that keeps getting lost. I put something down in one room and then I trot somewhere else and I’ve forgotten which room it was”

Rainbow Dash rubbed his chin. “Y’know, I can relate. I lused to lose track of my flight goggles all the time in my place.”

“And now you keep them in one spot?” asked Twilight, grabbing a quill and parchment.

“Nah, I just went and bought half a dozen more.”

They both shared a quick laugh. Twilight cleared her throat and motioned with her hoof to stand up. Rainbow Dash stood quickly and spread his wings out horizontally.

“Wow…” Twilight shivered and just took in sight of this impressive display of a stallion standing before her. “You really are… uh..."

“The epitome of your sexual fantasies-?” offered Dash with a raised eyebrow.

“Big. But the way you put it is more of the way I’d, uh, usually put it.” Twilight unraveled her tape measure and approached Rainbow Dash like a zookeeper would a lion. There was a soft metallic fwoosh as the tape slid out and pressed against Dashs foreleg.

“Six feet, three inches at the shoulder,” she whistled. “You’re leg is taller than I am.”

“I guess you aren’t that tall after all,” mused Dash with a sly grin down at her.

“Ha-Ha,” Twilight laughed a little too excitedly, circling around and measuring Dash's barrel. The quill scratched away as she read the measurements. “My growth spurt was minor. You’ve nearly doubled in size and mass since yesterday night! Have you been eating more?”

“Not really,” Dash felt a shiver along her feathers as the cold hard edge of the tape measure pressed at her wing joint and extended down her wing. “Should I?”

“I wasn’t sure. This was a magic spell after all. Not a six month dietary overhaul. Amazing.” Twilight gulped. “You have a twenty one foot wingspan Rainbow Dash. That surpasses Princess Celestias by a good two feet.”

Rainbow Dash felt his package stirring. “How big am I compared to your tiny little wings?”

“A lot.” Twilight felt her own wings lifting off her body. “I have a ten foot wingspan.”

“How about for a normal pegasus mare?”

“Those are typically between five and seven feet,” Twilight said mechanically, trying to keep her speaking in check as her body started to heat up. “You’ve surpassed all records of wingspans I know offhoof.”

Rainbow felt his cock stiffening further as the tape measure flew around to his cannons. It then traveled up and measured the base circumference of his neck. After another minute of measuring the tape set itself on the ground and spilled out all the way to the tips of his ears.

“You’re… exactly six feet ten inches tall.” Twilight seemed absolutely aghast. “Are you sure none of your ancestors were part horse?”

Rainbow shook his head..

“Well. I see. Perhaps it was mostly my magic and desire I poured into the spell that put you in this exaggerated state.”

“Maybe not,” Dash offered. “Scootaloo told me one day they met a rodeo clown out west who was twice the size of Macintosh.”

“Big Macintosh,” corrected Twilight.

“To you,” Dash retorted. “To me, he’s just Mac.”

Twilight scoffed and turned around to put the tape measure away in a drawer behind her, her tail flicking in annoyance? Or was it something else?

“Hey,” Dash tapped his heavy hoof. “You aren’t finished measuring.”

“I got everything important,” Twilight said.

“You missed something miss know-it-all.”

“Oh, what then?” Twilight wheeled around and her jaw dropped. The tape measure, quill and parchment dropped too.

Rainbow Dash was sitting down and rubbing an absolutely titanic black cock between his big hooves. It was long, thick, bobbing strongly and leaking a clear colorless fluid onto the floor. Nestled beneath were a pair of massive dark blue balls, each round orb swollen and taut and churning with gallons of seed.

“Of course,” Twilight licked her lips and approached. “How silly of me to forget.”

Rainbow Dash remained silent, dropping his hoof and letting Twilight finish her measurements. The tape was cool against his turgid flesh. Because Dash's pelvic muscles were flexing so much Twilight had to hold her huge shaft still with magic to check the length.

“Seventeen inches long, with a four inch tip unflared,” said Twilight in awe. “Your new penis is almost longer than my leg!”

“Aww I thought it’d be bigger,” Dash said wryly.

“It’s quite likely the biggest male organ measured in the country!” Twilight exclaimed with a wave of her hoof.

Dash said nothing, but her cock throbbed pleasantly and spat out a fat glob of pre-cum onto Twilights face.

“Eugh! Rainbow Dash!” Twilight recoiled, sticking out her tongue (which only let a large amount fall onto it).

“My bad. I’m a big pony, with a big cock, with a big libido,” Dash said plainly, rubbing his cock tenderly. “All this attention is getting it excited.”

