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Trigger warning: magical dicks

I would be disappointed if there weren't any.


that was great. I thought it was just another clop, but the care and love they expressed during this was fantastic!

I loved this story! This is a great look into the relationship between Twilight and Rainbow, and that Twi was willing to take RD out of her comfort zone is very realistic. Also I love some magical dicks in a story, so you've earned a like and follow :twilightsheepish:

That isn't a trigger warning, that's a benefit!

I know right? I would have left it out, but then half of the comments would probably be from butthurt people who didn't look first at what groups (ie Futaquestria) the story was in etc.

Thanks! I never really thought of it as 'just another clop' myself in the first place to be honest, but having someone else say that means... quite a lot, actually.

Princeess and her loyal subject- So Twi and Rainbow:rainbowwild::twilightblush:

This was great, barring a bit of tell-y writing, but that can be overlooked (still something I'd try to fix, though, for future works). I love me some face-fucking and Power Play

I loved it. :raritystarry:

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