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dude, hell yeah

i was worried that scoots wasn't going to get his dick wet initially but i should have trusted you more

loads and loads of gratuitous gay sex with just enough plot to keep things moving forward? yes please

A nice, slow buildup, experimentation and self-discovery, and cute experiences combined with some roughness? Excellent. Definitely going to re-read.

I was here for this as I said on Twitter and am immensely satisfied that I was! :heart: Definitely have a renewed crush on these boys! Sandbar is still best and I still adore RumbleMash but these three are way up there!

Ah, a bit of exploratory homosexuality between friends is always refreshing to see. And for gratuitous clop, very nicely paced. Great fic!

Well this was fun read, I really enjoyed the first chapter with that dorky Sunspot fellow, I hope you will write another story with him in it. The descriptions of AB thoughts and feeling were pretty good and it was funny how he struggled with his identity and self perception.

For the four characters with any meaningful role in the story, two are bi and I got the impression that the other two are gay (although one or both might also be bi). Those aren't implausible numbers in a small group.

To the author - Hi man...i'm still here/alive! the world's gone slightly mad (yes it's a reference to a Queen song if ya don't know!) doing alright on my end. just read your fic such a fun, interesting yet very short tale:twilightsmile:

Wow this story turned out better than I expected and it was worth the read.
Any chance we get a side story with Elusive and Applejack?

Absolutely expert work, Chief. Your ability to create that feel of sexual frustration and confusion is just top-notch. Definitely one of the hottest fics I've read in a while. Can't wait to see what the rest of it has in store.

That was, legit, the best bisexual awakening fic I think I've ever read. And you actually couldn't have picked any better characters for a bi learning story than the CMCs, that was really great.
Being bi, I really did resonate a lot at the first chapter. No, I haven't actually been with a guy but I really did get those fuzzy feelings and memories of me becoming comfortable with myself that I found dudes attractive. It was awkward but it's an experience. And yes, while I'll always be into women more, I felt that in the first chapter. And it was cute to see the CMCs (who are cute af as males) just become comfortable with it. Yeah, there wasn't any straight encounters but it was very nice to hear that they were still attracted to females.

Perfect bi fic. Honestly, probably the best MLP fic that tackles bisexuality. You earned that like and fav from me :yay:

also elusiveXapplejack when >>

I thought sunspot is sunburst's dad and now I'm so confused

Great smut fic! hope to see more of these guys actually hehehe

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