Twilight turned around and wiped her face with a magic. It was getting more difficult to keep herself under control. That liquid ooze was delicious; strong and musky in her mouth. Resisting the urge to just lick the rest off her face was outright challenging.

“Okay, let’s continue,” Twilight took a step slightly left of Dashs big leaky rod and floated the tape measure down to check the rest of his package. The tape circled around the base of his cock and then to entwine around one of his balls.

“Base circumference is six inches around,” Twilight saw the cock throb in response and heard a wet splat of pre drop to the floor behind her. “Testicular circumference is ten inches. No scale available to measure weight.”

Dash nickered at her. “As if you can’t judge it yourself.”


“Lift one up and check.”

“It wouldn’t be scientifically accurate!” protested Twilight.

“Yeah, but I know you want to know,” Dash rubbed his slickened shaft slowly from base to tip. “Or else, you wouldn’t have mentioned it.”

Twilight scrunched at her and approached. There was no arguing that. She did want to know. This whole time her heart had been pounding steadily harder and the musky scent coming off of Dashs body was slowly but surely clouding her mind and sending her into a sexual haze. Heat was mounting between her nethers. The musk was stronger now that she was this close. And this stallion was oozing sexual power. What she really wanted was some one on one with that impressive tool. Just how many inches could she fit down her throat before she began to gag on-

She shook her head. The image stayed right where it was. There was no use fighting her instinctual desire to rut. It would drive her up the wall.

“So, how heavy?”

“Wha-” Twilight blinked.

Dash flexed his groin again, sending a small jet of pre flying into the air. “Well, you’ve been holding onto one of my nuts and staring off into space for like a minute now. You’re even drooling.”

Twilight wiped her mouth with her other hoof. The heavy nut in her hand slipped off her grip to settle with the other. It left a strong scent where she touched it.

“Uh… a pound? Two pounds?” Twilight stammered, her eyes locked on the thick cock pouring pre-cum out over her shoulder. “I can’t focus on calculations right this minute.”

“Maybe we should focus on something else now,” Dash said with a lecherous grin.

Rainbow Dash extended his huge wings and enclosed Twilight fully with them. They surrounded her with both feather and the strong scent of his musk. Twilights own wings snapped up and mingled with Dashs much larger feathers.

“Hey Twilight, do you want some more of this?” asked Dash, sitting up straighter and positioning his foot plus length of cock towards Twilights face. Twilights jaw dropped open and her tongue fell out. It was pointless to resist this anymore now that she was done. She wanted this. She wanted that dick so badly right now her pussy burned with need. As if on cue that over-sized rod twitched and splurt a full cups worth of sticky pre all over Twilights face.

That was enough. Twilight snapped. Skipping any sense of foreplay and teasing she opened her mouth as wide as she could and swallowed the first four inches of Dashs cock.

“Fuck yes,” Dash moaned, his big chest heaving from the sudden spike in pleasure. Twilights warm, wet mouth reminded her of Pinkie Pie’s only much, much tighter. He left his right hoof firmly planted on the floor and the left cradling the back of her head.

Twilight was sucking down cock like mare dying of thirst. Bolstered by Dashs hoof on the back of her head, she aligned her neck and inhaled sharply through her nose. The musk pouring into her nostrils was like a heady ambrosia assaulting her senses. Another few inches more and Twilight had a full foot of horsecock down her throat. That was about her limit though. Anymore and she would snap her jaw. Instead of pushing past her limits Twilight began to glide back and forth, sucking inquisitively on the turgid flesh. It was so warm and thick in her mouth, and every few seconds she was rewarded with a spurt of fresh pre. She made an effort to linger on and suckle at the tip so she could enjoy the flavor of the ooze on her tongue. If she simply swallowed it down then she’d miss out on the intoxicating taste.

Rainbow Dash groaned loudly, his head hanging back. Twilight was way better at this than she expected. It felt heavenly to have his big fat dick receive such tender ministrations. Dash felt his wings falter and sag to the ground as all focus centered on the sensation of this overwhelming blowjob.

Twilight had stopped gliding slowly up and down the top half of Dashs shaft and was now bobbing and sucking on the first six inches. Now she was getting a steady stream of pre running down her throat and greedily drank it down. Her stomach was even starting to feel full -the liquid sloshing around her gut and stretching her coat out a little bit already.

A minute more of this and Twilight realized she was struggling to move back and forth. The head of Dashs cock was flaring and filling her mouth. It was like a big fleshy vice was slowly being cranked up. Halfway through taking it back out Twilight realized she couldn’t. The flare had expanded so thick and wide it literally wedged her mouth open.

