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Hehe read this story before and I still love it :pinkiecrazy:X:rainbowhuh:X:pinkiehappy: FTW

I don't quite know how to feel about this, so I'll go with my grammar nazi tendencies and point out that you missed a few commas in there, like in this sentence:

“Pinkie let me explain,” began Twilight suddenly caught up in the situation she had pushed her friend into.

It should be:

"Pinkie, let me explain," began Twilight, suddenly caught up in the situation she had pushed her friend into.

But besides that, I suppose it was well done. Clop isn't really my thing, and I honestly just clicked on this looking for some Pinkie/Pinkamena, but a lot of the scenes were pretty funny (Twilight trying to explain to Spike was priceless) and the characters seemed pretty IC for the most part.

Oh! You made "Of Sound Minds"! That explains so much!

... Err, Not saying that it's BAD or anything, I just... I was just...

I'll be leaving now.:ajsleepy:

:derpyderp1:The end was just precious.

Very interesting little fic, a lot better than I thought it would be, and I was laughing almost constantly throughout. I'm really intrigued by the possible reactions AJ would have to Spike's curiosity.

Is this a one-shot, or is there going to be more?
If it's a one-shot, you should probably mark it as "complete".

Oh, and VERY GOOD STORY. :pinkiehappy:

Is this going to be a Pinkie/Pinkie shipping?
I'm cautiously curious to read up tomorrow what kind of story lurks under that description.. :twilightsheepish:

While purely as a clop fantasy scenario and scene I would rate this highly, this is some of the most OOC canon destroying misguided interpretations of character I have read. And since I read stories for the story, not the clop I have to thumb this down.
Stories with cloppy scenes are usually OK, but full-on clopfics shouldn't try to have storylines, they are usually bad if not traumatizing.

I love this. It's funny, but no-nonsense sex that doesn't take itself seriously. Just the right kind of attitude to work. There are assloads of grammatical errors, but I kept reading anyway. Also, I love how you actually managed to weave naughty words into Pinkie's rants without it feeling like she broke character.

It feels unfinished. There are a half dozen loose ends.

This was awesome, and that ending was just plain cool :rainbowkiss:

O...M...G :pinkiegasp: The ending was HILARIOUS :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

The ending was...WTF? I found this pretty funny. Great job writing this story. I look forward to reading more from you. Keep up the great writing!

Great story! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowwild: :pinkiecrazy: Thrilling action and well written.

This was highly enjoyable, but i do hope there will be more. Because it's the first i've seen in such a vein. Because i want to see if Twilight gets 'friendship lessons' that would make Celestia impressed. Because i want to see what Applejack's response is.

Because Pinkamena hasn't really gotten off yet. :pinkiecrazy:

But, mainly because it was Most Excellent. Sweet story, sis :pinkiehappy:

would it be wrong to want a :pinkiecrazy: x:moustache: clop now?

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