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*This is a parody*

Two humble siblings find themselves in Equestria, with one super-twist. They're Pokemon! Whoa! Now they must figure out how many important details they can skip and omit, what's going on with the acorns, and how epic being Pokemon is.

"Oh man, can you believe we're Pokemon?"

"Actually, yes, considering we're gigantic Pokemon fans. That's usually the way these things work."

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Love you so much right now.

EDIT: Why do they never transform into Dunsparce?

I knew you'd jump on this! :rainbowlaugh:

2100100 So glad he did.

Regidar #4 · Feb 10th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Girl was dead.

I cri erritim :fluttercry:

Because Dunsparce sucks. You don't evolve, you're plain normal type, and you stop learning moves after 50. You suck.

2100256 False. If I paralyze you and use headbutt, you have a 12.5% chance of attacking that turn and I have very nice HP to survive one blow from almost anything that isn't overpowered or stat-raised.

EDIT: I also have one the most vast movepools of any Pokemon, learning up to half the TMs and HMs out there in any game, most of which I can use properly. And of course, with the announcement of Pokemon X and Y versions, Gamefreak Inc. took a poll to see what Pokemon needs an evolution. I won that poll by gaining 71% of the voters, meaning I will most likely receive an evolution.

EDITEDIT: I can also learn Rock Slide to insult all fans of Charizard by knocking it out in one hit.

I know that this was directed towards Burning Souls rather than me, but I still feel bad for abusing the hype-train.

Ah well. It was still hilarious.

2100286 My parodies are never directed toward anybody, they're lighthearted mockeries of concepts. Except for My Little Stashie that was a direct parody of MLD

Also, thanks for being a good sport

...Imma starting to use Dunsparce now.

2100267Have you ever heard of Shuckle? Mofo can one-hit ANYTHING.

Better than the other ones popping up.

2100319 My mission is to get people to at least admire him a little. Be warned, however, I do not possess the stats to rip through anything. I'm more of an "annoyance" Pokemon that you use to annoy the foe and entertain yourself.

2100327 Ah, but like you said, your getting an evolution. When I get X or Y, your definitely on my team :pinkiehappy:!

2100321 How? It has the lowest Attack, Sp. Attack and Speed in the game, and even if you were to use Power Swap, you would be so weak that I would take advantage of your defense being lowered to rock bottom and KO you in one hit due to Shuckle having the LOWEST hp in the games.

2100331 It's still not clear if I will get one, rather a high chance, seeing as though the trailer possesses previous generation Pokemon and the poll results. They have been paying more attention to Dunsparce, putting him in Black and White 2 everywhere in shaking grass AND putting him on the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon cover. I can just hope. *Is using whether has evo or not*

He had been poisoned the entire time.

I knew it! :moustache:

Acorns are very dangerous.:applejackunsure:

I haven't even read this yet and I know it's awesome.

Girl nooooooooo :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

2100090 because dunsparce is to awesome for them that they can't match up to it.:scootangel:

This is absolutely beautiful.

I sense a bit of meta-rage. But, the premise is funny.

I love you...

pppPPFFFFFF ahahhaaaahhhhaaahahahahaha What the hell is this its just hilarious

This..... is hilarious.

You have inspired me to make a Pokemon-in-Equestria fic.

Good jyob

The real tragedy was that Hitbro never got to finish Season 3....

Considering the fic you're parodying is really trollish, what's the point?
I mean I'll read it anyway because you are funny, but really...

plus you're a winged blue-and-yellow snake with a drill for a tail.

I can't help but feel like being poisoned has a double meaning besides being a parody.

I love and hate you at the same time for this story.


This is so amazing:rainbowlaugh:


Wow... what a piece of garbage... in a good way.

The title should have been a Far Fetch'd Idea

2101923 You forgot a colon...


- Jush

God fucking damnit, OP.
I understand that this is a parody and is funny in its own way, but I'm looking for some legitimately good writing.
I have no choice, OP.

This seems a bit odd. No, not the part about it being a parody, I get that. I mean the part where it's still marked incomplete. I have no idea where you could be going with this that you aren't ending it here. So I guess I'll stick around to find out. :derpytongue2:

2100267 I totally agree that Dunsparce needs an evolution, and it is curious that something that was supposed to be rare is now popping up all over the place, but I'm pretty sure that the poll you are referring to was not official. And if I'm wrong and it is, can I have a link? :twilightsmile:

2103555 I don't see it saying anywhere that it's in any way affiliated with Gamefreak. I even looked into the user who posted it. No official ties to Nintendo that I can see. :rainbowhuh:

2103843 Maybe it was another poll, but whatever. Dunsparce evo want anyway!

2103957 I concur. :moustache:

And after the reaction they got when they announced that generation V wouldn't have any cross-gen evolutions, I'm willing to bet that they put a whole lot of them in generation VI, which makes it even more likely. :pinkiehappy:

2104034 I noticed a pattern with the generations. Gen II had a good amount of pre evolutions and evolutions of pokemon. Gen III had almost entirely new pokemon only. Gen IV had a whole bunch of cross-gen evolutions and Gen V had none whatsoever. I'd like to wager a guess that we'll see more evolutions in Gen VI.

Also, amusing story. Good job author! :pinkiehappy:


I am disappointed that this site doesn't exsist

This was the STUPIDEST and COMPLETELY RANDOM of ALL the stories here!

In other words, I liked it.

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