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I've read this before. Have a thumbs up and a track! :pinkiehappy:

Romance? What romance? He tricked her and just did whatever he wanted. Maybe in later chapters...

Hmm.. Interesting.

I'm a huge sucker for Rule 63, even if it's clop.

324016 Same here. Colt 6 4eva!

" At the races conclusion the two Pegasi engage in a different kind of activity....
... width:3.0em;'>"

That should be As, and idk about the width stuff. I'll track and read later. Busy atm ;_;

You know, for some reason, I always thought colt Twilight Sparkle looked kinda like an Asian kid...:twilightoops: Maybe the haircut?:rainbowhuh:


324968 Doesn't matter, had sex. :ajsmug:

Yesh, dis pleezez meh

Good question, not like I would be asking as long as I'm bucking my/her brains out.

324968 You aren't your own sibling/family member. You are yourself. Therefore, masturbation. That's my logic anyway. :ajsmug:

Hyper-dimensional masterbation

Ah, to be able to have sex with myself......
Brilliant. :moustache:


How about desperation?:rainbowlaugh:


When are you gonna post edited fatty Dash? I wanna see her wallow in her own misery (and hamburger sweat).

Huh? Elaborate.

Your Dash/Twi story you numbnuts. You were gonna publish it after editing, and the majority of my feedback was 'MAKE DASH BE MORE FATTER AND MORE WALLOWING'

Wondering when it's gonna be posted.

I wrote more of that content but it didn't quite fit in the story and definitely didn't mesh with what I already did. You're really not satisfied with what I already got? What else am I going to do with this extra fatty dash?

oh man, i didn't even notice you had posted it. I assumed you were still working on it.

I'll go read it later then, cheers!

I would probably fool around with my gender counterpart.

Who wouldn't or at least think about it?

Plz say there is gona be another chapter with Twilight/dusk.

324968 Ultimate form of masturbation.

Question is, what exactly were Dusk and Twilight doing?

Please say you're gonna do a sequel.

I'm working on it, albeit slowly. We'll find out exactly what the two have been up to don't worry.

I came up with a crazy theory that has to do with this concept
Pinkie Pie is really both of the parents of the princesses :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:
:trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia: :trollestia:

That would mean she should also have to give birth to the Princes

Oh, Celestia. I just can't get enough of that firm, athletic Rainbow flank! RD is sexiest pony!

I wonder if they've ever had complications giving birth to a unicorn, say a horn peircing the womb.
Bet that would hurt :pinkiesick:


I see what you did here.......

That would just count as sex sir.
Incest is in a sexual relationship if you have a sibling.
Know thy place noob

I know right?
I mean jeez it's call trolling and you fed me plenty sir :D

So, I guess she finally found....

Changed the name, eh? Too much having 3 stories by the same name out there?

With there being 3 'Double Rainbows' on this site before I had the notion of putting this up it didn't really leave me much choice. I thought the new title and appropriate picture would be fitting and still get the point across much the same.

This says incomplete, is it going to update, or is that just a mistake?

It's left incomplete for the reason, if I ever want to do the part 2 with the two Twilights. The idea's are there I just need to write them.

Need some Twilight x Dusk

Okay, this was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing if I tried. :rainbowlaugh:

not bad so far :pinkiesmile:

Interesting, are the mane 6 going to end up having sex with the... Colt 6 I guess? And then what about the princesses fucking THEIR counterparts!? :pinkiegasp:

I'm afraid this story has not updated since March of last year. I fear it has been abandoned.

Don't abandon it!!!

I actually prefer this name because 'Double Rainbow' has been done to death. Has this story been abandoned?!

And yet, when ever I find an awesome story, it is incomplete.....


Is this complete and not marked as such or just dead?

I don’t see her that often but damn is she hot. Long blonde hair, bottle-green eyes, ass that won’t quit and legs that go ALLL the way up!

I see I'm not the only one who remembers that movie. :ajsmug:

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