Twilight placed her hooves on both sides of Dash’s shaft and glided them up and down the sticky length. If this bulging flare stayed like this in her mouth or got even bigger it could start to hurt.

She didn’t have to wait long for the orgasm.

Dash removed his hoof from the back of Twilights head and braced both hooves on the ground. His orgasm was approaching fast and before he could grunt out a warning his shaft surged and sent quarts of cum pumping up the length. Twilights purple cheeks bulged like balloons almost instantly. The seal in her mouth was not tight and a good portion flooded out.

There was so much. Twilight did her best to swallow and swallow and swallow but there was too much cum pouring into her mouth too quickly. By the third gush her cheeks hurt. At the fourth she coughed and thick streams of cum shot out her nose onto Dashs throbbing cock. The fifth thick gush of cum arrived and was strong enough to dislodge the flare from Twilights mouth. The overwhelmed mare retched and coughed as a gallon of Dashs baby batter splattered out and onto the floor. Dash was still cumming in fierce, steady volleys, the jets of cum sailing over her head and falling on her back. When Twilight brought her head back up she received the final few blasts all over her face. When Dashs massive orgasm finally finished her face was coated in creamy white cum. She looked like she’d just gotten a premium spa facial.

“Whew,” Dash tensed, expecting the magic to trigger a new wave of growth through his body. When nothing occurred he was actually a little dissapointed.

“Oooh.” moaned Twilight, grinding her teeth together. “My face hurts.”

“Can you even… feel your face… under all my cum?” Dash panted. He reached out and grabbed the first thing he felt that was soft (a sheepskin rug) and wiped away most of his expulsions from Twilights face. Dash stopped once there was more purple than white.

“You just ruined that rug,” Twilight noted with a hint of disappointment.

“I almost ruined your face,” Dash delicately pressed his big hoof under her chin. “Feels like it’s set. If you knew you couldn’t handle it why’d you try?”

“I wasn’t thinking and I wanted to-” Twilight paused, she almost said ‘to pleasure my stallion’ but caught herself. “-wanted to test my limits.”

Rainbow couldn’t hide his grin. “Very noble. That’s what I’d say.”

“Also your new dick is delicioussss,” Twilight licked her cum soaked hoof clean. Now that she wasn’t choking on cum she could enjoy the richer, thicker, gooier texture of the off-white mess she’d been assaulted with. Dash watched keenly as Twilight finished licking her left hoof and went lapping at her right without missing a beat. It made his cock throb back to full mast almost instantly. Mounting Twilight couldn’t wait another second. Dash wanted this so badly it was making his dick hurt -he needed to rut this mare and pump her full of cum.

“Bend over,” Dash grunted, standing up and looming over the smaller pony.

Twilight complied immediately -she dipper her front half low to the ground and presented herself for her stallion. In addition, she had her tail flagged hard to the left and legs spread as wide as they could. She was absolutely soaked between her legs now. Rainbow wished he could take a picture it was such an erotic sight. Dash positioned himself over Twilight -he was so big that he didn’t even need to climb or crouch atop her- and slid the full length of his throbbing cock beneath Twilight by accident. Every vein and bump glided along her lower body. The flare actually bumped into Twilights face! Dash moaned in pleasure when Twilight kissed the tip. Re-positioning himself, Dash pressed his flare against those plush purple lips, and plunged as much of his length as possible into the smaller mare’s depths.

Twilight threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream. There were momentary stars in her eyes as her brain struggled to comprehend the size of gigantic cock spearing her body. It was big. It was warm. It was filling her body in ways she could never imagine. The heat in her core doubled instantly and when Dash pulled out and slammed back inside even more the intense heat reached a breaking point and shattered, sending a powerful orgasm racing through her body like lightning. Twilight felt her forelegs give out and her face hit the floor as the single most rapturous sensation she’d ever experienced in her life powered through her body like a runaway train.

Dash grit his teeth at Twilights first orgasm -he didn’t expect her to go off right off the bat. She was better at masking her arousal than he’d thought. It felt like her entire body was twisting around his massive throbbing rod. It was a euphoric sensation feeling Twilight thrashing and squeezing around his cock; he’d only managed to fit about three quarters of the length in her.

And he wanted more.

When Twilights spasming calmed down, Dash resumed fucking her even harder and faster. That orgasm had loosened her significantly and Dash found his thrusts deeper and deeper. Twilight was unfocused and delirious from the pleasure. Every thrust provoked a small happy sigh from between her lips as her head rolled between her hooves back and forth. Another orgasm was building fast and Twilight bit her hoof.

