• Published 4th Apr 2012
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Just My Type - Cosmonaut

Twilight Sparkle casts a slow process genderswap spell on Rainbow Dash, who quickly makes use of her new tools...

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Hm just like this? No coming clean of the various dalliance? No issue with the Applejack? hm.

“Seventeen inches long, with a four inch tip unflared,” said Twilight in awe. “Your new penis is almost longer than my leg!”

“Hey Twilight, do you want some more of this?” asked Dash, sitting up straighter and positioning his two foot plus cock towards Twilights face.

Two feet is twenty four inches. Did you mean to make rainbow twenty seven inches down there?

Ohh, it's finally finished! :rainbowkiss:

You should check up some inconsistencies, though. You started the fic with Twilight being a unicorn and finished it as an alicorn xD

8040121 shhhhhhhh you werent supposed to notice!

All the descriptions. There's absolutely no way Dash fit that cock in any mare! Let alone stayed unnoticed!

On another note, I need a change of underwear.

A lots changed in 5 years. I was hoping people wouldn't mind and I didn't want to retroactively comb thru the story and fix every minor mention piece by piece.

I don't really mind it too much, but it can be weird when you think about it. Anyway, I'm happy you could finish this fic. This was one of my favorites smutfics on fimfic and really wanted to see it finished :3

Then a few months later AJ comes in revealing she's pregnant.

Seems like a likely outcome and then rainbow will have a lot of explaining to do. :ajsmug:

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