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I was barely comfortable with the idea of a gender-swapped Twilight, let alone knowing there was one for Rainbow Dash. LMFAO I wonder if there’s one for Pinkie Pie?

good idea, bad ship

Oh hell yeah. That's some good stuff. There's nothing like a good facefuck and cuddle.

Huh. Not really my thing, but I hope people enjoy nonetheless.

There are very few things in life I enjoy more than ultra-wholesome gay cuddles. One of those things might just be facefucking. Maybe. On a side note, the hell is with this comments section? Does pride month just get people riled up or something?

Do... are there really people out there who don't know about the R63 cast? Yeesh, maybe I'm just too old now...

I was kinda surprised, I was expecting a mixed response because M/M stories and sex tend to get mixed response most of the time, but this started out low ball. :rainbowlaugh:

The R63 cast were definitely more commonplace between 2012 and 2015, maybe 16', I feel like. Newer fans may have more of an excuse. Says they joined last year so there you go. They are too young to know the ways of the Colt Six. :moustache:

Glad you enjoyed it! These are also among my favorite things. :heart:

This is porn, so please tag it as porn.

The Porn tag states 'stories primarily written to titillate the reader', which this wasn't. This is romance plot with heavy sex, not sex for the sake of sex. If a moderator would like to clarify the definition, they're welcome to, but as the tag is currently defined, subjective writing intent is the only deciding factor, and my intent was to write this as an emotional connection story with sex as the figurative (literal?) frosting. :twilightsmile:

I loved the story! This is just what I needed to read~ :3

To the author - Omg...wow!:heart:😍 i never expected someone like you to write a m/m clop fic (since ya write sweet wholesome stories) while using the r63 characters of dusk shine & rainbow blitz.
i humbly bow down to you sir https://i.makeagif.com/media/10-15-2015/UuLJMV.mp4

p.s: btw left a message months ago on your user page. if you're not comfortable replying back you can PM me:pinkiesmile:

Isseus #11 · Jun 16th, 2021 · · 4 ·

If you add tags to the story on which fetishes and sexual content it contains, it's porn.
If 80% of your story is about the description of a sexual act with high detail, it's porn.
If the whole reason for this story to happen is for two characters to fuck, it's porn.

Loved the story and gotta say your clop fic has left me wanting for more hehehe plus a wholesome M/M facefucking smut is just right up my alley

"He never left. Just took a break while our dicks were out to play." "He'll always be ready to come back and scoop you off your hooves, don’t you worry about that."

Gotta say I love this version of Rainbow Blitz

Those dislikes XD
I love democracy

Not the biggest fan of Dusk and Blitz, not a big on jocks, but this was a fun read over all and you did a good job in showing tenderness between them. I hope you will try Dusk and Bubble Berry next

Thanks! Dusk and Berry sounds cute as well. Haven't decided if I'll be doing any more of this genre or not, suppose we'll see. :twilightsheepish:

Well, What I like about the Pinkey/Bubble's with Twilight is that it's like Mixing water and oil, they just don't mix and having Twilight desperately try to wrap her head around What is Pinkie which always seems to spiral out of control and Pinkie well, who know what sort of kinks she might be into.

pls do it was really sexy and wholesome :pinkiesmile:

Adorable pairing and a great story!

Yes I occasionally read smut fics, when I noticed the author of this one I couldn't resist :twilightsheepish:

Great job!

Honestly didn't expect to see most of my readers here. :rainbowlaugh: This is a 180 from my typical stuff. Think it did well though despite that. Glad you liked it!

I loved it! You did a great job!

Love it, only wish the sex scenes were a little longer

Seeing as Dusk Shine was referred to as a unicorn here, and Blitz is as submissive as Fluttershy in the beginning of Putting Your Hoof Down (only much kinkier), I can't help but wonder if our cocky plus pegasus would have a thrill over Dusk's wings (and the subtly additional height) that comes with his ascent to royalty.

Definitely some "Your Lordship" shenanigans at play, I assume.

Almost a year old and this was still fun to read and I love the relationship dynamic! ~<3

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Definitely my most controversial fic ever posted, so it's nice to see it get more attention. I enjoy the dynamic of these two. A sequel is still half-finished on my drive somewhere. :twilightsheepish:

Very adorable and very gay. It's always nice to see really fuzzy clop with your favorite Pony. Faved and saved. ;)

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