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Hi I exist I guess. I'm writing a pretty serious non-mlp story, and felt like writing some stuff on the side as a refresher.


Rainbow Dash was never into dresses, make-up, or styling her mane, but it's not like she gets mistaken for being male or anything. At least, not until she wakes up in a world where she's the closest thing to a stallion her friends have seen in months.

A bit RGRE? Mostly for comedy, really.

If you haven't heard of RGRE, the story might actually work a little better, but here's a definition anyway since it was requested: RGRE stands for Reverse Gender Role Equestria. Basically, females are the dominant gender. Causes, consequences, etc. vary from story to story.

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I audibly laughed out loud at points. I cant wait for more!

Welp, I'm hooked. This is making me giggle.

Pinkie gasped. "Wait, so she's an alien!?" Pinkie looked down at her trapped captive. "An alien who looks like our friend but isn't our friend...so she's an impo-"

don't you even finsh that word pinkie.

P.S. this is just a joke very funny.

I also didn't expect this to take two chapters, but it really looks like it will

I was hoping for this to be longer, damn it. This is a pretty funny story so far!

I love how blunt dashie is. Just insult their entire world, that'll make them feel better XD

Hey, thanks for the comments, everyone! It's great to see my sense of humor hasn't been completely destroyed by societytm and memes. If you want more comedy by me, my other story right now is similarly absurd.

Also, incase anyone is wondering about heights, this is the chart I came across that inspired me.

It was only thanks to support from viewers like you that Rainbow was able to stop her!

Huh. Oddly perfect.

That's encouraging to hear. Unfortunately, I can only really seem to write humor when I take a funny idea and wring it out like a wet towel. Sometimes I get more then I expected, like with this story, but still, it's limited.

There'll be more where that came from...

Eh we all need humor and something funny nowadays.

A short-and-sweet story is infinitely more preferable to something dragged out far longer than it should have, given that the author had no idea what they were doing. So, I am disappointed, but in the "I wish I could have more dessert" fashion, rather than the "please for the love of god, put a bullet in this story's brain, you've gone too far off tracks for there to be any sensible plot" fashion.

Oh I am really liking this story so far. Now we wait for next chapter :twilightsmile:

If these girls saw my MC from my RGRE story, they would either faint or do something really, really stupid. Use your imagination :rainbowlaugh:

"-There's a good chance our Rainbow Dash is in whatever universe this Rainbow came from." Twilight concluded.

We need to see the other side of this story too. I want to see our canon Rarity's reaction to the 'feminine Rainbow Dash'.

This is great! I read it too fast dammit


We need to see the other side of this story too. I want to see our canon Rarity's reaction to the 'feminine Rainbow Dash'.


there ya go

Finally, a take on RGRE I can get behind! Just hope it's not, well, entirely straight. If there's ten ladies to one guy, there's gotta be a substantial amount of cultural weight to being at least bi, like, "oh my gosh you're so lucky you have more options" type stuff. Hell, maybe even some weird uncomfortable "thanks for taking one for the team" rhetoric.

Rainbow Dash wakes up in a world so starved for stallions that she qualifies as "close enough"

Sir, you had me at 'close enough'

I honestly like the higher female to male ratio and herding aspects in a lot of these fan stories. Real life horses tend to travel in groups where only one stallion gets any mating rights and there's just a bunch of lonely bachelor colts. Turning some of those into females and reducing the number of females to males seems like a really nice compromise that doesn't leave large numbers of ponies without romantic options while maintaining a certain amount of authentic horsiness.

Why am i expecting something akin to a G3 Rainbow Dash?

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Well, I certainly didn't set out to write about straight ponies, that's for sure! My take on it is some of them are bi (or even gay), but because of their lack of exposure to stallions and general cultural attitudes, they think their attraction to mares is superficial and that being with a stallion would be somehow way different and better. It's like they can only afford cheap chocolate and can only look at expensive chocolate in the shop window with wonder, never realizing that if they did a blind taste test, they'd like both of them just about the same.

It's actually super tragic. But tragedy plus time is comedy...

Huh. That does give me ideas...