It was taking every ounce of willpower to not blow his load early. Dash wanted to savor this, really take his time having sex at this size. Sure, it wasn’t exactly romantic -Dash couldn’t even see Twilight beneath her big burly form, but, he could feel her writhing and squeezing around his cock with every thrust back in. Her insides were so warm Dash could swear there was steam wisping off the length when pulled out. Dash bent down a little bit to find a better angle and with a mighty thrust, slammed all seventeen inches of hot throbbing cock into Twilights burning depths and hilting inside all the way.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Twilight screamed out and convulsed like a mare electrocuted as an even more powerful orgasm ripped through her. Every cell in her body was wracked with pleasure and her only mental capabilities were limited to breathing and screaming. A hot splash of femcum flooded her tunnel as it rippled and squeezed desperately at Rainbow Dashs giant dick, her body eager to coax out its warm payload and fill her womb to the brim with warm baby batter.

Dash hung his head and bit his lip. It was too much to handle. Too much stimulation. He was going to cum and cum harder than ever before. Instead of sitting hilted inside Dash immediately withdrew and began slamming the entire length of his shaft in and out of Twilights pussy as fast as possible. The sound of his fat balls slapping against her plush ass echoed through the room -each hefty smack put delicious amounts of pressure on Twilights little clit and spurred a third orgasm on right as the second just began winding down.

The quickly flaring head of Dashs cock was making his thrusts more difficult and erratic -he was past the point of no return and was eagerly approaching the peak. Dash pulled back one final time, thrust so hard inside of Twilight that the smack of his swelling balls sounded akin to a whipcrack and held himself there.

His cock throbbed mightily and Twilights body lurched with it, as if she were simply a sleeve wrapped around his length, and Dash groaned, unloading a torrential flood of semen into Twilights tiny body. Each throb poured more than a gallon of seed into Twilights body -in seconds her belly had swollen and fattened with copious amounts of seed. Her coat stretched and stretched as her body adjusted to being overloaded so quickly. In a minute her bloated stomach was squishing between her legs and and Dash was showing no signs of slowing down in her orgasmic onslaught.

Dashs legs wobbled and he lowered himself onto Twilight, still pumping more and more cum inside as he folded his forelegs to half sit on top. She looked so stuffed it was like she’d polished off an all you can eat buffet. Concern for her well being rattled in the back of his mind and Dash pulled out, splattering her ass with thick ropes of semen.

"Aaaahhh..." Dash sighed in satisfaction, admiring his handiwork. Being a stallion was just as, if not more, satisfying when it came to having sex. He sidled up next to Twilight and draped a large wing over her as she rode out her own orgasm. It was remarkable how comfortable Dash felt doing this.

"Oh... goodness!" Twilight finally came back to her senses. "That was, wow, that was-"

"Better than you could have ever imagined," Rainbow finished, nipping Twilights ear.

"Ow! Yes, yes it was... and I thought the last time we had sex was great!"

Neither of them talked for the next minute. Twilight snuggled in closer to her much larger, warmer, muskier mate.

"Listen, I wanted to discuss... things, with you, about us, after measuring you..." Twilight looked up at Dash mournfully. "Great sex isn't what I initiated this relationship with you for. It's because OF you. I love you, Dash. Changing you to satisfy my carnal desires isn't what I want us to be about. My apology wasn't enough earlier. I'm going to change you back so that you look just like the pony I fell in love with... the Rainbow Dash everyone loves."

Rainbow Dash remained silent.

"Hey Twilight?" He finally said.


"You know I love you too," Rainbow nipped Twilights ear again, gentler this time. "So really, apology accepted. This big buff sex God stallion fantasy is fun to live for a day but it's got its downsides. I miss being nimble."

Twilight giggled softly and nuzzled against Dash side. "Okay. I can work out a counterspell."

"Although one thing Twilight."

"What's that?"

"I definitely wouldn't mind doing this again sometime in the future, if you think you can handle all this..." Dash thumped his chest.

Twilight laughed. "I can barely handle Rainbow Dash the feisty mare, but if you're cool with it Rainbow, I'm cool with it."

Rainbow Dash wrapped one of his beefy forelegs around Twilight as well and sighed happily. As much as Twilight would overreact and butt heads with her, Dash knew she was the perfect match for her. With a loud yawn, she rested her head on the carpet and drifted off to sleep.

Twilight Sparkle was just her type.