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The hit new video game Helldivers 2™ has just released, and Luna is desperate to play it. However, this excitement doesn't last long, as the servers appear to be full. Now stuck in a seemingly endless queue, Luna needs to find some way to kill time.

She'd rather be killing space bugs.

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Waited for many Moons (until the G5 era)

I feel this pain
I solved world hunger and then kept it to myself all while waiting for the servers.

I only know a bit of this game, but I have a feeling that this is an accurate portrayal of everyone waiting to fight for Super Earth and to protect Managed Democracy

Don't worry Luna, you can play Palworld instead and discover the joy of turning cute critters into unpaid laborers!

She doesn’t need to play palworld. She owns a country. They’re all her laborers

"Killing space bugs" you know, like a pussy that doesn't want to see true hell on the automaton front.

I suppose this is what you were doing while you waited for the servers to unbork themselves.

Edit: Note to self, read the author note first lest you look like a loon.

She goes to some place called Maretime Bay and befriends six ponies that are weirdly disliked for some reason. She survives some sort of fallout, sees the rise and fall of an unnecessary factory in Cloudsdale, raises a young Rainbow Dash to adulthood before tearfully letting her go to live her own life, becomes Nightmare Moon again and then heals herself, invents the Internet 2, and most importantly, touches grass.

Correct me if I’m wrong for guessing these, I’m going off the top of my head for these references after a LONG session of Helldivers 2 on challenging difficultly for the Terminids, I’m not looking to scar myself with the Automatons that already haunt me…

*ahem* MLP Gen 5, Fallout Equestria, The Rainbow Factory, and My Little Dashie. Let me know if I’m wrong, I’m gonna sleep and try not to look like the Thousand Yard Stare Guy… Hmm, maybe I’ll have a drink of some Liber-tea…

Edit: I meant Extreme difficulty. My smooth tired brain thought that challenging was after hard lol. As always, I know how to make a fool of myself XD

But doing it in Palworld means she doesn't have to endure that disappointed look from Celestia after doing it to their subjects.

Also, I'm so thrilled to see you! I read your stuff, you know, and have sorely missed your presence :rainbowlaugh:.

Automaton missions are more fun, anyway.

Meanwhile, here I am praying that they switch out the Anti-Cheat system for something better so that I can buy it, play it, and not worry about breaking my PC.

Never had and issue with the anti-cheat yet. Been playing quite a lot. They are most defiantly not going to change it.

She shouda had one of her guards knock out a bunch of people that were playing. Our set off a blackout in an area with a lotta gamers.

You're absolutely right, but that's not how you spell EDF5.

:rainbowlaugh: This was fantastic!!! :heart:


Izzy is an inconsiderate piece of T.R.A.S.H. but the rest are cool.

She probably stole part of the server rack for something.

Hail Super Equestria!

Due to some accounting issues (whoever is responsible is currently facing reeducation.)

Seconded, in fact the only problem I have with the game so far is that I can't fucking get in lmao

“I think the community should be focusing on the Automatons, actually.”

Fuckin meta lol it's either "starship troopers but better" or "literal space Vietnam, but work clankers"



The Sequel:

"Luna gets banned from helldivers for racial slurs"


raises a young Rainbow Dash to adulthood before tearfully letting her go to live her own life

A Fimmy Fic mod would like to have words with you.

I read this while trying to get into the game. :fluttershbad:

"You filthy, mother-bucking double Nirik! Your mother was a zebra without a herd!"

so far I haven't had to wait the hours some people claim to have waited, I've at most had to wait like 10 minutes or so.

Don't worry Helldiver, there's plenty of bugs & bots to go around.

Great story, and a fun but all too real ending :twilightangry2: but give the game a couple more days as we're being flooded by the free PS weekend (which has done wonders... for the servers.) And then everything should end up alright, to be honest.

We all know that the server issues are a ploy by the AUTOMATONS to undermine FREEDOM and MANAGED DEMOCRACY!


Gamer Luna is best Luna.

I feel your pain bro

“I think the community should be focusing on the Automatons, actually.”

She plays also she must be a veteran of Malovent creek

Good story! Including well-placed references and inside jokes.
I enjoyed reading it.

She’s glad she decided to pay it a visit, as a few dozen children seem to be having nightmares pertaining to major life changes. As the self-proclaimed guardian of the dream realm, it’s her responsibility to protect these children and guide them towards a proper path during their waking lives. Maybe if they’d all stayed at home playing Mareio™ instead of trying to have slice-of-life-style adventures every Saturday for approximately twenty minutes they wouldn’t have these sorts of issues.

wheeeeeze XD

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