Cool to see another RGRE writer.

as far as

Well, I certainly didn't set out to write about straight ponies,

It's your story, do what you want to with it. Personally I don't mind reading straight stories or gay stories. Personally I believe that you should stay true to your characters. Doing so makes for a stronger story.

That being said, sticking to characters...character doesn't mean that the straight character isn't deep down Bi. Depends on the character, and who knows the character better than the writer.

Either way you go, there is nothing saying you cant write a different story about the type of character that you want. If the sexuality doesn't happen to fit, write another one where it does.

My over all advice.

“On her doorstep was Twilight Sparkle. While Derpy deeply respected the mare, like most in Ponyville, they wished she'd either switch to decaf, or start hitting the harder stuff.” -Dan_s Comments

Don't think I've ever seen a story still #2 on the new list and already approaching 200 upvotes. What kinda black magic y'all have and where can I get some? :rainbowlaugh:

This was very amusing. Was even from the description. :twilightsmile: Regardless how long it is, thanks for making it.

Even I wasn't expecting such a response! It's probably 99% because of the cover art I found. Yes, that's probably it.

It helps we’re starved for RGRE content and the idea a tomboy Rainbow Dash being the one stuck in this world is hilarious.

Well, he is right about the lack of RGRE stuff. Your story is simple, yet interesting enough to pique our curiosity. Also, most of the comedy in RGRE stories tends to be 'anon-related' RGRE stories. Yours is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Yeah, the cover art works too :rainbowlaugh:

Calm the freak down sir also yes I am a bit tired of among us memes also but still calm down

Also Mario from smg4 hates among us memes also

And now for interdimensional coltnapping.

Fuck you auto correct. Coltnapping is a word if I say it is.

"Truly!?" Rarity exclaimed, delighted. "There's just stallions everywhere, waiting to be snatched up!?"

Now i wonder what will happened in the non-Rgre equestria :rainbowlaugh:

I guess I’m just uncultured or something, but what the heck is RGRE?

Well, I had somehow never even heard of RGRE before, so I was just as confused as Rainbow Dash at first, but this was a fun ride! Well done!

You seem Sus.
Why are you venting in such a public space with so many crewmates to witness it?


Oh, maybe I should throw that in the description. It stands for Reverse Gender Role Equestria. Basically settings that change around the gender roles, though which ones, how far it goes, and also other details vary from story to story. Some are just about mares being the one initiating relationships, some have males as a minority, some have a matriarchy.


Sounds like you got the most authentic experience out of all of us. :twilightsmile: To be honest, I was tempted to hide the RGRE elements so everyone would share your confusion and it would slowly unravel, but then the story description would just be "Rainbow dash wakes up in an unusual world..." or something, and that feels super generic.


You're probably right, especially given that I wrote it because I wanted to read something like this and couldn't find it.

Me dió mucha risa la sinceridad de Rainbow al final

Es algo que diría Rainbow. No hay duda :rainbowlaugh:

That checks out!! I just think I'm a bit wary because the typical RGRE formula doesn't consider non-straight stuff in the slightest.

Loving it so far, hope it won't end too quickly and that maybe the main 6 get to cross interact and go to each others world

Well done! I'd like to see a bit more of this!

The amount of humor you pack into your writing is incredible. I had to stop at multiple points cause I was laughing too hard to read. Congrats on getting the story featured too.

"Sorry, I meant our Rainbow Dash." Twilight corrected, rolling her eyes.
"Wait, when did we become communists?" Pinkie asked.

Also this the best joke you've made yet and I swear there's no bias to that statement at all.

Thank you, that means a lot to me! Great to hear you liked the joke your profile name/pic inspired!

That last line is the PERFECT one to end a chapter on.

Pinkie gasped. "Wait, so she's an alien!?" Pinkie looked down at her trapped captive. "An alien who looks like our friend but isn't our friend...so she's an impo-"

"Wait, when did we become communists?" Pinkie asked.

I'm stealing that line

Imagine if this Rainbow is from End Of Benefits universe.

let me guess. dash won't want to give canonical dash's body because she's tall?

Twilight had graduated from a hoof-in-mouth moment to...she didn't even know. An Ouroboros?

And now Rainbow graduated to being a nerd.

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